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6th Floor Super Bowl Snacks

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6th Floor Super Bowl Snacks

January 28th, 2009 by Billy in 6th Floor

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Tabitha, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor’s Snack Post

I want to talk about something to you that’s very important to me.” Billy says solemnly, looking at Scott and Tabitha sitting on the couch across from him.

What kind of snacks are we having on Saturday? And what type of food for dinner?”

Scott snickers.

Ann and I are going shopping tomorrow. We’ll get a bunch of chips and frozen appetizers and the like.”

Get some of those little, wrapped hot dog things.”

Pigs in a blanket?”

Yes! Those!”

I saw this delicious recipe for Guinness brownies. We should make those!”

Beer brownies?” Tabitha makes a face. “That’s on you.”

Well, first we’ll need some Guinness.”

That’s a given.”

One for the brownies, one to drink while you make the brownies?”

Yeah! I like the way you think Tabitha.”

I’m just hoping for good commercials anyway. Like last year.”

No changing the topic. Should we order food on Sunday?”

You know food always takes a decade to get here on Super Bowl Sunday.”

We could order early.”

Order at the start of the second inning..”


Whatever. And then it should be ready for half time right? Who’s performing this year?”


Springsteen? Geeze, they’re sure playing it safe these days.”

Springsteen’s good though..”

He is..but it’s still safe. Just don’t think that’s the right reason to pick a band.”

Any other snack requests?”

No, I trust your judgment.”

You do?”

No. But I trust you’ll shop early and I’ll be able to bitch about your choices early enough to get more stuff.”

Tabitha rolls her eyes.

4 Responses to “6th Floor Super Bowl Snacks”

  1. Brave Astronaut Says:

    You so need to make this.

    I double-dog dare you.

  2. mberenis Says:

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  3. Billy Says:

    omg! That’s awesome!

    That’s quite a bit of Twinkees though..

  4. michaelpanda Says:

    i feel like every time i comment on your blog I’m talking about some food or drink you’ve posted (which really, says a lot about my priorities in life 😉 ) but anyway, all the things you mentioned in this post made me so incredibly hungry. oh man…

    speaking of superbowl food suggestions, have you seen this:


    lol it made me both laugh and cry at the same time. and feel proud (and yet, strangely ashamed) to be an american.

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