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Date Me, Stalk Me

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: Date Me

Scott and Frank enter the apartment, it’s noon on Monday, and Sara is lounging on the couch with her laptop, which is named Xerses.

Sara! I see you’re very busy playing bejeweled blitz but we’re planning to go to that new bar that opened to watch the game tonight. You will join us.” Scott commands.

You sure they’ll have the Islanders on?” Sara asks.

I told you she didn’t want to watch the World Series.” Frank says to Scott.

Come on! You need to get out of the house anyway.” Scott says.

I am getting out. I actually have a date tonight.” Sara says.

Ooooh, who’s the lucky guy?” Frank asks.

Forget it. I’m not telling you anything.” Sara says, turning back to bejeweled.

Shouldn’t you be studying?” Scott asks.

Studying? For my date?” Sara asks, confused.

I always study for my dates. You gotta look ‘em up, find out what they like. Google them!” Scott says.

From Pictures

You’re crazy. If you find out everything about a girl you’re going to date, what do you talk about at the date?” Sara asks.

Oh, I don’t tell her that I Googled her. She might think I’m creepy.” Scott says.

It’s not a bad plan. It helps you steer the conversation in a proper fashion. Like if you Googled this guy and found out he’s a Yankees fan, you wouldn’t bring up baseball or the World Series because your Mets sucked this year.” Frank explains.

Actually, that does make a lot of sense…and you just wait until next year with the Mets.” Sara says.

Here, let me help you. I’m an expert on finding info on people.” Scott says, taking the laptop from Sara. “What’s this guy’s name?”

November 3rd, 2009 by Frank in 6th Floor, baseball, life, love
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Yankees vs. Red Sox

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank

Subject: Yankees vs. Red Sox

Baseball!” Frank says, walking in the door. Ann and Sara are working on a crossword puzzle together on the couch.

Baseball season’s over.” Sara replies.

Maybe for you..speaking of which..a friend of mine gave me two tickets to tomorrow night’s game. You want to come?” Frank asks.

From Mets

Yankees Red Sox? Hmm…can I wear my Wright jersey?” Sara teases.


Can I buy a Yankee Hater cap?” Sara asks.

Sure…if you don’t wear it.” Frank retorts.

Fine, I’ll come. Sounds like fun, I’ve wanted to check out the place anyway. I’m holding firm on wearing my Citi Field inaugural season shirt though.” Sara bargains.

I can live with that I guess.”

You got good enough tickets that I should look for you on tv?” Ann asks.

I’m actually not sure where the seats are yet.”

I thought you said you had the tickets.” Ann says.

Don’t mince words with me! He’s giving them to me tomorrow. I think it’s the second level, but I don’t know where. I’ll text you. How’s that?”

I wasn’t going to watch anyway.”

Just Tivo it. If we catch a foul ball or something, we’ll watch it ourselves.”

Yeah, like they’d keep the camera on a Mets fan.”

Good point, it’s televised by Al-Yankazeera after all.”

Actually, it’s on the MLB Network too.” Ann says, looking at the tv guide.

We’ll Tivo that verison then.” Sara says.

Then it’s settled. Help us out with the puzzle Frank. Do you know 14 Across?”

Let me see.” Frank says, sitting down on the couch.

August 5th, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, baseball
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Time Travel

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Time Travel


Scene: Catalina’s


If you could time travel, where would you go?”


When would you go.”


When was implied by the time travel bit. When and where would you travel to?”


1921. Polo Grounds. I’d want to see the Yankees and Babe Ruth. See just how different baseball was, and just how awesome Ruth was.”


That’s an intriguing one. I wouldn’t mind checking out some of the major events in baseball history either.”


It’s probably a corny answer, but I’d check in on my family. I’d love to watch my grandparents on a date for instance.”


Maybe witness your conception?”


Frank bursts out laughing.


Scott! No, I think I could do without that.”


I would probably stick to history. Watch Martin Luther nail the 95 theses to the door, peek in on Xerxes, have a glass of mead with Beowulf.”


I’m not sure Beowulf was a real person..”


So I can’t use my imaginary time machine to go to imaginary places? How does that make sense?” Billy complains.


Cindy, the waitress, comes over to drop off drinks.


What about you Cindy, if you had a time machine, when would you go?”


Cindy: “Oh, I couldn’t go until at least 2. I’m working all night.”


Straight up Cindy.” Frank says, putting his drink back on her tray.


Cindy: “What? I don’t see anything.” Cindy says, looking up.


My drink. I wanted it straight, no ice.”


Cindy walks away.


I might be willing to witness her conception. Must’ve been some fun drugs involved that night.”


That’s for sure.”

