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6th Floor Blog is written in a conversational style. It focuses on the life and adventures of six roommates living in an apartment together in Manhattan. For our first post and a explanation for the colors, go here.

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The New York Times Magazine

Welcome to the 6th floor.
Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank

Subject: The New York Times Copy Cats

Sara is sitting on the coach with her laptop, and Frank is pouring himself a mugful of coffee when Ann walks in the door.

“Hey Ann, did you hear the news?” Sara asks.

“About the Gray Lady? Yes.” Ann answers.

“What has the Times done this time?” Frank asks.

“They’ve stolen our blog name.   They created a blog called ‘The 6th Floor: Eavesdropping on the New York Times Magazine.” Ann answers.

“Copy Cats!” Frank exclaims.

“Actually, it’ll probably be good for traffic.” Sara says.

“This will be the first update in 14 months, I suspect we’d have to do better than that.” Ann retorts.

“Well for starters, don’t link to do it.” Sara lectures.

“I doubt reader(s) won’t be able to find it if they search..” Frank muses.

“That’s fine, but keep the page rank down.” Sara says.

“It’s the freaking New York Times.  I’m positive it won’t have trouble drumming up readers.” Ann says.

“Fair enough.  At least it’s a little verification that you picked a cool name.” Sara says.

“Good enough for the Times, it’s good enough for us!”

March 3rd, 2011 by 6th Floor Blog in 6th Floor, life
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Death of Summer

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: Is Summer Over?

From Pictures

Why is everyone suddenly panicking and talking about summer being over and last chance to do this or that? It’s only August 21st!” Frank exclaims.

Colleges start, Kids go back to school soon. Labor day is always considered the unofficial end to summer.” Ann says.

Summer is just summer. If you’re not a kid I don’t get what the big deal is. Not like you get more time off. I suppose leaving work and it being light out is preferable for most than January when it’s dark early..” Sara muses.

Everything is about families and kids. You know that. People don’t get any more vacation time, but they’ll often save it for a family trip in the summer when their kids are off. That’s why Disney is crazy..crazier..during the summer.” Tabatha explains.

The weather does start to get a little cooler in September too.” Ann says.

There are always weekends for much of this stuff. It’s not like you can’t drive to the shore or the Hamptons after school on Friday and spend all weekend there. The weather is still warm in early September many times. It’s certainly not cold until well into October most years.” Frank rants.

I don’t think anyone has ever been irreparably harmed by missing a week of school to go to Disney or somewhere else in October. Especially grade school. Are people that boring that they all have to take the same vacations during the same time of year and have the same experiences?” Billy asks.

Yeah. Pretty much.” Ann replies.

People might say the same about your desire to drink heavily every weekend.” Tabitha says.

Weekend? When has it being Wednesday stopped us?” Frank asks.

Besides, we don’t drink and avoid doing other things. We’re all open to new ideas. I agree with Frank though, people treat this time of year like it’s the death of fun until next June.” Scott says.

Me and Frank had a blast with our spontaneous trip down to Atlantic City last weekend. It’s not like it’s impossible to have fun.” Sara says.

If you’ve got a kid or two, maybe a dog, these things become harder. Can I get a sitter? Do I take the kids with me? Will little Johnny next door walk Rover for me? Does anyone have a basketball game that we’d miss or piano lessons?” Tabitha says.

So you shouldn’t try to have some fun just because it might be a little harder?” Frank asks.

No, you can have fun whenever you want. It just tends to be more planned when you have more to worry about. It’s a sacrifice, but many parents find plenty of enjoyment with their kids or less spontaneous ways to have fun.” Tabitha explains.

That’s why I’m not sure I even want kids. Loosey Goosey.” Sara says.

I think we should have a summer’s not over party.” Scott muses.

Excellent idea. We’ll pick up a case of Sam Adams Summer Ale, make frozen drinks with little umbrellas…” Frank says.

From Pictures

Any excuse for a party right?” Tabitha asks.

Knowing their luck, it’ll drop to 50 degrees when they decide to have it and everyone will be cold.” Sara says.

That just means more cuddling to keep warm.” Scott says, moving close to Sara.

Sara rolls her eyes and walks away.

August 25th, 2009 by 6th Floor Blog in 6th Floor, Beer, Drinking, weather
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6th Floor Blog Goes to the Movies: Taking Woodstock

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog Goes to the Movies: Taking Woodstock


Please update any links and such to www.ceetar.com/6thfloor. Sometime this week I’ll be switching everything to there and updating the blog at that url and via wordpress. This is also the perfect time to contact us about exchanging links or site suggestions or whatever.


Sara and Frank stroll into the 6th floor Wednesday night and Ann looks up from her book.

