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Ready, Set, Brawl!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Frank, Tabitha, Scott.

Subject: Super Smash Brothers: Brawl!

Sara stumbled out of the apartment Sunday morning to pick up her copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and returned to the apartment to find Scott and Frank semi-awake in the living room.

Sara, you went out this early? What’s wrong with you?”

Smash brothers! It was tough, but I wanted to play video games to fight the hangover.”

Is that a Box of Joe from Dunkin Donuts? Are you going to drink that all by yourself?” Scott looks at Sara longingly.

I bought it expecting to share, but I would drink it alone if no one else wants any.”

No way, I think we both want some. You set up the game, and I’ll pour.” Frank pulls himself off the couch and reaches for the coffee mugs.

I hear Sonic’s a good character, can I be Sonic?”

You have to unlock him first. I think you can unlock most characters just by playing versus though, so eventually.”

I’ll just stick to random, I like trying out all the characters.” Frank says, grabbing a controller and handing out coffee.

I’m going to use the gamecube controller.”

I’ll stick to the Wiimote. Works well enough for me.”

I hate wires. I’ll take a Wiimote too.”

Dibs on Kirby!”

Kirby, damn cream puff.”

Falcon Smash!”

Shoot, we have it on time play. Remind me to change it to stock after this.”

What’s that glowing ball thing floating around do?”

The Smash Ball. You gotta hit it, and then you glow and can do your smash attack by pressing neutral B.”

That’s the insta-kill attack?”

It varies for each character, some are pretty close to insta-kill, some you have to be close to your target, some shoot in a straight line.”

No, jump! Higher! Argh! Yoshi’s pretty crazy. I keep rolling off!”

That’s why I like Kirby. Lots of floating to get back to the board.”

Kirby’s a beginner’s character, I like Ness, or Lucas.”

Fine, no Kirby. I’ll be Pikachu this round.”

There are way too many pokemon in this game.”

Yeah, there are a lot.”

Did I just see Little Mac from Punch Out in that blue thing I opened?”

I think so. Those things help you kill people.”

Wii: “Pika! Pika! Pika!”

Geeze, Pikachu’s annoying. Shut up!”

I want to strangle the little yellow bastard. Very anti-hangover.”

Aha! Take that! Killer angels!” Frank, as Pit, gets the smash ball and kills Scott and Sara.

Coffee refill!”


This is fun. We’ll have to get Ann, Tabitha and Billy playing when they wake up. We’ll have those other characters unlocked in no time.”

I think StarWolf is in the game. I want to play with him.”

They have Mr. Game and Watch again?”

Who the fuck is Mr. Game and Watch?”

Yeah, he’s in here. Mr. Game and Watch was the mascot for the Game & Watch series of games, which was basically the precursor to Game Boy.”

I see, so he’s an old school type character.”

yeah, he’s basically just a 2-D silhouette.”

Okay, Bowser time. You are going down!”

Bowser’s a pushover!”

Tabitha emerges from her room. “What’s with all the shouting? Don’t you have any respect for the hung…ooooh, coffee!”

Grab a controller Tabitha. Let’s Brawl!”

March 18th, 2008 by Sara in 6th Floor
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Free Wireless

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank, Billy.

Subject: Free Wireless Zone

Hey, did you know CBS has created a huge free wireless area from Times Square to Central Park South between 6th and 8th avenue? I love it!”

No I didn’t. That’s pretty cool. It works everywhere?”

Yup, laptops, phones, handhelds.. Can sit down anywhere and browse the World Wide Web.”

Dude, no one calls it the World Wide Web anymore.”

Oh whatever. I connected from a Starbucks just north of Times Square today. Screw you T-Mobile!”

The rates for the T-Mobile hot zones aren’t even good if it’s your only Internet provider. It’s crazy. Occasionally I’ll utilize a free connection in the park, but not in the winter. I’ll have to check out this CBS zone.”

I was only on it for a little while, but there are some ads and all, which is no big deal. Oh, and in some cases there are zillions of wireless signals floating around midtown that you sometimes have to restart or refresh the search a lot to find the good ones.”