April 8th, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, baseball
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Citi Field


Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Citi Field


St. Johns played Georgetown in baseball on Sunday at the Mets new home, Citi Field. It was a soft opening for the stadium, to work out some glitches before the two exhibition games against the Red Sox, before the real opening on April 13th. Sara had tickets and was in attendance. She recounted her experience with the guys when she got back.


It was awesome. I can’t wait to go back.”


Wow. That good?”


Better. Expensive, but better.”


Beer hit $10?”


No, actually it was ‘reasonable’. Slightly cheaper than last year. The Shake Shack stuff was only slightly marked up.”


I can get Shake Shack here in Manhattan anyway.”


They got beer in that new stadium?”


That’s a stupid question. But you’ll appreciate this, they’ve got some unique Brooklyn Brewery beverages.”


They brought over the Shackmeister Ale from Shake Shack? Blue Smoke had one too right?”


Yeah. Blue Smoke Blend or something. The Box Frites and the taco place each had their own too, which I think might be Citi Field exclusives.”


Now that’s cool. I hope the Yankees have world class beer.”


Everywhere should have awesome beer.”


Wasn’t it a crappy day yesterday? How’d your stadium hold up?”


Oh, it was cold. It’s more open, which seems like it means it’ll be colder. I didn’t care about the game though, so I left before it was over. I think Georgetown won.”


Sightlines good and all?”


A couple of spots have some issues, but nothing too major. A couple of overhangs, some outfield seats understandably have problems seeing some of the corners.”


Guess the biggest drawback is that the Mets play there then huh?”


Sara punches Frank in the shoulder.


Can it. You know the Mets will do better this year than your silly Yankees in their House That Ruth Didn’t Build.”


Is that a wager I smell?”


No, that’s Scott.”


I was on my way to the shower, but I wanted to hear Sara’s review.” Scott departs.


You’re on Frank. The Mets will do better than the Yankees. What’s the prize?”


I win, you buy us Yankees playoff tickets, and vice versa.”


What if neither make the playoffs?”


If neither make the playoffs, we take the money we would’ve spent, and buy enough beer to keep us drunk through the World Series.”


There isn’t enough beer in New York for that If the Mets blow it again.”

March 30th, 2009 by Sara in 6th Floor, baseball
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Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Springtime

Frank wakes up around 7:15pm and walks into the living room stretching.

Good morning Frank. Or evening. Do you even know?”

No idea. It appears to be dark out though, so I’m going to go with evening. It’s not still dark at 7:15 in the morning right?”

Can I smack him for not knowing the answer to that question?” Tabitha calls from the kitchen.

So baseball huh? This the first Spring Training game?”


Second actually, but this is my ‘first sign of spring’ moment. The first televised baseball game of the year. Makes me feel all warm and tingly inside.”

That’s probably just the gallon of coffee you’ve drinken today.” Tabitha chides from the kitchen.

I’m balancing it out with a beer now, it’s okay!” Sara calls, raising her beer towards the kitchen.

Can’t watch the first game of the year without a beer. I’ll go get myself one and join you.”

You’ve been awake for like..20 seconds, and you’re going to have a beer?”


You’re a weird one, Mr. Frank.”

February 26th, 2009 by Sara in baseball
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6th Floor Super Bowl

Welcome to the .

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Super Bowl Sunday

Quick note before I get on with the post. I’ve connected with a domain, so now the official link of the blog is www.ceetar.com/6thfloorblog. Likely switching to wordpress, but working on getting the starts of an acceptable theme setup, so as of now, that link redirects. But it won’t. I’ve commissioned Sara to start tweaking some stuff, for instance, the width of the site. It was stupid and small prior, and I always felt like things were getting squished. I should’ve done this a while ago. I also need to fix the header graphic now, as it looks tiny.

Vegas was a blast, but I’m glad I got the red-eye and am here for Super Bowl Sunday! Woo, go Steelers!”

I think I’m going with the underdog story in the Cardinals.”

I’m just hoping it ends. Some cool commercials, like last year, couldn’t hurt.”

Good football, good snacks.. That’s all I need.”

I’ve already resolved myself that football is over, and there is no way the game will be as good as last year.”

Baseball season! Baseball! Pitchers and catchers report in like two weeks!”

Rather giddy aren’t you? You’d think you’d have learned by now, yet every spring you get your hopes up, and every October you’re a miserable wreck of a person for two weeks.”

Bah! This year IS the year. You just wait and see.”

———Football Game———-

I dunno Scott. That game was pretty exciting.”

Last year was better.”

Two Super Bowls for Ben Roethlisberger now. Are we going to get Eli-Ben comparisons again about how the Giants should’ve taken him?”

