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Friday the 13th

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Billy

Subject: Scott’s Party

We should totally throw a party for Scott! His birthday’s friday the 13th! Theme Party!”

You are way too enthused by that.”

Serve all sorts of spooky drinks?”

Brain Hemorrhages. Watch horrror movies?”


I’m sure he’d appreciate if we made him do 13 shots too.”

Let’s try not to kill him.”

We’ll make them weak. What’s a weak Orange and Black drink?”

We still have that bottle of Blavod Black Vodka…and Orange Juice.”

That sounds gross.”

It’s Scott we’re talking about.”

Gotta be careful not to mix them I think. Probably end up rather gross looking. Layered.”

Better start off with that then, I suck at layering shots after I’ve had a couple.”

I’m sure Scott’ll care less once he’s had a couple too though.”

Can we rent a black cat?”

I don’t think you can rent cats.”

What else is Friday the 13thish?”

Bad luck? Broken mirrors? That’s probably not safe.”

I refuse to watch channel 13 all night.”

We have two days, maybe we can come up with more ideas.”

March 12th, 2009 by Tabitha in 6th Floor, Drinking
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Seven Things are swimming

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Seven Weird or Random Things About Us

Occasionally we do these memes or tags or whatever you call them if we’re tagged. I always adapt it to the unique style of this six-person blog. This one from Brave Astronaut’s Order from Chaos requests seven random things about you. I was thinking about how to get seven things out of six people, and it just so happened we were all drinking at Catalina’s Saturday night so I decided to ask Clarence, our favorite non-Ann server, to answer the question also, although I didn’t tell him why or what it was for. First the rules, as requested by the rules.

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

So Brave Astronaut has requested we all reveal one random or weird fact about ourselves. I know how you all tend to dislike my little round-robin sessions, but I hope the alcohol will loosen you all up.”

So you liquored us all up and now you’re going to pry information out of us? That’s sneaky!”

You’ll probably get weirder things out of us this way too.”

That’s kind of the plan. It can be anything, random, silly, weird..whatever. It’s just a silly internet meme.”

Oh, I’ve got one! I once fell asleep during work.”

Fell asleep!? While driving a subway car? Billy!”

It’d been a rough night the night before. Relax, we were stopped in a tunnel and I kind of drifted off. I woke up to ‘Yo, Billy. The light’s green, get us moving!’ I think they just thought I was zoning out.”

I guess that’s better than sleeping through a stop or something. I once dated someone that had Triskaidekaphobia.”

No way, there are actually people out there like that?”

Definitely. He avoided anything with military time, because he never wanted it to be 13:00. If I asked him to pick up a dozen bagels, if the bagel shop measured it in baker’s dozens, he’d always insist they leave out the 13th bagel.”

Wow. Crazy. I’m not surprised you’re no longer with him.”

His thirteenth birthday must’ve been a nightmare.”

I’m not positive on this, but I think he referred to it as his second 12th birthday.”

“Kind of like how my aunt keeps celebrating the anniversary of her 49th birthday so she’ll never turn 50.”

Ha! That’s kind of cool.

How old are you this year?’

It’s the 11th anniversary of my 49th birthday.’

That’s..60? Happy Birthday!’

No! the 11th anniversary of 49. I’m not 60!’”

“Kind of like that, yes. My uncle’s been teasing her and saying he’s celebrating the 40th anniversary of his 18th birthday and silly stuff like that.”

Clarence: “Hey guys! You all good on appetizers? Need drink refills?”

We order drink refills and more breadsticks.

Clarence, tell us something random or weird about yourself.”

Clarence: “Something weird huh..Why?”

Just curious. Come on!”

Clarence: “Okay, I’ll think about it and come back with a super answer with your drinks okay?”


Something weird for me…how about..I didn’t get a computer until 1998. I was the last person I knew to get one and be on the Internet.”

Wow, that is late. You almost missed Y2K altogether.”

Y2K..EVERYONE missed Y2K. Nothing happened!”

That’s not true. I actually contracted a virus at Y2K.”


I probably got it before Y2K actually. But New Years was the first time anything happened. My computer would crash every night at midnight on the dot for a long time after that.”

You never got it fixed or anything?”

