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6th Floor Blog is written in a conversational style. It focuses on the life and adventures of six roommates living in an apartment together in Manhattan. For our first post and a explanation for the colors, go here.

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Double Date

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Frank

Subject: Double Date

Sara’s meeting her date, Danny at a restaurant in midtown that Frank recommended.

Danny: “Hi Sara. They’re just setting up our table. Couple of minutes.”

That’s fine. Have you ever eaten here before? A friend of mine recommended it.”

Danny: “No I haven’t.”

Sara hears a familiar voice behind her.

Table for two please.”

Frank!” Sara exclaims.


Frank pauses for a second, and then gestures to the woman at his side. “Rose!”


Danny is giving Sara an odd look, Rose just rolls her eyes.

Frank’s the one that recommended this place. Guess he really likes it.”

Danny: “So what do you recommend?”

The T-Bone is excellent. Everything is excellent. Definitely get cinnamon apples as a side.”

I can’t believe you recommended a restaurant you’d be at. So silly.”

What can I say? Rose wanted to come here tonight. I wanted to go to Wendy’s.”

Rose: “Fast Food isn’t good for you Frank. You went to McDonalds last night.”

Yes, but that’s only because I was hoping they’d have Shamrock Shakes.”

Danny: “They didn’t right? I haven’t found one in New York yet.”

Nope. I will have one this year. I don’t care if I have to drive to Pennsylvania, or Patchogue.”

Rose: “You can make that trip alone. I’m not even sure it’s ever worth making a special trip to find a McDonalds.”

Danny: “You’ve obviously never had one.”

Sara sees the hostess gesturing towards them and turns to go. “Enjoy your dinner guys.”

March 7th, 2009 by Sara in 6th Floor, Uncategorized
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6th Floor Blog’s New Site

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog moves to WordPress


It only took me like two weeks, but now the blog is finally on it’s own domain. And I moved it to WordPress!”

So long Blogger! You know, you’re probably going to take an SEO hit for this.”


Search Engine Optimization.”

I thought you found that process to unindex and forward everything from blogger?

I found some stuff, but it’s rather clunky and not going to work perfectly. Especially since so many people out there have their links set to the old place.”

Well, probably not that many. Hopefully this move will help us really get a fanbase and a following and all that silly stuff. WordPress rocks right?”

It’s alright..I’ve never been a huge fan of it myself. I did learn some css and php redesigning the templates for the blog though.”

You bringing the Twitter feed over?”

No. I never updated it anyway.”

Twitter sucks anyway. It’s not like we do anything interesting that needs to be updated like ohmygod immediately.”

I can schedule posts with WordPress apparently, get a queue up and not have to worry about it.”

Because you’ve usually got enough posts written for that? Aren’t you usually scrambling just to update regularly, never mind in advance?”

Hey now..I’ve been updating pretty well in 2009. And maybe being able to advance schedule posts will get me motivated.”

Anyway, the design is still a little rough. Lots of work to do on it. I’ll get to it though, it’s functional now.”

Well, that’s the first step.”

I see it didn’t copy over the links. Ha..Not it on copying them over.”

Ugh. Well this is the perfect opportunity. If anyone out there had/wants a link on our site, they can contact us again now. (6thfloorblog@gmail.com) Since I’m working on it anyway. Then they can put our updated link on their site, and boom, instant SEO boost.”

Over/Under on how many emails she gets?”



Way to show confidence in the blog guys..really.”

February 24th, 2009 by Ann in Uncategorized
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Nothing Doing

Welcome to the 6th floor. Today’s contributors are: Sara

Subject: Nothing Happening

Sometimes time goes by and none of us have done anything remotely exciting, much less worth writing in a blog about. We were all hanging out in the kitchen recently watching Ann make herself a grilled cheese sandwich and discussing how little we’d done this past week.

Ann managed to read two books she’d wanted to read, mainly because work had been so slow. As it turned out, neither book was very good. I had wanted to read one of them myself, but it was so bad; she wouldn’t even let me.

I had a lot of things that I wanted to do this week, one of which was pay my taxes, but I kept managing to put them off. I went to work, came home and spent most of my free time either watching mindless television or playing scrabble online. I didn’t even do very well in scrabble. To make matters worse, the project I’d been working on all week at work turned out not to be as needed as the clients originally thought, so my week was basically pointless.

Frank got a little stir-crazy earlier in the week and decided to take his computer to Starbucks and play poker from there. He started playing, and was doing okay when he overheard a customer mention Barista Brat’s blog about working at Starbucks, and ended up reading all the back entries while he was playing. His distraction was so complete that he didn’t even realize how much money he was down until much later. He spent most of his week after that playing just to break even from that day.