No, I think Eli’s fine. I’m sure some idiots will bring that up on WFAN, but Eli won last year, he didn’t have a great post season this year, but I don’t think anyone’s worried.”

So, how lame was the 3D glasses thing?

Hated it. The commercials weren’t bad, the the idea that they actually sent out millions of glasses around the country?”

Would’ve been lamer if Tabitha hadn’t spotted the glasses and picked them up for us.”

That’s true. Kudos Tab. Maybe I’ll even watch Chuck tonight to make the most use of them.”

There were some funny commercials..but in general I think this year failed. Maybe the economy caused the ad agencies to let some of their people go?”

You’d think they’d be smart enough to keep the funny guys though.”

You know what the big-wigs thing is funny, and what’s actually funny are usually completely different things.”

It’s the old adage: Most people end up doing the job that’s one level above what they’re good at.”

That can’t be true. It implies that most people are doing things they’re not good at.”

Explains the state of our country though.”

Hard to argue that.”

February 9th, 2009 by Ann in baseball
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Trash Talk

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Frank

Subject: Trash Talk

I see the Mets are making a habit of this September collapse thing.”

Can it curse boy. The Mets are still the wild card leaders.”

They were in first place this time last year too.”

And Yankee games still mattered!”

Can’t win them all. So we have to wait another year for 27.”

Yeah..good luck with that. Didn’t Carl Pavano win more games than super rookies Hughes and Kennedy?”

Big moves coming this offseason.”

At least the Mets aren’t talking about the offseason yet.”

Give it another day.”

We’ll see!”

We will. I wouldn’t miss collapse part two for the world.”

September 23rd, 2008 by Sara in baseball
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All-Star Aftermath

Welcome to the 6th floor

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Billy and Scott.

Subject: How we fared

Wasn’t going to bother with an aftermath post, (Alright, I’m just lazy), but Brave Astronaut asked in a comment: So the game went on longer than many expected. Anyone up yet there on the sixth floor? Did anyone make it to the end? I fell asleep in the 13th. No drinking was involved, unfortunately. I’m just old.” So since I/we don’t get many commenter requests I figured I’d acquiesce (Never used that word before, it’s a bugger to spell), and rather than a comment reply which chances are he’d never check back to see, I’d just post.

Ann: I’m not that into baseball, and I was going to read while we watched, but Sara made me put down my book and Scott forced beer into my hands and made me pay attention. I cheated a little and didn’t always drink when I was supposed to. (See? I can too cheat when I want to Scott!) When the game (both drinking and All-Star) deteriorated, I stopped drinking and was pretty much fine.

Sara: Sara was doing fine, until Billy Wagner blew the save. Sara points out that had he not let up runs last year, the NL would’ve won that one too. While she continued playing after that, She was also doing plenty of side-drinking too. She stumbled out of here this morning to go to work not looking pleasant, and she had _two_ travel mugs of coffee with her.

Tabitha: Tabitha likes baseball the least of any of us, but that led her to really pay attention to the drinking cues rather than any of the actual game. She switched between beer and weak kamikazis, so she was pretty much okay by morning.

Billy: Billy really took to the game, and since he was off Wednesday he didn’t even have to worry about work. Even though we did stay up for the end of the game, Billy had to ask Sara the score the next morning, because he didn’t even remember that we stopped paying attention to the drinking game sometime in extra innings.

Scott: Scott’s really developing a crazy tolerance. We joke that no longer can we buy a six pack and split it evenly, he has to get his own. Tonight Scott may have gone overboard, finding excuses to take shots all night long. There is a disturbingly empty looking bottle of gin in the sink (and cracked) and I’m hoping that most of it leaked out through that crack and not into Scott. Scott was all ready to start up a game of asshole after the game ended, and even got as far as bringing out the cards before we groaned at him. After the game ended he decided it was a good idea to make pancakes, which made some of us nauseous and the others hungry. This became funnier in the morning when Tab, not really hungover but very groggy, sat down at the table and ended up sitting in a half cooked left over pancake. Apparently Scott was experimenting with his pancake flipping abilities..drunk and lost one. I wish I’d gotten a picture.

July 18th, 2008 by Ann in baseball, Beer
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All-Star Game Drinking Fun

Welcome to the 6th floor

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Billy

Subject: All-Star Drinking Game

Help me with these.” Billy asks, as he comes through the door with a ton of boxes.

What have you got there?” Ann asks, getting off the couch to help.

I got some beer for the drinking game for the All-Star Game.”

We’re doing that again? Where’s the game this year?”

Umm..it’s right here in New York. At Yankee Stadium. Where have you been?”

Guess I tune out anything baseball.”