I tried once or twice and couldn’t figure it out. I wasn’t quite as technically savvy at the time. And it was no big deal really, I just restarted at midnight if I was using the computer. Eventually I reformatted, but that was at least a year later.”

Wow, I’m impressed. That’s the first time I’ve heard of something actually being affected by Y2K. And I can’t believe we’re talking about Y2K at all in 2008.”

I once fell asleep on the LIRR visiting a friend out on the island. This was a while ago and I guess for what ever reason they didn’t feel like checking tickets. I ended up out by the Hamptons somewhere late at night.”

Like that Friends episode where Ross is dating that girl upset and falls asleep on the train and ends up in Montreal?”

Yeah. Kind of..except it was late at night and the next train back wasn’t for two hours. I’m just glad it was summer and not freezing cold.”

Could’ve walked to the beach.”

I was afraid of getting lost. I didn’t have a cellphone yet.”

Ahh. I see.”

Clarence: “Here are your drinks!”

You think of something interesting to tell us?”

Clarence: “I thought of something. It’s not that unheard of here, but I don’t know how to drive.”

That’s not that weird in Manhattan. It’s probably better than all the other people who have licenses but haven’t driven in years. Then they get behind the wheel on vacation or something and are totally out of their element.”

I’d miss driving. I always feel like it’s getting back on a bicycle; I pick it right back up even if I haven’t driven in a month.”

Not everyone has the same muscle memory. I barely have driven more than Driver’s Ed and the road test. You had years of practice before you moved here.”

I guess I have. It’s your turn Scott, don’t think you’re weaseling out of it now that we’ve all answered.”

I’ve never been on a plane. The farthest from here I’ve ever been was Washington DC on a school trip once.”

One day we should have a 6th Floor Road Trip!!”

Clarence: “Do you invite 6th Floor Servers on your trip?”

Of course. That would be a terrific idea Sara.”

Frank leans over and whispers towards Clarence. “No Cindy though.”

Okay, so that’s done. Seven things. I’m not going to tag anyone else, because I don’t like doing that, however if you want to, feel free, let me know and I’ll link to it even. Does anyone have any suggestions on where would be fun for Scott’s inaugural plane trip for a 6th floor vacation?

February 26th, 2008 by Ann in Beer
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Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Brewfest

Last week was both Frank’s and Ann’s 24th birthday. To celebrate they decided we should all go to Brewfest which features a whole lot of local New York breweries. It runs from five until ten, but we had to wait for Sara to get off work first, so we don’t leave until five. The line to get in literally wraps around the South Street Seaport, and we don’t actually get our 4oz tasting glasses and wristbands until a little after six.

Wow, that line was a little crazy. I still don’t understand why they only had two people checking Ids.”

Yeah, that could’ve been done a lot faster. Oh well, let’s drink!”

Let’s head over to the cask conditioned beers first, since they’re only available for a limited time.”

Cask conditioned? They are special?”

Yeah, great stuff Tab. I don’t think you’ll like them, very dark and bitter usually.”

We push through the crowd and start tasting some of the cask conditioned beers, and predictably, I don’t care for most of them. Since all of the tents are right next to each other, we end up on line for Rogue, which is right next to the cask conditioned ones.

Those were pretty good. I like this; get a beer, wait on line for more beer while you drink the first one.”

We might want to take it a little slower, we’re really knocking them back like this.”

Ann. Ann. That’s the whole point! Cheers!” Scott says, clinking his glass with Ann’s.

Got to get our money’s worth right Ann? Besides, what have we been practicing for if not this?”

I wasn’t aware that we were practicing at all, but maybe we should mix in some food. I know I saw some BBQ when we came in.”

Food works too. We can make our way back that direction after picking out some beers along this row. I guess we can’t try every single beer that’s here.”

Why not? Are you not up to the challenge Billy? Tsk tsk.”

Dude. There are like 300 different types of beer here. Even in 4oz glasses, that’s 75 beers. No one can do that.”

Except Superman!”

Aye! You’re not Superman Scott!”

Oooh! Mead! That’s not beer, but I won’t complain!”

The Long Island Meadery? I’ve had those before, they’re pretty good. I actually have an unopened bottle of Root Beer Mead back at the apartment.”

Holding out on us Sara? We’ll have to crack that open. Root Beer Mead sounds pretty good.”