Where have you guys been?”

I got these two free tickets to see a pre-release screening of a movie. Sounded cool, so I took Frank.”

Aww, a date. How cute.”

He was just the only one around when I got home today to go with me.”

The benefits of not having a ‘real’ job!”

What was the movie?”

Taking Woodstock, directed by Ang Lee.”

It was surprisingly good. Based on the autobiography of Elliot Tiber.”

His parents owned a failing motel upstate, and he helped get the Woodstock people to come play there.”

There was plenty of raving nudity and drug use too. The whole movie was like a ‘free love’ rave.”

Seems to be how I’d think of Woodstock.”

I was surprised how much I liked it actually. Woodstock wasn’t really my scene. And he never even made it to the stage!”

That amused me too. And how the Turnpike was backed up for miles that they had to close it. You know they’re having a Woodstock 2009 right?”

It can’t be the same. You can’t recapture that peaceful mania.”

There would be too much security, too much worry, too many restrictions.”

The police would be there in force, arresting thousands of people. No way people would be skinny dipping, doing drugs, and having sex all over the place these days.”

No way. Like I said, no way you can recapture that. It’s pure nostalgia.”

February 16th, 2009 by Ann in Uncategorized
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I solemly Swear..

Welcome to the 6th floor. 

Today’s contributors are: Ann

Subject:  Ann’s 2009 Promise


I don’t do ‘normal’ blog posts here often, preferring to stick to the group style.  This feels a little like the Fourth Wall of a Broadway play.  However, with my putrid care of the blog over the last couple of months, I feel to necessary to take a step back and try to work harder at creating something that people actually want to read.  Some bloggers or writers may say that they do it for themselves, but in my opinion every writer wants his story to be read.  Stories are like a writer’s babies, and no one wants their baby to become a dusty paperweight in the back corner of some library, or the unread feed in someones feed reader.  So I’m going to lay out some rules and goals for 2009. 


I like the number 10.  10 posts a month, which seems like the right number since there isn’t always a ‘story’ to blog about around here.


Try out different angles.  I’ve made a couple of posts which are more of my personal train of thought and observations, and I’d like to do more of that.  I’d also like to explore some of the more personal matters that go on around here.  I rarely blog about personal relationships, or any real negative stuff.  There will be more fights in 2009, more breakups, and hopefully more fun.  Reader input on the

 style of blog posts they like best are always welcome ,and encouraged.  Do people like it best when it’s all six of us? Or are lesser, two-person blog posts exciting too?  I enjoy occasionally doing review type posts, particularly after a movie, or finding a cool new product.


More pictures!  I like pictures.  I probably could have a dozen blog posts just on some random observation we make, and if I photographed it, all the better.


Promote the blog better.  I think comments make blogs better, and an interactive readership is something that would be great.  If I get links out there, and draw more people in, this could happen.


I installed a Twitter feed on the top right of the site.  It’s probably silly, and there is no way I’m going to start regularly sending in updates multiple times a day.  I’ve encouraged people to tweet the random one-liner though.  I may just do away with it entirely.


I intend to start writing a book.  Ive been floating around ideas for a while, and Its time to actually put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) and start something.  I may post some blurbs here, and Ill definitely upload much of it and link to it in the sidebar.


Ive thought about buying a domain, for this as well as other things.  Im not overly impressed with blogger, but I also dont need bells and whistles.  The thing I hate most is the width of the actual text area. I wonder if I can get Sara to look at some of the code behind it and tweak it..hmm..

December 23rd, 2008 by Ann in Uncategorized
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Blog Drink-Off, Vote!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann

Subject: Drinking Story

Brave Astronaut has created a March Madness style Drink-Off with the competition being the best drinking stories. Our post on the topic is posted there, at Take me Drunk, I’m Home, and voting closes on Tuesday, so read our story and vote for it! The story actually takes place pre-blog, it’s almost like a flashback episode. So check it out, and hopefully Sara will stop playing Smash Brothers long enough to post the entry she started about playing smash brothers, although I have to admit, it’s a fun game.

March 14th, 2008 by 6th Floor Blog in 6th Floor, Beer
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Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: March

It’s that time of month again!”

Oh no! She’s going to ask us about March! Run!”

Scott and Frank leap up and start dashing towards the bedrooms, but Ann blocks their way.

Tough. It won’t hurt that much, I promise.”

That’s what the doctor always says too, before he comes at me with a giant needle!”

At least he puts a Mickey Mouse band-aid on your boo-boo.”

Yeah, that’s true.” Frank sits back down and resumes his game with Sara.

Hey, I’m losing 34-22? You didn’t pause it?!”