Maybe I’ll take my laptop out and do my job searches outside of the house. Make myself feel like I was productive if I’m not home.”

I know the feeling, I don’t think I could ever work from home.”

I dunno, sleeping until noon. Making my own hours. Taking breaks whenever the hell I want. I dig it.”

Your job is a lot cooler than ours though.”

Well, that’s true. Working distracted never cost either of you thousands of dollars either though.”

Nope, not yet.”

I wish I had thousands of dollars to risk!”

Speaking of free wireless, do you know what I found out recently? Panera Bread’s free wireless now has peak time limits! I was at one in the afternoon, and it kicked me off and said I’d used my 30 minute quota for the peak lunch crowd!”

Oh, that sucks. No workaround? Restarting or anything? I wonder if you could use a proxy to trick it into thinking it’s a different computer. Probably not.. Maybe it simply checks your computer name? Too simple..It probably checks your mac address. Oh well. Guess Panera Bread is off the midday wireless list.”

I’m rarely up at that time anyway, but what if they do it during the dinner rush too? That’s lame! It said something about wanting you to get up to make table space for other customers.”

I guess that makes sense. It’d be nice if you could do something like entering a receipt number to get an extra hour or something.”

Yeah. I’d gladly buy another mocha or a cinnamon bun to sit there longer. Now I’m just going to go there less in general.”

That’s what makes this CBS zone thing so great. Legitimately free wireless. I can deal with ads, there are ads everywhere. It’s gotten to the point where things look weird without ads.”

Yeah. I agree. I have to test it out more to see if it’s really reliable. It’s only been up like a month or two, so they probably still have some bugs in coverage or something.”

Probably need some time to get the kinks out.”

Maybe now I’ll have less boring people hanging around in Starbucks nursing a latte for six hours on their laptops while I’m trying to get a table to hang with Scott on his breaks. They can all run away to Times Square. I’m sure they’ll find plenty of inspiration there.”

Six hours? That’s kind of crazy. I usually at least order a second drink to nurse when I’m hanging out all day!”

Scott tells me there are some that order plenty throughout the day when they hang out. I worry for their health though. Some of them easily ingest in excess of a gram of caffeine.”

Damn. I don’t know whether to be impressed or worried.”

I don’t know either, but now I want a mocha.”

Let’s go visit Scott and get some coffee.”

February 20th, 2008 by Frank in 6th Floor
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Tourist Watching

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Frank

Subject: Tourist Watching

Sara and I had just gotten coffee at Starbucks and since it was a beautiful day we were just hanging around on the street corner and enjoying our coffee.

I can’t believe you got a hot drink. It’s a nice day, but it’s still warm out.”

I just don’t like my coffee cold, what can I say? There’s a little breeze, so it’s not that bad.”

Did you know they opened a new Starbucks in the LIRR terminal of Penn Station?”

Another one? Wow. Who would’ve thought we needed yet another Starbucks.”

I guess they wanted to open one closer to the 1,2,3 lines. Those poor 7th avenue travelers had to walk all the way across Penn Station to get their coffee!”

Woe is them. If they’re drinking Starbucks regularly, they may need to burn those extra 12 calories anyway.”

True. Only fat people take the 3 train.”

Sara snickers. “Ha! You know, standing on the corner talking like this really sets us up to be on Overheard in New York.”

I’d love to see myself quoted there! My 15 minutes of fame!”

Ann actually entered us into the headline contest a couple of weeks ago. She got us featured in the ‘runner up’ section, with a link to our blog.”

Neat. Well I hope if they quote me, they at least spell my name right.”

Is there any other way to spell Frank?”

You never know.”

I suppose they could give you a stupid last name. Call you Frank Futter or something.”

Frank groans. “And you say Billy makes bad jokes?”

Sara points across the street. “It’s a little warm out, why is that woman over there by the newspaper machine wearing what looks like a parka?”

She must be crazy. She’s also eating Tasti D-lite. Who eats ice cream in a heavy jacket during the summer?

And Tasti D-lite? Eat some real ice cream!”