I’ve devised a Yankee Stadium version of the game. I’m sure it’ll be favorable to getting drunk via the Yankee Stadium lovefest I’m sure the game will be.”

We’re well stocked if it is.” Billy says, as he loads 6-packs into the fridge. Maybe we should drink for the Home Run Derby too.”

Probably not enough action than that. Don’t they usually hit like 40 home runs?”

Usually a little less than that. But we could make it simple, just each pick a player, and take a shot for each home run they hit. We’d have to switch it up to keep us from dying though, so if you’re player advances, you win and don’t drink anymore, and a loser takes up your player.”

We could try that. If we get too plastered too fast, we’ll just stop drinking to the derby, and just drink.”

Seems fair enough to me. I’m going to need plenty of alcohol to get through two nights of baseball.”

As long as we’re still on to go to New Roc City to see Dark Prince next weekend.”

Of course, providing we can all get up there.”

Back to baseball though. I figure I’ll need to drink for it too, I’m going to be sick of Yankees talk about 5 minutes in.”

Sure Frank will love it though.”

I’ll just grill him about the Mets being better if he does.”

The Mets are doing better now? When did that happen? Weren’t they playing like crap?”

Actually, they’re on fire. They’ve won nine in a row. Only one win behind the Phillies.”

Well, that’s pretty good. I’d think they’d have to at least give them props for that during the game right?”

Maybe they’ll mention it when David Wright is up, but otherwise I doubt it.”

Really down on the Fox broadcasters huh?”

It’s one of the reasons I try to get out to Shea on Saturdays. It means I don’t have to listen to those guys when they do a game.”

That’s a good idea. Hey, we should all go to a game together this year. I haven’t been out to Shea and I guess I should see it one more time right?”

Sure, it’ll be like a 6th Floor does Shea experience.”

And it’ll give me something to blog about!”

Well, we know where your priorities are Ann.”

July 14th, 2008 by Sara in 6th Floor, baseball
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6th Floor blog Plans a Trip

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog plans a trip

Scott gets a plate and a fork out of the cabinets and walks over to the chocolate cake sitting on the counter to have a slice when Tabitha walks up behind him and snatches the fork from him.

You can’t eat Sara’s cake before she gets home!”

Did I hear cake?” Billy asks, strolling out of his room with his nose in the air. “Smells good.”

Have you been home this entire time? We just assumed you were working when you didn’t show up when the apartment started smelling like chocolate cake.”

Nope, working tonight. I just assumed I was having a chocolate cake craving, I didn’t really think you were baking on a Monday!”

Is Monday a non-baking day?”

Isn’t that why most bakeries are closed on Mondays? It must be a bad day for baking.”

This cake smells good at least, so maybe Tabitha’s the exception to the rule.”

Why is it Sara’s cake, and why can’t I have any?”

We’re celebrating that she found a new job. She’s off getting her physical and drug screen right now.”

She’ll be back in time for dinner though right? We were going to watch the Mets game tonight since the Yankees are off.”

Probably, it’s just a physical. She had to go to Jersey City for it though.”

Sara walks in just then.

She’s early! Surprise Sara! Cake!”

I thought something smelled good.”

So you got a new job? Where? Doing what? Are you going to start paying for coffee again?”

It’s in Jersey City, so I’ll have to play on the Path train everyday. It’s ..well I don’t really know what my job would be. Sorta tech support for some of their applications. Not a perfect job, but good enough for now. Well it’ll be at least three weeks before I get my first paycheck, so don’t expect me to pay for coffee before that!”

Sara’s here now. Can we eat the cake?”

Shouldn’t we have dinner first?”

You made me dinner too?”

No..I forgot all about making dinner. Pizza delivery anyone?”


Scott and Billy start chanting “Cake! Cake! Cake!” and pretty soon Frank and Sara join in too.

I guess we’re having the cake for dinner. We could order pizza for dessert?”

Good idea. And some garlic knots. Gotta love the knots.”

So when do you start Sara?”

Two weeks.”

Wanna pre-spend your first paycheck and go to Cooperstown?”

Cooperstown huh? I’ve never been..sure!”

Anyone else want to come?”

I’ll come. Can we go to Howe’s Caverns too?”

Sure, that’s one of the quintessential upstate New York tourist destinations I hear…have you been?”

Years ago with my family.”

This sounds like fun! When do you want to go?”

You’ve got the physical and everything you need for work out of the way right? How about tomorrow?”

Tomorrow? Not like I have anything to do..Can you get off work Ann? Anyone else?”

I can, yes.”


Scott and Tabitha shake their heads.

Just us then. Good, we can all fit in my car.”



April 22nd, 2008 by Ann in baseball
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