Well probably not tonight. We’re doing pretty well so far.”

Not as well as some of the people behind the booths apparently. Look at that guy, I think he’s drinking faster than he’s pouring.”

I noticed that too. I guess you can’t come to one of these things and not appreciate all the fine beverages around you.”

We do indeed stop and get some food, taking a break and listening to the live music. The seaport is awash with a mass of humanity, most of it tipsy if not outright drunk.

That was a good idea Tabitha!” Sara says, as we emerge from inside the Seaport to use the bathrooms, instead of waiting on line for portapotties.

Thanks, not that those bathrooms were amazingly clean or anything.”

Come on girls! It’s Belgium time!”

Great beer and chocolate, what a great country!”

The Belgium beers are only available for an hour, presumably because they’re much more expensive. Everyone else is aware of this too, so the rush of the crowd is strong around the booths, and we eventually taste everything we want to and are standing in front of an empty booth littered with beer bottles.

Wow, these guys are all tapped out and gone already. Look at all these beer bottles, I guess they didn’t bring enough beer.”

Some of these breweries probably can’t afford to give away that much free beer all night.”

Yeah. This place is really really packed. I’m sure they did what they could afford.”

As long as people remember what they drank and remember some of the breweries to try them again for real.”

I’ve had so many different beers today, they’re all blending together!”

Well, there will be name recognition if you’re in a store and looking for something at least.”

I really liked that blueberry ale we had, where was that from?”

That was Wachusett I think. I’m about ready to go. What about you guys?”

I’ve had so much to drink tonight there’s a brewfest in my bladder!”

As long as there isn’t a brewfest on the floor of the apartment when I get up tomorrow, you’re fine.”

Beer! Maybe we should stop for food on the way home.”

It is only 9:30. I could do food. Or we could go to the beer garden in Astoria.”

Beer garden! That place rocks!”

Let’s stick to food. Might as well just stop at that McDonalds near the subway. It’s not like any of us are really going to taste anything.”

Happy Birthday to Ann..Ha..Ouch!” Billy says, as Ann hits him.

No singing. Especially not to me old man!”

Oh okay. Angus burgers it is. I’ll buy you dinner since It’s your birthday.”

Oh wow Billy, that’s so nice. You could spoil a girl like that buying her Mickey D’s like that.”

September 16th, 2007 by Tabitha in Beer
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Billy the Sage

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Billy

Subject: Our Sage

So you’ve been 26 for a couple of weeks now. How does it feel? The arthritis kick in yet?”

It’s much like being 25, only older. The arthritis is painful. It takes me 45 minutes to get up in the morning.”


No! I’m 26, not 56. I get up fine in the morning, my hair’s not falling out or going gray, and I can actually remember everything that happens during the day.”

Now you’re just teasing me.”

Would I do that?”


You’re right. You young ones have it so easy. Back in my day..” Billy pretends to drift off and stares into space.

Ann and Frank are turning 24 next week, they’re getting up there too!”

Wow, a good two dozen years. You can measure your age just like you measure eggs.”

Are you implying I’m an omelet?”

Hmm, what else can I compare your age to?”

No fair. Your age is a prime number, hard to compare to anything.”

That’s why we just make fun of him because he’s old.”

The ancient one.”

Ancient one? That makes me sound like a wise sage. Ooommmmm.”

Oh wise Billy the Sage. Tell me where to eat dinner tonight.”

The path lined with pepperoni pizza is the path to happiness.”

I can live with that advice.” Tabitha says, picking up the phone.

September 5th, 2007 by Billy in Uncategorized
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Are You One?! Are You Two?! Are You Twenty-Six?!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Are You One?! Are You Two?! Are You Twenty-Six?!

(Events of last weekend. I know our posts are lagging.)

Rosemarie: “..dear Billy! Happy Birthday to you! Now make a wish.”

Billy grins a very evil grin and blows out his candles.

Well what did you wish for?”

There’s always someone that has to ask that. You can’t tell or it won’t come true!” Sara frowns at Tabitha.

Would you believe me if I said cake?”


John(7th Floor): “What kind of cake is that? It looks good.”

It’s a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake.”

John: “Awesome, lets get eating!”

Will you do the honors and cut the cake Frank?”

