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Get Up, Get Out

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank

Subject: Leave the Apartment!

Sara is sitting on the couch, in her pajamas, with a big mug of coffee watching tv when Ann gets home. Frank is in the kitchen warming up leftover quesadillas from dinner last night.

From Pictures

Sara..still in pjs? Have you left the apartment at all this week?” Ann asks.

Umm..” Sara thinks. “I think I took out the garbage on Tuesday.”

So out of the apartment for two minutes, but haven’t seen the light of day?” Ann comments.

Outside!” Frank scoffs, “Who needs it.”

I guess no interviews this week?” Ann asks.

Actually, I talked to a recruiter yesterday. I may have one early next week.” Sara responds.

So you might actually get out into the world next week.” Ann says.

Since we’re going to go see Zombieland tomorrow night, I assume she’d make it outside this weekend.” Frank comments.

If she still remembers how to get dressed anyway.” Ann says.

Sara sticks out her tongue at Ann.

I don’t think they have a dress code at the theater. They’d probably let her in like that.” Frank says.

I hope she’s showered at least. Otherwise you’re sitting next to her.” Ann says.

I showered!” Sara says.

It’s alright.” Frank says, ignore Sara. “We’ll put her next to Billy. He won’t smell her over the popcorn that he seems to get at every movie.”

I don’t smell!” Sara says.

Good idea. Unless we put Sara in the middle and have her hold the popcorn. Mask her odor.” Ann theorizes, ignoring Sara.

Oh fine, I’ll shower.” Sara concedes, handing her coffee mug to Ann and heading to the shower.

Well, that was pretty easy.” Ann says, dumping the coffee down the drain.

Frank gasps. “You dumped her coffee? She’ll kill you!”

Eh. She drinks too much coffee anyway. It’s good for her to cut back.” Ann says.

Frank chuckles, “It’s your life.”

October 9th, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, life, movie
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Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: That Bacon Smell

Sara walks in to the apartment, it’s 8am and her nostrils are instantly assaulted with the smell of bacon.

From Pictures

Oh! This place reeks! What have you guys been doing?!” Sara exclaims.

I’d have thought it’d be fairly obvious.” Frank replies from the kitchen.

We’re cooking bacon!” Billy replies happily.

You guys are seriously up at 8am just to cook some bacon?” Sara asks.

It’s bacon!” Billy replies happily.

Actually, I haven’t been to bed yet. I was running hot last night, all the cards were hitting and I just couldn’t turn the computer off.” Frank says.

What were you doing out at 8am anyway? You don’t work anymore..” Billy asks.

Oooh..is this the walk of shame?” Frank asks, looking Sara over. “Was that what you were wearing yesterday?” Frank turns to Billy. “Do you remember what she had on yesterday?”

I wish it was as exciting as that. I just went to get coffee because I was too lazy to make it.” Sara says, hoisting her coffee cup.

You were too lazy to make coffee, but shuffling out of the apartment, down five floors, and down the street was okay?” Billy asks, incredulous.

I went in a daze. Getting the coffee down, filling the damn pot with water. Cleaning the pot first because I didn’t clean it yesterday..” Sara shudders.

Scott wanders in looking more than half asleep. “I smell bacon. I’ll get up for bacon. Where’s the bacon?”

Wow. Better than an alarm clock for Scott, bacon.” Sara says.

Just about ready Scott. Have a seat.” Frank says.

Just about is good enough.” Scott mumbles. He walks over to the stove, snatches a piece of bacon of the griddle, hisses in pain and drops the bacon onto the counter. Scooping it onto a plate with his other hand, he takes the plate and sits down.

Smooth one.” Sara says.

Scott just grunts.

August 27th, 2009 by 6th Floor Blog in 6th Floor, food, life
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Betty the Decorator

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Frank and Scott.

Subject: Betty the Decorator


Large mocha for me Scott. And don’t skimp on the espresso.”


You gotta pay for this one though.”


That’s fine. Hey, why is that woman sitting in that chair in the middle of the store? And facing away from the table that was next to it?”


That’s our interior decorator.”


Starbucks has an interior decorator now? No wonder you guys are struggling.”


Just us, and we don’t pay her. She comes in at precisely 2:42 every day, which usually ends up being within a moment of us having just brewed a fresh pot of coffee.”


And then she has to sit just so?”


I guess. She spends a couple of minutes adjusting the chair, moving it around. Something about having to have an equal view of both the door, and the cash register.”


That’s a little weird. Hope she’s not scoping out the best way to rob you.”


Sounds a little more OCD to me. We call her Betty.”


Why Betty?”