You know what I haven’t had in a while? Ben and Jerry’s. I love me some Phish Food.”

I’m a fan of the chocolate fudge brownie myself, but I don’t recommend we buy any. We’re supposed to be being thrifty this week.”

I know. That’s why we only got talls instead of ventis right?”

True. Although had Billy been working we probably could’ve super-sized.”

Did you know Mcdonalds doesn’t call it supersizing any more?”

Yeah. That’s old news.”

Oh. I guess I don’t get to Mcdonalds enough.”

Or you’re not paying attention. I’d probably go with that.”

Thanks. I don’t care what they call my food size anyway. Tall, small, supersized, medium, love it.. food is food.”

Sara points to a 20 something guy wandering past with a map. “That guy’s come past here twice already. I remember his silly Atlanta Braves hat.”

Ahh, tourists. He’s probably holding the map upside down or something.”

Think he’s looking for Times Square, or the World Trade Center?”

Maybe he’s looking for Penn Station, to head back to Atlanta.”

Oh well. Maybe if he wanders around New York enough he’ll lose the silly Braves hat.”

The Braves are a joke, I don’t know why you still even think about them.”

I’d be less worried if the Mets could string together a good week here, gain some distance.”

If everyone that stepped into the outfield stopped exploding, they’d be okay. I’m done with my coffee, I want more though.”

You addict. I’m only halfway done with mine.”

Well if you weren’t drinking it hot, you’d probably be done. Let’s roll; I can make more coffee back home if I want.”

July 26th, 2007 by Frank in Uncategorized
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Inspired by Ann, brought to you by Scott

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Scott, Ann

Subject: Inspired by Ann

Not only is this post topic inspired by Ann, the whole post is! She told me she’s hiding all of my beer until I post something. I think she was upset when she left the apartment for four hours and when she came back I was in the same position playing video games.

Starbucks was slow today. Maybe the caffeine addicts had finally gone cold turkey, or the slew of businesspeople that are usually here decided it wouldn’t be a horrible idea to actually do some work rather than sipping coffee and checking their blackberries. Bruce was in about mid-day, bored as he usually is. I mentioned to him about Ann’s hair, and after reassuring him that she was definitely still hot, we had an idea.

An older man with black hair walks in and orders a coffee.

That’s an easy one. Definitely yes.”

Bruce: “For sure.”

A woman walks in with long blond hair and orders a frappachino.

Bruce: “I don’t feel this one.”

Definitely yes. Her order clinches it.”

A college-aged woman walks in with blond hair with a blue streak in it and orders a soy white mocha with sugar-free vanilla and no whipped cream.

That’s not even a challenge.”

Bruce: “Who’s next?”

A middle-aged man walks in, wearing a baseball cap and orders a double espresso.

Bruce: “That’s not fair!”

It probably wasn’t an option for him, hence the cap.”

A pale skinned teenage girl with short red hair enters and orders a large double chocolate chip frappachino.

I say definitely.”

Bruce: “Her? No way! You’re trippin’!”

An attractive early 20s woman walks in with red hair and orders a cappuccino.

I’d bet my life on this one.”

Bruce: “I’d bet something alright.”

What are you betting on?”

We’re discussing whether or not the customers have dyed their hair or not.”

I see. Don’t you have a job or something better to do Bruce?”

Bruce: “Job? Hell no! What would I want one of those for?”

Umm..nevermind. I gotta get to work, thanks for the coffee.”

Sure thing firecracker.”

Now time to crack open a cold one and watch the game.

June 20th, 2007 by Scott in Beer
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Frank and Ann are very different people

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: The Difference Between Ann and Frank

I was out partying tonight, but the dudes I was with turned out to be pretty lame and now I’m home early. I came home to find that both Ann and Frank had left for a couple of days, but they let us know in very different ways. In typical Ann fashion there was a note on the fridge. I didn’t read it because it was too much writing, but Sara filled me in on what it said.