Sure. If you get me another beer.” Frank takes the last swig out of his beer bottle, holds it up and wiggles it at Tabitha, and then tosses it towards the bin of empties near the kitchen. His coordination not what it was earlier in the evening, it misses, bounces off the edge of the counter and shatters on the floor in front of the fridge.

Nice shot Shaq.”

And that’s why we don’t throw glass bottles in the apartment. You’ll have to wait for your beer until I clean this up now.”

Fine, but then I’m not cutting the cake.”

Just going to let it melt into a mess?”

And what If I am?”

Rosemarie: “I’ll cut it.”

You don’t have to.”

Rosemarie: “I don’t mind. Scott’s salivating is disturbing anyway.”

Scott snaps his jaw shut. “It’s such a good cake.” He whines.

John: “Nothing wrong with a little drool. Happy Birthday Billy!”

Drool. Just what I always wanted!”

Sara is helping Rosemarie, taking the candles off the cake. “Who’s idea was it to put fire on an ice cream cake? It’s just going to melt faster.”

What if Billy wished for his ice cream to never melt?”

Then I imagine he’d be pretty disappointed.”

Rosemarie: “Okay sugar, here’s the first piece.”

Oooh, me next!” Scott says, taking the next piece of cake when Rosemarie puts it on a plate.

Frank runs by and snatches it out of his hands. “Nah nah na nah nah!”

Thief! Felon! Rogue!”

Oooh, nice synonyms there. Did Starbucks print a dictionary on the back of the cups this month?”

No. The Akeela and the Bee cups are long gone.” Scott says, sticking out his tongue at Sara.

Hey Frank! I’ve got your beer here! Beer! Ice Cold Beer!” Ann shouts across the room, holding the beer by the stem and waving it at Frank.

Frank turns to look, and as he does, Mike accidentally bumps into Ann and she drops the bottle. It cracks as it hits the hard floor, and the beer spills out into a puddle.

Frank grins. “Ha! At least mine was empty. Alcohol abuse!” As Frank is distracted by the mess, Scott steals his piece of cake back.

Mike: “Sorry Ann, but boy, you guys really are a bit clumsy aren’t you?”

Ann glares at Mike and he gets the hint and walks away to mingle with someone else.

Ann cleans up the mess, and the night winds on. The cake is served and eaten, and Billy opens his presents happily, enjoying the surprises. Lots of booze gets consumed, and before long people are slurring “Goo-Night, Haapy Birthday Bill!” and stumbling back to their own floors and apartments. Billy and Rosemarie are cuddled on the coach, just zoning out. Frank and Scott have a different sports highlight show on each tv, and Tabitha has fallen asleep at the table amidst the empty beer bottles that didn’t make it into the bin. Ann and Sara are cleaning up the kitchen, except they both are having trouble standing.

Great party tonight. We should do this again don’t you think?”

Well, You and Frank both having birthdays next month right? I guess we could do this again.”

Yeah lets. I bet nothing goes well with turning 24 like an Abita Purple Haze.”

Purple beer? That’d be pretty nasty if you drank too much.”

Ugh! Why is your first thought after beer, vomit?”

Could be because I feel like I had too many beers. Or just that purple beer sounds nauseating.”

Maybe we should stop sponging.”

Sponging? That sounds naughty.”

Lucky Scott wasn’t paying attention then. I meant we should stop this..cleaning. No more sponge. Just bed.”

Bed sounds mighty awesome. Did you know a sponge supposedly isn’t three dimensional? It’s only like 2.83 dimensions or something.”

Huh? What the hell are you talking about?”

No! Really! I went to this lecture about dimensions once. There are supposed to be 11 I think, but most of them are on the microscopic level.”

Ann groans and grabs onto the counter. “I think the rum in my tummy isn’t agreeing with your physics talk. Too complicated for such a smooth and simple beverage.”

Okay okay. Chemistry then?”

No! All I know about chemistry is that the chemistry of my blood contains lots of booze and I need to lay down. Goodnight everyone!” Ann shouts, startling Billy and Rosemarie. They follow Ann’s lead and slowly rise and head to bed. Sara walks over to Frank and Scott and sits down.

So how did the Braves and Phils do tonight?”