Because that’s her name. It’s on the credit card she uses. You owe me $4.82.”


Seeya later.” Frank says, paying and exiting.

April 10th, 2009 by Frank in 6th Floor
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Happy St. Patricks Day!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Frank

Subject: Happy Green!


Sara is drinking coffee and browsing Google News in the morning before getting ready for work, Frank is brewing a second pot of coffee.


You’re up early Frank. You going to the Parade?”


Nah. Too crowded. I just ended up in bed early, so I’m up early. Going to make some Irish coffee..you want any?”


No, I’m good..probably should get to work anyway.” Sara looks at her watch. “Got a couple of minutes..maybe a travel mug of Irish coffee..”


Or a flask? You’ll fit right in with the homeless guys on the train!”


A flask of Irish Coffee? I don’t think they make flasks insulated for heat.”


Oh. True.” Frank says, pushing ‘on’ on the coffee pot.


I’ll pick up some Guinness on the way home. We can drink them tonight.”


Green eggs! That’s perfect! Want some?” Frank says, squeezing drops of green food coloring onto his eggs.


Gross! I don’t think that’s what they mean by green eggs..”


I’m just going to get a green bagel on the way. I’ll trust my food dyes to the professionals.”


You’re missing out..”


Eggs aren’t really my thing anyway. Take a picture though, I’m sure Billy will find it appetizing.”


Billy finds everything appetizing.” Frank says, as he pours Irish Cream into his coffee.





March 17th, 2009 by Sara in 6th Floor, Drinking, food
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Weight Loss

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, and Scott.

Subject: Weight Loss

The following happened in cyberspace.

Tabitha: So starting today I’m going to be serious about losing weight.

Sara: Don’t we drink too much for that? 😉

Tabitha: I’ll just abstain. Or nurse a Bacardi and diet coke.

Ann: I could stand to lose a few pounds too. I suspect I’m too lazy to stick to a diet.

Scott: No one needs to lose weight, you’re all hot. Bar tonight?

Tabitha: I’m serious Scott.

Scott: So am I!

Sara: You know Scott, you could afford to lose a couple of pounds too!

Ann: 6th Floor Diet Thon?

Scott signs off.

Sara: lol

Ann: Maybe I’ll try to stick with you for a while Tabitha..couldn’t hurt.

Sara: As long as we’re on a health kick, maybe I should try to curb the coffee habit?

Tabitha: Woah! That’d be a big deal. It would be healthier though.

Sara: Or I could just start drinking it black more..no calories that way. 😉

Ann: I feel like you would have more success that way than trying to cut it out.

Tabitha: Maybe just cut back.

Sara: Only have one cup in the morning? Bah. 😛

Tabitha: Could drink tea.

Sara: I could drink tea…and coffee!

Tabitha: You’re hopeless.

Ann: You know, we could probably just do simple things. Cut out soda, skip dessert once a week. As long as we skipped a night of drinking here and there too.

Tabitha: The guys wouldn’t like that. 🙁

Ann: Like Sara said, they could probably afford to lose a pound here and there.

Sara: They rarely do the shopping anyway. All we have to do is buy healthier foods. They’d probably eat it and never notice.

Ann: I doubt that’d work. They’d just eat more. And they do still manage to buy beer, or ice cream, or other sweets.

Tabitha: It’s worth a shot. I’m going to be buying healthier stuff for me anyway. I was headed to the store on my way home. Update the Google shopping list if you want something specific.

Tabitha: I have to go now 😉 ttyl.

Tabitha signs off.

*Google shopping list refers to a shared Google document we all have access to that we can add the groceries we need to. My idea. It’s brilliant I know.

January 10th, 2009 by Sara in Uncategorized
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Meet Metrocard Millie

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Metrocard Millie

“Ugh! Gimme a quad espresso Scott.” Sara says at the register as she enters Starbucks.

“Sure Sara. Ann and Billy are over there.” Scott gestures to the corner. “I’ll bring it over for you.”

“Hey Sara! Didn’t think you were coming. What’s up?”

“Oh, you know. The usual; the MTA sucks.”

“Except the drivers.”

“You at least..”

“Bitching about the stupid celebrity announcements again?”

“Al Roker needs to shut the hell up.”

“Nah, just annoyed that my card didn’t seem to read right this morning, and then it only had 15 cents left on it. What am I supposed to do with 15 cents?”

“Give it Millie.” Scott says, as he brings over Sara’s espresso.

“Er..who is Millie?”

“You haven’t named your nipples again have you Scott? Because I’m not sure how I’d give your nipple a metrocard.”