Sorry to suddenly disappear, but Frank’s cousin up in Boston secured seats to a game at Fenway Park and since Frank had never been he decided there was no time like right now. At first I though he was crazy leaving in the middle of the night to drive up to Boston, but the more I thought about it, the more fun it sounded. Frank said they had an extra ticket still, so after he called his cousin back, I decided to tag along. It was a tough decision, but I hate work anyway so I called in for Monday, and maybe Tuesday too. I got up really early this morning though, so I very well may need Frank to stop for coffee on the way. We’re figuring the roads will be pretty quiet, but then you never can tell. You guys want me to pick you up anything? Oh, you can’t answer me because this is a post-it note. Well notes really, It’s good that Tabitha bought the super-sized ones. The tickets are for Monday, apparently it’s Patriot’s day and the day of the Boston Marathon. The game actually starts at 10am, which I thought was a bit early to start playing baseball, but who am I to judge? Apparently it’s a great day in Boston and really hard to get tickets. We figured since we’re going up right now, we might as well try to goto the game tomorrow too. They’re playing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, such a long name that is; who’s bright idea was that? Frank’s dragging me away now, we’re in Boston if you need us.

That pretty much covers it, but out of curiosity I checked Frank’s AIM away message.

I drove my cah somewhere.”

Sara argues that that is almost as descriptive as Ann’s note.

April 14th, 2007 by Scott in Uncategorized
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Sara Drinks

Welcome to the 6th floor. Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha

Subject: Sara and her friend Jack

It was 10:50 Tuesday night when I finally got concerned enough to call Sara. Usually she tries to get to bed by 11. I thought that maybe she’d gone out with some people from work and felt bad about leaving early to goto sleep, but it was getting late. I figured at least she could use the phone call to find an excuse to leave.

I dialed her cellphone and was greeted by the unmistakable roar of a bar in the background.

Tabitha? Hey! What’s up!!”

Sara? It’s 11pm, are you coming home? Where are you?”

Relax Tabby! I just went out with my friend Julie from college.”

Where is she now?”

Oh probably asleep. She went home an hour ago.”

And why aren’t you doing the same?”

Because I’m having fun!”

I found out what bar she was at and then went and got Ann from the living room, who was playing Dr. Mario with Billy on our old NES, and the two of us decided that Sara probably shouldn’t be drunk and alone at a bar on a Tuesday night. We grabbed our coats and headed downtown to meet her, hoping she hadn’t left for another bar on a whim.

We arrived at the bar and went in, searching for Sara. We found her at the end of the bar, engaged in a discussion with a good-looking guy about ways to improve the subway system. He stuck around for a little while after we showed up, but soon he lost interest and we took his seat. Sara was still reluctant to leave so we made the hard choice of ordering something to drink.

After we’d been there a little while, Sara opened up a bit and explained why she was completely drunk at a bar on a weeknight. She had had a rough day at work, falling behind on one of her projects, and getting yelled at by her project manager. She tried to explain to us what the problem was, and why it was taking her longer than was expected, but we didn’t quite get the programming concepts she was outlining. In addition, she was pronouncing ‘class’ like ‘cwass’ and Ann, who apparently had forgotten to eat dinner while she was playing Dr. Mario and was finishing her second beer, giggled every time Sara mispronounced it. Ann joined in and complained about her job, and I just smiled and nodded. Sara started cheering up a bit after that, and we took to analyzing the rest of the people in the bar, trying to figure out what brought them here at this hour. There were the handful of college students, a couple of people who looked like they were probably here most nights, the guy Sara was talking to when we came in who Sara said works evenings in a warehouse nearby, a couple who we imagined were having an affair, and two people who had just walked in that looked like waiters.

It was almost 2am when we finally convinced Sara it was time to go home. I helped her down the subway steps as Ann was having enough trouble navigating them on her own, and we made our way back home. We gave Sara some water, and sent her to bed. Her last words before she crawled under her covers were, “Getting up is going to suck tomorrow.”

Frank, who was still up when she left for work tells me that while she looked miserable, she did manage to get ready for work and leave without stumbling, and that she did start to look a little better by the time she left. He told her to stop and get some coffee on the way, which I hope she did.

April 12th, 2007 by Tabitha in Uncategorized
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