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6th Floor Anniversary

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Anniversary

Our second anniversary party went off much better than the first. We came up with a couple of exciting drink recipes that were better than a Desert Island, Sara make a chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, banana cake that was delicious. I forgot to take a picture of it, but we got the recipe from the cupcakeblog, which has pictures. There were residual effects of the party that lasted into Sunday, but that’s a separate post. Oddly enough, Frank’s brother John made his second visit this weekend, again being able to catch our party. My boyfriend Mark was here ,as was Billy’s girlfriend Janine. Amy and Sue attended, our former neighbors who have moved out, as did other building tenants Henry, Mike, and Brett. There were a couple of other people, and friends of friends, all in all making our apartment pretty packed.

Mike: “Hey guys! I brought some Coronas, I remember you had a beer shortage last year.”

Thanks Mike, this year should be better. Scott, put this by the rest of the drinks.”

Scott puts the case of beer under the small table we have pushed into the corner with drinks and mixers and an ice bucket, grabs a beer, and retreats to the corner where Brett, John and Frank were standing, drinks in hand. “What are you guys talking about?”

The new Grand Theft Auto game.”

Brett: “It’s going to be awesome, I’ve been looking at all of the screen shots and videos online.”

John: “They have a shot of the rundown world’s fair. I know they have a sports team called the swingers, and I think the stadium must be located at Shea.”

The logo is a clear parody of the Yankees logo though.”

Having some of the south Bronx in the game seems right on GTA’s style.”

Brett: “That’s true. Only about a month or so to go and we’ll find out for sure. I can’t wait.”

You got an HDTV? That game will look awesome on my screen.” Frank gestures to the LCD tv on the wall.”

Brett: “Very nice. No, I’m looking to get one for the release of the game though.”

Doesn’t hurt for sports either.”

Across the room…

So it looks like Janine and Mark are getting along. What are they talking about anyway?”

Economic theory or something. I hope Mark’s more interesting otherwise, but that conversation was boring me to death. Janine started in on supply and demand and I just immediately zoned out.”

Economics was not my strong class in college. Should we go interrupt?”

Yes, but let’s bring them something to drink. Most people don’t discuss complex formulae or have intricate discussions when they’re drunk.”

Meanwhile, Sara is having a conversation with a woman named Jessie, and Tabitha, who looks bored.

I always walk down Broadway if I have the opportunity. Since it’s slanted it actually makes the trip a little shorter than walking down a different avenue. Of course, this only works if you’re going downtown and east or uptown and west.”

Jessie: “That’s very intriguing Sara, but don’t you get bored of always walking down the same street? I like the excitement of seeing different storefronts and restaurants.”

Well that’s true. There is some merit to that train of thought, but it depends where I’m headed and if I’m in a hurry. Especially around here where I’ve pretty much walked down the avenues as much as Broadway, so that excitement isn’t quite there.”

Need another beer Sara?”

Sara peers into her beer bottle. “Yeah, just about.”

I got it. I’m out anyway.”

Tabitha walks over to the beer table, and runs into Frank getting a refill.

Sara’s on one of her drunken rants. It was all I could do not to eat my beer bottle to distract myself. Please bring her this beer?”

And get sucked in myself? No thanks. Mike!”

Mike walks over. Mike: “What’s up?”

Could you bring this beer over to Sara?”

Mike: “Umm..sure. I guess that’s not too taxing.”

Crisis averted. Thanks Frank.”

You are welcome. It comes at a cost though. I can’t recall how many beers I was getting.”

It’s beer, I’m sure if you get too many someone will drink it.”

Orr…I could abandon them completely and let them fend for themselves. I think I’ll go tell Janine scary Billy stories.”

Desert Island anyone?” Ann asks, carrying around a plate.

Are those jello shots?”

Yup! They’re good, I’ve already tried them.”

Ann circles the room, handing out jello shots.

Yum! These are much better than the drinks you made us last year! Good job.”

This is definitely the best jello shot I’ve tasted in my entire life.”

Janine: “Definitely. These are excellent!”

Mark? Could you get the other tray of jello shots out of the fridge?”

Ann turns around to see Mark already eating jello shots off the tray in the fridge.

Couldn’t wait huh?”

Mark: “What can I say? You make terrific jello shots, brings me back to my college days.”

You graduated last year.”

Mark: “I know. That’s still back isn’t it?”

I’ll tell you what’s back! Hamburger buns!” Scott slurs, as he jumps over the back of the couch to the kitchen.

Mark: “What?”

I was just thinking about how nice it would be to have a hamburger right about now. Harkens back to the good ‘ole days of last summer when we used to barbecue.”

Mark: “Are you mocking me?”

He’s not mocking you, he’s just Scott. You’re lucky Billy’s distracted or he’d be making comments too. They feed off each other.” Ann says, gesturing to Billy who’s kissing Janine in the corner.

Let’s see, do you think I should go to bed now? I figure that leaves me with five hours of sleep, and 90 minutes to fight the hangover and get out of the apartment to go get Super Smash Brothers.”

Or you could simply enjoy yourself, and get up when you get up.”

No, I have to get the game.”

Suit yourself. But I’m going to laugh at you when you’re miserable tomorrow.”

May she who is sober cast the first stone.”

She’s right Tab, you’re horrible with hangovers.”