“No. Millie’s a homeless person that comes in here occasionally. She walks around to all the subway stations and takes the discarded Metrocards hoping to find those nickels and dimes left on them. Then she takes a big pile of ‘em somewhere and gets them converted into cash.”

“Wow, they let her do that? I’d think they laugh at her.”

“I think she must be friendly with someone somewhere, or maybe they take pity on her. I don’t know. But she usually comes in here when she has a good day and gets a hot chocolate.”

“Well good for her. Reclaiming the probably millions of dollars the MTA saves by people discarding these.” Sara says, waving her 15cent metrocard at Scott.

“I asked her what the best stations were, but she wouldn’t tell me. Trade secret I guess.”

“Probably the PATH train stations. Especially 33rd street.”

“Yeah. PATH fare is 25cents cheaper. Anytime anyone has to hop over to Jersey once they tend to end up with an extraneous dollar on their card or something.”

“I still have an odd-dollar amount from when we went to the Devils game in Newark. I’m hoping to go to another game and even it out though.”

“Well back to work guys. We should go get a beer or something tonight. I haven’t had one all week.”

“I had one already today.”

“Billy..it’s like 10am!”

“And I had one when I got home from work last night at 1am. So there.”

Billy sticks out his tongue at Ann.

“But I could always use another!”

November 7th, 2008 by Ann in Beer
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Getting Smarter

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Getting Smart

The 6th Floor Gang is returning from appetizers and drinks at Catalina’s, and slowly walking back to the 6th Floor.

“Why haven’t we seen Get Smart yet?”

“I loved that show when I was younger, I almost went without you on Saturday.”

“It was on in the late 60s. You’re older than I thought Scott.”

Scott scrunches up his face and starts hobbling down the street. “Back in my day..we had to wind up our boob tubes. And we had to walk three miles in the snow to school. Uphill!”

“They played it a lot on Nick at Night in the 80s. I assume that’s what he means.”

“Oh. He still makes a good geezer.”

“No doubt about that.”

“I was all psyched to see it Friday night, but when I got home no one else was here.”

“I was there…just sleeping.”

“Sleeping! It was 9:30!”

“I had a rough day..”

“That’s why they invented beer!”

“And scotch.”

“Since when did you start drinking scotch?”

“I’ve had it once or twice, it’s pretty good.”

“Sleeping is healthier and leaves me feeling better in the morning.”

“Everyone’s always complaining they’re tired. I don’t get it.”

Take out your coffee-iv and maybe you would.

“I don’t use an IV, drinking it’s half the fun!”

You know what I mean.

The group arrives at their door.

Not it!

Billy and Scott put their fingers on their noses.

“I don’t have my keys.”

“Me neither.”

Frank looks around and sighs.

Damn. Frank fiddles for his keys and unlocks the apartment door.

June 25th, 2008 by Ann in 6th Floor, Beer
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Coffee Machine Difficulties

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha

Subject: The Difficulties of Instant Coffee

Still hate the new job Sara?” Tabitha asks, as Sara returns from work.

Well, hate is a strong word. I don’t like what I’m doing, and the people so far don’t seem that competent. They even complain about the coffee machine being difficult!”

You have one of those k-cup things right? Don’t you just put the thing in and hit a button?”

Oh, one of those things? I hate those machines. They make such crappy coffee, and watery stuff too.”

That’s the one. Actually, we recently upgraded. We had the simple in, press brew, grab cup, one. Then we got a new one for whatever reason. This one allows you select the size of the brew. Four, six, eight, or 10 ounces. Allows for stronger coffee if you want it, no one gets it thought.”

Is it really that tough? Truthfully, is just brewing coffee that tough? Like in a regular coffee pot?”

No one wants to take the time to set that up, and we’d go through it too fast. I guess people just don’t care about quality. They just want their jolt of caffeine.”

Just the concept of weak or strong is too complicated for them huh?”

Seems that way. I hear nothing but complaints about it, given that I’m still sitting in the kitchen.”

I find a good cup of coffee is a big stimulus for writing. I’d probably vomit on the page drinking that instant crap.”

Guess you haven’t had a good cup of joe in a while then.”

Hey! I’ve been writing..sort of. Thinking about writing..that counts right?”

What’s that they say? The road to clearance rack books is paved with good thoughts?”

Are you really a writer if you only think about it? Doesn’t that make you a ‘thinker’?”

A philosopher!”

I’ll pick it up..It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me. I did think up a possible book idea though.”

Haven’t you had a dozen book ideas over the years? Maybe you need to really sit down and write this one.”

Maybe. At least I know how to make coffee.”

I was never arguing that you didn’t have a leg up over most of the ‘computer geeks’ I work with.”