Oh, you wanted it to pause it? My mistake.” Sara grins.

You’ll regret that! Prepare for an amazing comeback.”

My birthday’s in March, so that’s cool. This year’s the big Two Seven.”

The big Two Seven? What’s so great about 27?”

Well, It’s prime for one thing.” Sara calls over from the couch.”

No it’s not…nine and three..?”

Oops. Nevermind. So what is so great about 27 then Scott?”

I just wanted to say the big Two Seven. Nothing special.”

I know it’s a little cliché going with a food answers, but I like cornbeef and cabbage as well as Irish soda bread.”

Speaking of that, did you see that Guinness is looking to make St. Patrick’s Day an official holiday?”

Not a bad idea. I love Guinness.”

They got a petition I guess? I’d sign that.”

915,913 signatures to go apparently. That’s a lot in only two weeks. I don’t even like Guinness but I think it’s a good idea.”

They even have a commercial, where they’re interviewing what I guess is a pilgrim, asking him if he’s jealous about the idea.”

On that avenue of thought, I’m going to say green beer is my favorite thing about March.”

Green beer? You know it’s just food coloring right? I could make you some green beer right now.”

Wouldn’t taste the same if it’s not the 17th. Your turn Ann, I know how you like to weasel out of your own questions.”

That’s easy, my favorite thing about this March is that Wednesday marks one whole year of writing the blog. I’m proud of myself.”

A bit modest are we? I’m going to say Easter. It’s neat that it’s early this year. I Looove dying Easter Eggs.”

Yeah, that should be fun. Maybe we should all stick around here this year instead of going home to our families. Last but not least, Sara. No baseball reasons, you always find a way to make it about baseball.”

But.. But..”

No! And I might not let you use it in April either!”

Speaking of days that should be holidays, Opening Day should really be a national holiday so we can all watch our national pasttime.”

I’m with you there. Look on the bright side, I’m my own boss and you are unemployed. We can both watch it at leisure!”

I knew there was a benefit to being home all day! If I can’t have baseball, I’ll go with the ‘In like a lion, out like a lamb’ cliché. I look forward to the warm weather again.”

See, and no one died. If you guys start thinking about your April answers, maybe you won’t find it so grueling.”

And Frank, you suck. Did you just lose to Sara by 27 points?”

Best two out of three?”

March 3rd, 2008 by Ann in baseball, Beer
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More Maria Bartiromo

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank, Billy.

Subject: The MTA is still at it

Did you see this article on Monday’s Times? It’s about the Maria Bartiromo ads I was ranting about.”

No I didn’t. Why, did they mention the blog?”

No, shockingly it seems like they don’t read it. It was talking about how most people don’t really remember the message, and that they find them annoying.”

Well, you scooped them on that. You should email the columnist a link to the entry.”

Isn’t that a little tacky?”

So? Worst case is she ignores you. Email her from the blog email address, it’s virtually anonymous then. Did they say they were going to do away with the announcements?”

No,” Says Sara, looking up from the paper. “Looks like they added Al Roker to the mix.”

The article wasn’t even that good. It likened the spots to a previous ad campaign to have celebrities try to convince taxi riders to buckle up.”

I heard about that one. Screw the celebrities, let me do the announcements!”

I think I’d get tired of hearing your voice too. The article mentions Al Roker, but it doesn’t mention that they also added one of the 1010wins voices, I can’t remember who though. Not driving much I don’t listen.”

At least it’s just on the fringe services, not the main subway lines.”

Still annoying if you’re spending any length of time in Penn or Grand Central though.”

It says they’re on a timer, but I’ve definitely heard it three times in a quick span, and not at all during other times.”

The other ones were pretty loud and jarring, but the Roker one was actually too quiet. You might not even hear it.”

Hey Ann, you going to try to do another horrendous job of photoshopping Jose Reyes onto the 7 train image?”

No, I gave up. The problem was I couldn’t find a nice 7 train image online to use. Although if your going to email that post, maybe I should make it better..”

I said you should email it, not me. You couldn’t find the logo? I’m sure there are a million of them on google images.”

You’re welcome to try to do better.”

Intriguing challenge. Maybe I will..”

February 6th, 2008 by Ann in Uncategorized
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It is Resolved

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: It Is Resolved.

Everyone is sitting at the table eating leftovers and such for dinner. There are leftover Christmas cookies, some lasagna, pigs in a blanket and a bunch of other little leftover dishes.

Its suddenly 2008. Did you guys make resolutions? What are they?

I’m going to try to lose some weight this year. Well, as soon as these cookies are gone anyway.” Tabitha says, picking up a chocolate snowball from the plate.

Would you hate me if I said my resolution was to bake more cookies? Its not though, dont worry. I want to write more. Something thats more of a story than the blog.

