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Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Billy

Subject: E-Cleanse

(geeze, we didn’t post for a month.  How lazy.  I guess I’m just lucky no one cares.)

Tabitha and Billy are fiercely debating something as Ann walks in the door of the 6th Floor, carrying a bag of flour and a box of strawberry Jello.  Sara is on the couch, legs crossed, with her laptop.

What’s up guys? Debating world peace?” Ann asks.

No no, we’re talking about John Mayer and his digital cleanse.”  Tabitha explains.

unplugDigital cleanse?” Ann asks, putting the groceries away.

Don’t ask.” Sara says.  “It’s stupid.”

Mayer’s, as posted on his blog, doing this digital cleanse thing, where he doesn’t use Twitter, texting, etc.” Tabitha says.

Tabitha said maybe she should do it, and I said that the way Mayer describes it is pretty lame, and she should do a more complete cleanse.”  Billy says.

He’s really just saying that people’s lives are defragmented and they need to commit more solid time to interactions.”  Tabitha argues.

“Ooooh, he learned a new computer word and made up some silly blog post to apply it to life.  I thought his music was rock, not emo.”  Sara says.

Ouch, harsh.  What have you got against John Mayer Sara?”  Ann asks.

“Nothing.  I just think the cleanse thing is stupid.  There is nothing wrong with using computers or Twitter or whatever.” Sara says.

I dunno.  I’m tired of feeling like there are a zillion things to check every time I touch a computer, I’m tired of tending my Farmville farm.”  Tabitha says.

I’ll do it with you for a week, but only if it’s a full unplug.  None of this ‘email from real computers, no gossip sites stuff.’  All of it.” Billy says.

Fine.  I think the no-texting thing might be tough though.  Or are we doing no cellphones entirely?”  Tabitha asks.

I don’t know if we can get away with no calls whatsoever.  But no texting seems fair. It’s about being unplugged and not in constant communication all the time.  Try to only use it for emergencies.”  Billy says.

If it’s on me, I’m going to end up using it.  If someone needs to get in touch with us..everyone knows where we work, where we live, etc.  Your phone doesn’t even work at work since you spend most of your time in Subway tunnels anyway.. “ Tabitha reasons.

Good point. Okay, no phones at all then. You going to join us Ann?  I know Sara will just yell at me if I ask.” Billy says.

Umm…nah..I don’t need another excuse to not use the Internet and not blog.  It’s been like a month and all I’ve written is two half posts that had to do with Christmas and shopping that just seem..outdated now.”  Ann says.

Okay.  We start tomorrow when we wake up.  Got that Tabitha?  One week?” Billy asks.

One week.  May all my Farmville crops wither up, etc.”  Tabitha says.

“You guys are insane.”  Sara says, rolling her eyes and retreating to her room.

January 6th, 2010 by Ann in 6th Floor, life
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Got Milk?

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Tabitha, Scott.

Subject: Cleaning

Tabitha walks into the apartment, her nose picked up the pine-fresh scent of cleaning supplies. Looking around she notices Scott is cleaning the kitchen table.

Am I in the right apartment? Someone besides me is cleaning? Scott is cleaning? I must be dreaming.”

I figured I was due to do some cleaning up around here.”

That’s very nice of…wait! What’d you do?”

What do you mean?”

Did you spill something? Break something? What was it? What are you trying to cover up?” Tabitha walks over to the table and starts sniffing.

Did you just..sniff..the table? Can’t a guy lend a hand around here without getting the 2nd degree?”

You mean 3rd degree.” Sara corrects from the couch.

I had it right. First you came in here and gave me a hard time, and now Tabitha’s on my case. That’s two degrees.”

Are you saying that you didn’t spill something?”

I’m just saying a guy should be able to clean his own table without being grilled by his roommates.”

I’m surprised you even knew where the cleaning supplies were.”

You had them under the sink. No creativity at all. Everyone puts their cleaning supplies under the sink.”

Yes, you’re so uncreative Tabitha. If Scott was putting things away, we could get the windex right out of the fridge.”

And the ice cream would probably be stored in cabinets, and the milk would never leave the counter.”

That’s not true. Once the milk got chunky I’d probably throw it away.”

Yeah, but you probably wouldn’t empty the trash until it really started to smell.”

Is there any other reason to empty the trash?”

You know, some days I wish we could vote you out of the apartment.”

Oooh! Survivor: 6th Floor!”

And that’s how I’ll catch you.” Tabitha opens up the trash and looks in, seeing two cartons of milk.

Did you spill BOTH cartons of milk?!”


How’d you manage that? You know what, I don’t want to know. You better be going downstairs to replace them.”

I already got on him about that. I can’t have breakfast in the morning without my milk.”

I’ll get the milk. Plenty of milk. We’ll all get that milk.”

Good. I’d hate for Sara to have to milk you in the morning.”

Tabitha walks into her room, ignoring Scott and Sara staring at her in shock at her comment.

October 14th, 2007 by Tabitha in 6th Floor
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