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2009 May

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6th Floor Blog is written in a conversational style. It focuses on the life and adventures of six roommates living in an apartment together in Manhattan. For our first post and a explanation for the colors, go here.

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Crank it Up

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Crank it up

That movie was insanity!”

Good insanity though. I actually didn’t realize it was a sequel when we first went in.”

From Pictures

Well, it wasn’t that important to have seen the first. I actually liked this one better.”

There’s a blockbuster between here and the apartment, what say we rent it?”

Sure, although I know how it ends.”

Well, you could know the entire sequence of the movie and it’s still entertaining to watch.”

That’s why I said sure! I like the video game feeling to it.”

There are a lot of similarities between the two plots. They take the same sort of story arc.”

Why mess with a good thing?”

I hope they make another sequel.”

It was a fun movie, but I’m not sure it has the drawing power for a third.”

You could probably make the same case for a second movie. I hadn’t even heard of it.”

There weren’t a lot of people there. Then again, it couldn’t have cost that much to make either.”

I dunno, Amy Smart and Jason Statham aren’t nobodies, they probably have to get paid.”

I just googled it on my phone. It looks like they plan a third. And in 3-D!”


I’d be psyched for that.”

May 19th, 2009 by Frank in 6th Floor, life, review
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Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: e-junk


Frank got a new computer and Sara is transferring over files and setting it up for him.


You want all this stuff transferred over Frank? There’s a ton of it!”


Yup. There’s probably some stuff in there duplicated or that I don’t need, or I have backed up on discs, but I’m not sure what is what.”


So you’re a pack rat, just digitally.”


Nothing wrong with digital pack rats, at least e-junk doesn’t collect dust.”


It’s certainly not great for the computer’s performance. And now we just transfer this junk from computer to computer, until 50 years from now we have folders called ‘old stuff’ instead of photo albums and boxes in the basement.”


That’s assuming that you don’t collect junk along with e-junk.”


It’s probably recursive. I’m sure Frank will have a box in the basement one day labeled ‘old files’ in which he’ll have a flash drive with a folder of pictures labeled ‘old boxes’ with pictures of all the boxes in his basement.”


Frank laughs. “I could definitely see me doing that. I’ll probably save this old laptop so that if I forgot to save or transfer something, I can still get it.”


There should be an expiration on that. Like how you’re supposed to keep tax stuff for seven years or whatever. If you don’t need a file off your computer for a year, it’s probably safe to get rid of it.”


Not for me, I’m always remembering files I want from years ago, stories I have half-written, names and phone numbers I jotted down in a text file, logs from conversations that I saved to remember something.”


Organization is key! That’s why I only save the information I know I want to keep long term to one place. If it didn’t make it into that folder, it’s not important.”


Ha! Sometimes I don’t remember where I save things right after I save them.”


I’m the same way. I’ll save something to look at later, and totally forget about it. Or I’ll download a book or document that I want to read or look at, but don’t really want to save long term, but get distracted and never read it.”


That’s the beauty of the Internet. You can always find that info again!”


That’s true for the most part, except when you forget what it is that you are forgetting.”


Maybe you forgot that you remembered what it was that you’re forgetting, already looked it up or read it, and don’t remember that you’d saved it to look at later anyway.”


Woah. Now I’m just confused. Not all of us are as organized as you Tab, let’s leave my mess alone.”


I pity the people that have to sift through all these computers of deceased people. It’s probably a mess!”


Didn’t that just happen with Tolkien? They released a ‘new’ book right? And that was actually physical papers, not computers.”


I’m not sure what’s harder to compile after the fact, stacks of papers here and there, or a vast array of computer files.”


Tolkien released a new book? So it can be said this guy’s published books for 80 years? Craziness!”


I’m not that productive alive! Never mind from beyond the grave!”

May 14th, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, life
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Cinco De Mayo

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Cinco De Mayo


If you read this blog even occasionally, you know we wouldn’t let a drinking holiday go to waste. While Cinco De Mayo is no Repeal Day, that’s no excuse not to enjoy it. To celebrate, Frank made some Strawberry Infused Tequila.




Strawberry infused for the win. I figure we can mix it with orange juice. Mexican Tequila Sunrises!”


From Pictures


Wings? We should pick up some.”


Text Billy. Make him bring home enough for five.”


Bring what?” Billy asks, walking in the door.


You’re home too soon dude. We wanted wings.”


Just order them. That place a couple blocks down delivers right?”


Those wings suck.”


Better than going out. Sara! Happy Cinco de Mayo!”


Hey, you’re right. Got something special planned?” Sara asks, as she leaves her room to put her coffee mug in the sink.


Strawberry infused tequila apparently.”


Ann emerges from her room as well. “Did I hear strawberry infused tequila? That sounds..interesting.”


Putting strawberrys in the alcohol makes it healthy right?”


Of course Tab. It’s good for you. And Tequila is made from agave, so it’s a plant!”


Can just do shots of it too. The strawberry probably gives it a nice smoothness.”


No training wheels though.”


Nope. I’ve learned that lesson.”


I don’t know that citrus and salt would go well with the strawberry anyway.”


Maybe a sugar coated kiwi? Like kiwi-strawberry juice?”


No. Just do the shots. Frank, pour!” Scott commands.


Frank arranges six shot glasses, and pours out some of the tequila.


Viva la Mexico!” Billy says, and takes his shot. The others give him a weird look, and then drain their own glasses.


****This post written by Frank, while drunk. Severely edited by Ann this morning******

May 6th, 2009 by Frank in 6th Floor, Drinking
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