Didn’t you say you were going to try to write a script out of the blog? Did you ever do that?”

Nope. I still intend to, I just ..havent.

Ahh. Okay then. I’d like to find a better job this year, preferably one that nets me a bit more money.”

Yeah, money never hurts.”

Im going to try to cut down on my frivolous spending. It couldn’t hurt to actually save some money beyond my bankroll for poker, or even to start playing at a higher level. Youre not going to make a resolution are you Billy?

Nope. I’m not a resolution type of person.”

Billy’s very unresolved.”

Or I just resolve what I resolve when I resolve it, instead of only today.”

Okay then, give us one of your resolutions you have made in the past that youre working on right now.

I told myself I’d learn to juggle well a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t gotten there yet. I did manage to get the motion down, but I can’t keep it up very long.”

I like to juggle. Sometimes I juggle stale muffins after work. I should try to learn how to juggle the syrup bottles, dazzle the customers.”

But this year I’m going to join one of my pals that comes into Starbucks occasionally on one of the Improv Everywhere missions. Probably not the No-Pants Subway Ride they’re doing in a couple of weeks though.”

That could be fun. They have that mp3 experiment too.”

That’s the one that everyone listens to the same file on their Ipod and runs around doing crazy stuff?”

Pretty much. Should be par for the course for you.”

January 4th, 2008 by Ann in 6th Floor
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Dinner is Served

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Dinner Time

I realize it’s well past Thanksgiving. Normally I would’ve just let this one slide, but I figure I should at least finish the story since I left it as a kind of cliffhanger. If you need a refresher on what was happening, go here and here. Otherwise, just remember that I bet Billy he wouldn’t eat the potatoes before dinner.

Dinner is served!”

Yah! So where are the potatoes? Did Billy get to them?”

Nope, I never left the ki..” Ann trails off as she opens the dish with the potatoes to see a big scoop missing.”

Billy! How’d you get in here?”

I’ll never tell!”

I was here the whole time!”

Evidently not. You lost. We can still eat though right?”

Everyone grab a plate and sit down.”

It all smells so good!”

They all sit down and take turns passing around the bowls and platters and filling their plates with food.

We should all take a minute and go around the table and say what we’re thankful for.”



Yeah. It’s food time, no more waiting!”

Scott digs in, and everyone else starts in too. It’s silent for a little while as they really get into the meal.

Thanks for cooking Ann.” Sara says between bites. “Everything really is delicious.”

Well except for this stuffing.” Ann says, making a face. “I’m not sure If I messed it up, or it’s just a horrible recipe.” Ann slides the rest of the stuffing off her plate back into the bowl.

Oh good. If you’re not eating it, I don’t have to. I was going to feed it to the dog, but then I remembered we don’t have a dog!”

Well, sort of.” Sara says, nodding towards Billy, who’s busy filling up his plate a third helping of turkey.

You said it best. Everything tastes delicious! I’m eating Tabitha’s share.”

Well gee, ain’t that sweet of you?”

You know, I’m kind of glad my parents went to Vegas and we’re all here for this holiday. This is fun spending it with you guys.”

We should definitely do it again. Family be damned!”

Maybe next year you’ll even be better at guarding the potatoes.”

I’ll have to go into dinner-guarding training or something. We never really made an official bet though, so what did I lose?”

Well I was trying to think of something good, but that meal left me satisfied enough that let’s just leave it at you buying me a drink or two next time we go out.”

Fair enough. How about something with vodka? It is made with potatoes after all.”

Vodka works for me!”

Then they all finished their meal in merriment, spending the rest of the evening watching sports, eating dessert and having fun. If you’re keeping score, it turns out Sara was the first to succumb and take a nap. She fell asleep shortly after dinner after lounging on the couch and Scott stole her drink. Tabitha thinks she was just trying to avoid helping to clean up.

December 11th, 2007 by Ann in Uncategorized
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Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: The Best Month Between August and October

“Well, it’s September again. What do you guys like best about September? I’m just thrilled that I’ve stuck with the blog for six months now.”

“I like how the weather starts getting cooler, and my birthday’s in September.”

“When they change the subway advertisements for the month of September I get to find out what all the new tv shows are.”

“Apple cider. I love apples! Fall starts rolling around and it gets to be time to have a nice hot spiced apple cider.”

“September is crunch time for baseball, It’s a fun month with so much to watch.”

“I don’t know that it’s what I like best, but since I’ve always been a student I associate September with getting back to school and a normal routine. I never know what to do with myself in the summer, at least with school I have goals and deadlines to work with.”

September 3rd, 2007 by Ann in baseball, tv
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