(Is the occasional mention of random bit people confusing? I’ve mentioned Mike and John before, but should I put in more information about them when I post, at least to remind everyone who they are? Feel free to comment or email us if anything is confusing or you have an idea about how to make anything more clear)

August 24th, 2007 by Ann in 6th Floor, Beer
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Birthday Presents

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Tabitha and Scott.

Subject: Billy’s Birthday Present

Me and Tabitha were milling around the apartment when someone knocked at the door. We don’t get a lot of visitors at lunch time on a Friday, so we were wondering who it could be. Tabitha was closer, and less lazy, and answered the door. On the other side was a woman we’d never seen before.

Umm. Hi. Can we help you?”

“Yes, hi. I’m Rosemarie.”

Billy’s Rosemarie?”

“I like to think of myself as my own Rosemarie, but yes, I’m dating Billy.”

It’s nice to meet you, although I didn’t expect to meet you until tomorrow night at the party. Billy said you were coming right?”

“Yup, I’ll be here. That’s actually the reason I stopped by. We’ve only been dating a little while and I’d really like to get him something for his birthday, but I really have no idea what would be good.”

Well you came to the right place! Come in! Sit down! Can Ann get you a drink?”

We sat and discussed what to get Billy. We ruled out anything shopping related, gift cards and the like. We came up with a couple of options, and settled on Rainbow 6: Las Vegas for the Playstation 3. Billy had been meaning to buy it for a while, and hadn’t gotten around to it. That’s when Scott came home.

Hey guys. Look what I got for Billy. That new video game he’s been wanting.”

“Aww shit!”

What a greating! I feel so welcome here.”

Scott squints at Rosemarie. “Who’s this gal? She doesn’t look like Sara.”

Scott, this is Rosemarie, Billy’s girlfriend.”

Is the party now? I thought it was tomorrow night? The beer isn’t in the fridge yet, Tabitha said I had to leave room for regular food until tomorrow night.”

Well you left chicken and the milk on the counter so you could put the growlers on the top shelf.”

You know warm beer just isn’t as good.”

“I think that’s my cue to leave. I’ll have to go with one of the other items we discussed. Thanks for all the help!”

To Scott, “Save me some of that beer!”

Nice to meet you! See you tomorrow!”

Rosemarie leaves.

So she seems nice.”

Yeah, definitely.”

She had me at ‘Aww shit!’”

August 20th, 2007 by Ann in 6th Floor, Beer
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A Pirate’s Life

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Water Water Everywhere, but not a Drop to Drink

Where is everyone? I thought we were drinking tonight?” Scott asks as he walks into the living room.

They went to see Stardust.”

Stardust? I’m not even sure I know what that is. Why aren’t we drinking again?”

I don’t know either. I thought it was a casino. Ann did say they’d drink when they got back. They went to an 8:00 showing I think.”

I thought that casino closed down? It’s only 8:15. I guess it won’t be too late to drink when they get in.”

Well…I did buy this bottle of rum thinking we’d be drinking all evening. We might as well open it up and taste it right?”

Look at it sitting there on the counter. You can’t just leave it there alone!”

It wouldn’t be fair to the rum. You’re right; grab two glasses.”

Woah! What are you doing with the coke?”

Rum and coke? Have you heard of it?”

Coke? Don’t be a sissy. This a good bottle of rum, let’s skip the mixers.”

Shots then? We’ll be drunk and passed out before they get back. They’ll probably paint mustaches on us when they see us.”

No, I was thinking of just pouring a glass of it and actually enjoying the flavor of the liquor.”

Oh. Okay, I don’t think I’ve ever had rum like that.”

If you don’t like it, we’ll add some coke. Come on, we might as well watch the game too.”

Wow, the Yankees are doing good again. I thought Fausto Carmona was a good pitcher?”

No one can stop the Yankees lately.”

This rum isn’t bad. It’s got a little bit of a kick though.”

Add a splash of coke then. It’ll soften the kick a little bit, but a splash won’t obscure the nice taste.”

Much better. See? All empty.” Scott says, holding up his glass.

Fill it up then. Might as well enjoy it while it’s fresh.”



Couldn’t wait huh?” Ann says, holding up the bottle of rum.

Yo Ho Ho! And a bottle of ruuummm.” Scott slurs.