Tabitha came down with a little cold, and besides going to class all she did was watch television, play video games and eat chicken soup. She put off a paper she needed to write until the last minute, and is now rushing to finish it in time.

Scott was asked to pick up some extra shifts at a different Starbucks, and being separated from his usual crowd made the days drag on. He says that the regulars at that Starbucks are all pretty boring and gave him funny looks when he tried to be friendly.

The highlight of Billy’s week was when he wasn’t paying attention and got off at the wrong stop on the subway. He didn’t realize it until he’d walked out of the station, and saw a different pizza place on the corner. Turned out that that pizza place had slices for five cents less, and they tasted better. He went back there every day, sometimes riding 20 minutes out of his way.

Hopefully more interesting things will happen in the near future. Frank says he has an idea of something fun to do tonight, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

March 30th, 2007 by Sara in Uncategorized
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Welcome to the 6th Floor

Welcome to the 6th floor. Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Introduction

Welcome to the 6th floor. This is the web log of six roommates living in New York City together. The blog was mainly my idea as I would like to be a writer one day, and decided to make a project out of this. The other five agreed after a variable amount of coaxing. I’m sure I will be doing most of the updating, so expect to hear a lot from me. To keep the confusion to a minimum, with six people posting to one blog, we figured we’d post in different fonts and colors to help differentiate. I’m Ann, and at the moment I am working at a local library. I figured that maybe being around all those books would motivate me to write on my own, but so far no luck, unless you count starting this blog.

Today is actually the one year anniversary of when we all moved in here, which seems a rather fitting day to start writing this blog. I’m Sara, a programmer for a software development company. My job is kind of a grind. I don’t make quite enough to support myself, especially here in Manhattan, which is what led me to live with five total strangers. I’m glad I did because these five are some of the best things to happen to me lately. I’m also a bit of a spendthrift, so this allows me to support that bad habit and not have to worry as much about living expenses.

I’m Tabitha, the only student out of the six of us, so while the rest of them are earning an income, all I’m doing is accruing debt. It sucks sometimes when I have to turn down going out because I really cannot afford it. My name is Tabitha, and I’m in grad school getting my Master’s degree. I’m the boring one that stays in on Friday nights to write a paper, while everyone else is out partying. I would love to have a clock like Mrs. Weasley’s from Harry Potter that keeps track of where my five roommates are, especially Frank.

I dislike the term ‘Professional Gambler’ because what I do is not gambling. I am Frank and I play Poker for a living, despite my parents’ objections. In fact, that’s why I’m living here, because my parents kicked me out a little over a year ago because they wanted me to go out and get a job, and refused to accept that I was going to be able to make enough money playing poker. The corporate nine to five world is not for me. Sara often gets annoyed with me when she sees me still up when she leaves for work. And I’ve received numerous calls from Tabitha wondering why I haven’t come home, only to inform her that I’m in Atlantic City. It’s actually become a game of sorts, trying to see whats the weirdest place I can be when she calls looking for me. Billy is often my co-conspirator in this; he gets a kick of Tabitha’s rants when she finds out I’m 200 miles away.

‘Lacking in motivation’ is often a phrase used to describe me, Billy. People look down on me when I tell them I’m a subway conductor with no intention of doing anything else. I’m actually happy with my life, I enjoy my job, I enjoy my roommates, and I don’t see what’s so bad about that. Everybody else seems so miserable most of the time; still they judge me and think I should change MY life. Scott is one of the few that isn’t like this and also seems to be happy.

Currently Ann is looking over my shoulder and won’t let me get up unless I write this. She said I’m not allowed to even eat until it’s done! I originally lived elsewhere, but my landlord kept giving me a hard time. She kept saying ‘Scott, you need to pay the rent this week’ and ‘Scott, I’m going to have to evict you if you don’t pay up soon’. Such a hassle and she wasn’t even good looking. Frank’s been my bud since high school. He was crashing on my couch after he got kicked out by his folks. That helped with the rent, but ultimately when we met the other four, we decided to all move in together. Yes Yes, Ann says I have to mention work. I work at a local Starbucks with my pal George. My regular group hangs out there too; we have all sorts of stuff in the works on any given day. Okay, Ann, can I eat now?

If you’re looking to contact any of us, the best option would be to email all of us at 6thfloorblog@gmail.com. We have a computer in our living room that we use as sort of a community computer, and we’ll field the emails as, and if, they arrive. If you’re directing it to one of us specifically, please mention that in the subject line. Stay tuned for more interesting posts.

March 5th, 2007 by Ann in Uncategorized
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