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TiVo Logjam: 24

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 24

24 Premier tonight. Two hours worth!”

And two hours worth tomorrow. That’s 1/6th the season already. Isn’t that crazy?”

I just caught up! Well almost..I need to watch that movie, Redemption.”

Go watch it now. Then we can watch the episodes tonight.”

But I..”

Go!” Frank picks up the remote and turns on the tv and goes to the TiVo menu.

Here, You’ve got three hours. More than enough time. Tabitha will bring your dinner into the living room.”

I will?”

Me too, while you’re at it. I meant to watch it last Sunday, but I forgot.” Scott says, joining Sara on the couch.

Oh, fine. Not like I don’t have better things to do.”

Do you?”

Truthfully..No. Sad life isn’t it?”

And while you’re in there Tab, could you..”

Bring you a beer? Sure, why not.”

Tabitha mutters ‘very healthy‘ under her breath and gets a beer

I’m surprised we have any left at the rate you guys drink them.”

January 15th, 2009 by Sara in Beer, tv
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Weight Loss

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, and Scott.

Subject: Weight Loss

The following happened in cyberspace.

Tabitha: So starting today I’m going to be serious about losing weight.

Sara: Don’t we drink too much for that? 😉

Tabitha: I’ll just abstain. Or nurse a Bacardi and diet coke.

Ann: I could stand to lose a few pounds too. I suspect I’m too lazy to stick to a diet.

Scott: No one needs to lose weight, you’re all hot. Bar tonight?

Tabitha: I’m serious Scott.

Scott: So am I!

Sara: You know Scott, you could afford to lose a couple of pounds too!

Ann: 6th Floor Diet Thon?

Scott signs off.

Sara: lol

Ann: Maybe I’ll try to stick with you for a while Tabitha..couldn’t hurt.

Sara: As long as we’re on a health kick, maybe I should try to curb the coffee habit?

Tabitha: Woah! That’d be a big deal. It would be healthier though.

Sara: Or I could just start drinking it black more..no calories that way. 😉

Ann: I feel like you would have more success that way than trying to cut it out.

Tabitha: Maybe just cut back.

Sara: Only have one cup in the morning? Bah. 😛

Tabitha: Could drink tea.

Sara: I could drink tea…and coffee!

Tabitha: You’re hopeless.

Ann: You know, we could probably just do simple things. Cut out soda, skip dessert once a week. As long as we skipped a night of drinking here and there too.

Tabitha: The guys wouldn’t like that. 🙁

Ann: Like Sara said, they could probably afford to lose a pound here and there.

Sara: They rarely do the shopping anyway. All we have to do is buy healthier foods. They’d probably eat it and never notice.

Ann: I doubt that’d work. They’d just eat more. And they do still manage to buy beer, or ice cream, or other sweets.

Tabitha: It’s worth a shot. I’m going to be buying healthier stuff for me anyway. I was headed to the store on my way home. Update the Google shopping list if you want something specific.

Tabitha: I have to go now 😉 ttyl.

Tabitha signs off.

*Google shopping list refers to a shared Google document we all have access to that we can add the groceries we need to. My idea. It’s brilliant I know.

January 10th, 2009 by Sara in Uncategorized
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