I don’t think you’d make a good pirate. There is no way either of you could sail in this condition.”

How would you know? I might be an excellent sailor!”

Are you?”

I don’t remember. Maybe a small boat?”

I could sail!” Scott tries to make the steering motion and trips on the edge of the couch.

Billy laughs. “You’ve got the sea-legs down at least.”

Since they drank all the rum, I’m fine with not drinking tonight. We can save it up and drink extra next weekend for Billy’s birthday.”

That’s right! It’s Billy’s birthday! You want help planning something Tab?”

I’d love to run the ideas I’ve had past you. Really nail down the details.”

Hey, don’t I get any input?”

Nope. Just don’t make other plans for next Saturday.”

Right…got it. Are we at least going to have dinner on my actual birthday on Thursday?”

I guess we can concede that, what do you think Ann?”

Sure, but I don’t think Tabitha is going to let you pick the place.”

That’s fine, I like surprises. Looking forward to it.” Billy winks and walks back to his room.

Chuckie Cheese?”

Ann looks at Tabitha. “Are we letting her help now?”

I’m not sure I’m over the pineapple debacle yet.”

Oh come on! That could’ve happened to anyone.”

There were fruit flies everywhere! It was like a biblical plague.”

We got rid of them.”

Okay, you can help, but we’re keeping you away from the food.”

Fair enough.”

August 12th, 2007 by Frank in baseball
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Harry Potter and the Butterbeer Birthday Party

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha

Subject: Midnight Plans

I got a phone call from Amy yesterday. She invited us out Friday night for her birthday.”

Oh yeah? Where to?”

She’s trying to pick a good bar to hang out at. I don’t think she’s decided which one yet.”

Anything is good with me, you tell the guys yet?”

Does it matter? It’s not like they’re going to say no to getting a drink.”

Well, every once in a while they have a baseball game or something.”

I don’t think they do. The Yankee game isn’t anything special Friday and the Mets are in LA. They play at 10, a perfect time to watch at the bar. I can only stay a little while though.”

Why? Where could you possible have to go?”

I guess it depends where we are, but I want to go get my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at midnight.”

Oh right. Well if we’re close to home you could just run over and get it. Or did you want to stay for one of those parties?”

I’m not that crazy. I’ll laugh at the wackos when I get my book, and then just leave.”

Then you can come back and drink. Although I think you might get laughed at if you have a Harry Potter book in a bar.”

Certainly possible. I don’t know that I’ll feel like going home just to drop it off though.”

Amy knows the bars around here best, so she might end up picking something close by. I can read it after you right?”

Me too. I might buy it myself though, I’m not sure.”

Billy’s buying a copy too I think, so one of you could borrow his. He reads fast.”

Billy’s a Harry Potter fan? I don’t think I knew that.”

Well Billy will pretty much read anything. Once you’ve started reading a series, it’s silly not to see how it ends.”

I’m quite excited. I wonder what J.K. Rowling is going to do after this? Think she’ll keep writing?”

I don’t know. I think she probably will write something at least. Part of it probably depends on whether she killed Harry or not.”

I don’t think she will.”

Me neither.”

I actually think Harry’s going to bite it. Guess I’m in the minority. I doubt it, but I wonder if there is a bar out there serving butterbeer on Friday night, that would be interesting.”

I always wondered what butterbeer would taste like, it sounds good at least.”

Is it actually alcoholic?”

Yes. Although having just one didn’t seem to affect them much when they went out to Hogsmede. J. K. Rowling has been quoted as saying she thinks it is ‘a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch’.”

I see. I don’t imagine anyone’s serving it around here though.”

Well there are recipes online, that involve mixing it with cream soda and butterscotch syrup and such things.”

I was thinking of an actual brewed beer though. I actually have read some discussions about it, and If I was a better brewer I’d experiment.”

It’s been a while since you’ve brewed up a batch of your own beer.”

I keep putting it off. I don’t like to do it in the summer because it’s harder to keep the temperature down to the proper level for fermentation.”

Start preparing to brew something in the fall then. By the time you get around to it, it’ll be fall.”

Good point. I’ll have to settle on a type of beer to make.”

I just like drinking it, so pick something yummy.”

Amen to that.”

July 18th, 2007 by Ann in Beer
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