Want to head down to Starbucks and needle Scott and get some coffee?”

Sure, lets do it.”

June 8th, 2008 by Ann in 6th Floor
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Sara’s New Job

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank and Scott.

Subject: Sara’s New Job

Sara strolls in around seven o’clock and plops on the couch, gesturing to Frank and then to the fridge.

So how was your first day of work Sara?”

Frank grabs two beers from the fridge, opens them and hands one to Sara.

Could’ve gone better.” Sara says, after a long pull from the beer bottle.

The people nice?”

Too early to tell. They seem nice enough. Jersey City is a freaking dump though.”

Didn’t we tell you that Jersey sucked?”

North Jersey is nice. I don’t think I’ve been to Jersey City though. Not nice huh?”

Nope. Path train isn’t too bad though. The seats are more uncomfortable, but there are much less people on it than the subway.”

Reverse commute I guess. That’s nice at least.”

They had trouble setting up some of my accounts, so I wasn’t even able to do much. A lot of reading.”

Weren’t prepared for you? But you accepted like three weeks ago!”

I know. Hopefully not a sign of things to come.”

It’ll probably get better when you settle in.”

Speaking of settling in, they don’t have a space for me yet. My desk is literally in the kitchen, with four other people.”

In the kitchen? That’s classic. I always knew a woman’s place was in the kitchen..”

At least you’re not far from your precious coffee beans.”

I wish I was farther! You know how hard it is to take a break to get coffee when the machine’s practically on your desk?!”

Oooh..that sucks. And you don’t smoke, so you can’t even take a smoke break.”

Take your coffee breaks by leaving and getting Starbucks.”

Actually, there is no Starbucks in Journal Square. There is a Dunkin’ Donuts, but no Starbucks. It’s a horrible place.”

Who knows, maybe you’ll find something better elsewhere. At least you have insurance right?”

Yeah, I will in two months. And I actually get transportation reimbursement which is cool.”

That is pretty nifty. Another beer?”

Definitely. Bring one for Scott too, I saw him eying mine when he walked in.”

I just love your bottles.”

That doesn’t even make any sense.”

You might as well have one too Ann.” Frank says, passing out beer.

Terrific. Tuesday night, Friday night. It’s always time for beer right?”

It’s always happy hour somewhere in the world. Cheers!” Scott raises his beer bottle, and the others clink theirs to his.

May 13th, 2008 by Sara in 6th Floor, Beer
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Coffee Intervention

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Tabitha, Frank

Subject: Sara and her Joe

Sara’s sitting at the table with her laptop and a cup of coffee, tapping away at the keys. Frank’s watching television, and Tabitha is making herself a sandwich in the kitchen.

So Sara, how’s Joe?”

Joe? Who’s Joe? Are you dating someone new and didn’t tell me?”

I have no idea what he’s talking about. I’m not dating anyone that I know of.”

I meant your coffee. It seems like I never see you without that coffee mug or Starbucks cup anymore.”

That’s not true! Yesterday I had a Juan Valdez cup!”

Have you tried..and I know this will sound odd, a good night’s sleep? It’s not like you have work to get up for.”

Good night’s sleep? That’s so 1920s.”

1920s? Did they historically sleep more in the 1920s?”

I don’t know. Maybe?”

I guess it was during prohibition. If they couldn’t stay out until four drinking, I guess they could get to bed early.”

Either way. It’s a problem when you go to bed after Frank does.”

Is there something inherently wrong with going to bed at 5am? You know, I wouldn’t get this kind of criticism of my schedule in Las Vegas.”

Well can’t you even go to the dentist at 3am in Vegas? But this isn’t Vegas, this is New York.”

It’s the city that never sleeps!”

If it laid off the coffee, it’d be able to sleep!”

Did you know that the first Starbucks opened in New York in 1994, the same year Friends started?”

I think I did hear that actually.”

Very telling.”

So I’m keeping my coffee then. Besides, It’s almost a sin for a programmer to give up things like coffee.”

Well, the first web cam was created to see if the coffee pot was full so they didn’t have to get up.”

I’ve always wondered about that. I mean, if everyone could check the coffee pot, and no one got up if it was empty, how’d they ever get coffee?”

I’m sure the secretary probably started filling it up.”


We’re moving towards that culture right? Soon we’ll be able to query are fridge contents from a web browser, probably even turn on the oven too. We’ll be able to cook dinner from our computer.”

That would be excellent!”

Lazy bums! There is some benefit to not sitting on the couch all day you know.”

There is?”


Tabitha just rolls her eyes, and takes her sandwich into her room.

April 9th, 2008 by Tabitha in 6th Floor
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