However, Sara was right. It was getting late and people had started to leave. Mark had to work on Sunday and was returning home, Billy and Janine had retired for the night. As people started to leave Sara turned in early and Frank fell asleep on the couch. Scott was pacing around so me and Tabitha convinced him to pick up empty bottles and cups while he was walking around. We did a preliminary clean up of the area, looking for things that might stain or should be returned to the fridge. By the time we finished, (and finished another beer), the last stragglers had left and we headed for the sheets ourselves, confident that this party was a hell of a lot better than last year’s.

March 12th, 2008 by Ann in Beer
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Are You One?! Are You Two?! Are You Twenty-Six?!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Are You One?! Are You Two?! Are You Twenty-Six?!

(Events of last weekend. I know our posts are lagging.)

Rosemarie: “..dear Billy! Happy Birthday to you! Now make a wish.”

Billy grins a very evil grin and blows out his candles.

Well what did you wish for?”

There’s always someone that has to ask that. You can’t tell or it won’t come true!” Sara frowns at Tabitha.

Would you believe me if I said cake?”


John(7th Floor): “What kind of cake is that? It looks good.”

It’s a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake.”

John: “Awesome, lets get eating!”

Will you do the honors and cut the cake Frank?”

Sure. If you get me another beer.” Frank takes the last swig out of his beer bottle, holds it up and wiggles it at Tabitha, and then tosses it towards the bin of empties near the kitchen. His coordination not what it was earlier in the evening, it misses, bounces off the edge of the counter and shatters on the floor in front of the fridge.

Nice shot Shaq.”

And that’s why we don’t throw glass bottles in the apartment. You’ll have to wait for your beer until I clean this up now.”

Fine, but then I’m not cutting the cake.”

Just going to let it melt into a mess?”

And what If I am?”

Rosemarie: “I’ll cut it.”

You don’t have to.”

Rosemarie: “I don’t mind. Scott’s salivating is disturbing anyway.”

Scott snaps his jaw shut. “It’s such a good cake.” He whines.

John: “Nothing wrong with a little drool. Happy Birthday Billy!”

Drool. Just what I always wanted!”

Sara is helping Rosemarie, taking the candles off the cake. “Who’s idea was it to put fire on an ice cream cake? It’s just going to melt faster.”

What if Billy wished for his ice cream to never melt?”

Then I imagine he’d be pretty disappointed.”

Rosemarie: “Okay sugar, here’s the first piece.”

Oooh, me next!” Scott says, taking the next piece of cake when Rosemarie puts it on a plate.

Frank runs by and snatches it out of his hands. “Nah nah na nah nah!”

Thief! Felon! Rogue!”

Oooh, nice synonyms there. Did Starbucks print a dictionary on the back of the cups this month?”

No. The Akeela and the Bee cups are long gone.” Scott says, sticking out his tongue at Sara.

Hey Frank! I’ve got your beer here! Beer! Ice Cold Beer!” Ann shouts across the room, holding the beer by the stem and waving it at Frank.

Frank turns to look, and as he does, Mike accidentally bumps into Ann and she drops the bottle. It cracks as it hits the hard floor, and the beer spills out into a puddle.

Frank grins. “Ha! At least mine was empty. Alcohol abuse!” As Frank is distracted by the mess, Scott steals his piece of cake back.

Mike: “Sorry Ann, but boy, you guys really are a bit clumsy aren’t you?”

Ann glares at Mike and he gets the hint and walks away to mingle with someone else.

Ann cleans up the mess, and the night winds on. The cake is served and eaten, and Billy opens his presents happily, enjoying the surprises. Lots of booze gets consumed, and before long people are slurring “Goo-Night, Haapy Birthday Bill!” and stumbling back to their own floors and apartments. Billy and Rosemarie are cuddled on the coach, just zoning out. Frank and Scott have a different sports highlight show on each tv, and Tabitha has fallen asleep at the table amidst the empty beer bottles that didn’t make it into the bin. Ann and Sara are cleaning up the kitchen, except they both are having trouble standing.

Great party tonight. We should do this again don’t you think?”

Well, You and Frank both having birthdays next month right? I guess we could do this again.”

Yeah lets. I bet nothing goes well with turning 24 like an Abita Purple Haze.”

Purple beer? That’d be pretty nasty if you drank too much.”

Ugh! Why is your first thought after beer, vomit?”

Could be because I feel like I had too many beers. Or just that purple beer sounds nauseating.”

Maybe we should stop sponging.”

Sponging? That sounds naughty.”

Lucky Scott wasn’t paying attention then. I meant we should stop this..cleaning. No more sponge. Just bed.”

Bed sounds mighty awesome. Did you know a sponge supposedly isn’t three dimensional? It’s only like 2.83 dimensions or something.”

Huh? What the hell are you talking about?”

No! Really! I went to this lecture about dimensions once. There are supposed to be 11 I think, but most of them are on the microscopic level.”

Ann groans and grabs onto the counter. “I think the rum in my tummy isn’t agreeing with your physics talk. Too complicated for such a smooth and simple beverage.”

Okay okay. Chemistry then?”

No! All I know about chemistry is that the chemistry of my blood contains lots of booze and I need to lay down. Goodnight everyone!” Ann shouts, startling Billy and Rosemarie. They follow Ann’s lead and slowly rise and head to bed. Sara walks over to Frank and Scott and sits down.

So how did the Braves and Phils do tonight?”

(Is the occasional mention of random bit people confusing? I’ve mentioned Mike and John before, but should I put in more information about them when I post, at least to remind everyone who they are? Feel free to comment or email us if anything is confusing or you have an idea about how to make anything more clear)

August 24th, 2007 by Ann in 6th Floor, Beer
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