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Rest Stops

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank

Subject: Rest Stops

I’ve got to use the bathroom. Can we pull off here?” Sara asks, as they near a rest stop on the thruway.

Sure. I’m getting hungry anyway, we can get some food here.”

Wake up Ann!” Sara says, nudging Ann.

We’re there?”

No sleepyhead. Just a rest stop, food and bathroom break.”

Oh..okay. I guess that late night shift I took last night might’ve been a bad idea.”

Ann and Sara head to the bathroom and Frank heads to the store. They meet in the lobby in a couple of minutes.

Here, one of you carry this one.” Frank says, handing Sara one of three bags.

Yikes! How much stuff did you get?”

Just some snacks for the ride.”

It’s not even that far! What’s in here?” Sara asks, peaking into the bag as they head to the car.

Beef jerky? Why do we need beef jerky?”

I dunno. Every rest stop seems to have it though, so it must be good.”

You’ve also got a crappy rest area mug in here. Did you really need to buy this?”

That’s for Sara, so she doesn’t have to drink her coffee in the room out of Styrofoam.”

Thanks..I think.”

Two big bags of chips, one barbecue. I guess I can get on board with that…but did you really need a map of eastern Pennsylvania?”

You never know where we’ll end up, and I don’t have a map of Pennsylvania.”

You’ve got a GPS. All the maps are preloaded.”

Valid point. I probably didn’t need the bag of trail mix either. I don’t even like trail mix.”

Oh, dibs on the trail mix.”

Hey, there are shot glasses in here too. I guess you intend on doing shots in the hotel?”

I can so get on board with that!”

Just have to find the liquor store when we get up there. Shouldn’t be hard, what else is there to do around there right?”

Drink drink and more drink.”

Cow tipping?”

Cow tipping is more of a daytime activity. Then they retire to drink the night away.”

Remind me why we’re going to the middle of nowhere again?”

Got anything better to do? Now open up those chips.”

May 22nd, 2008 by Ann in Uncategorized
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6th Floor blog Plans a Trip

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog plans a trip

Scott gets a plate and a fork out of the cabinets and walks over to the chocolate cake sitting on the counter to have a slice when Tabitha walks up behind him and snatches the fork from him.

You can’t eat Sara’s cake before she gets home!”

Did I hear cake?” Billy asks, strolling out of his room with his nose in the air. “Smells good.”

Have you been home this entire time? We just assumed you were working when you didn’t show up when the apartment started smelling like chocolate cake.”

Nope, working tonight. I just assumed I was having a chocolate cake craving, I didn’t really think you were baking on a Monday!”

Is Monday a non-baking day?”

Isn’t that why most bakeries are closed on Mondays? It must be a bad day for baking.”

This cake smells good at least, so maybe Tabitha’s the exception to the rule.”

Why is it Sara’s cake, and why can’t I have any?”

We’re celebrating that she found a new job. She’s off getting her physical and drug screen right now.”

She’ll be back in time for dinner though right? We were going to watch the Mets game tonight since the Yankees are off.”

Probably, it’s just a physical. She had to go to Jersey City for it though.”

Sara walks in just then.

She’s early! Surprise Sara! Cake!”

I thought something smelled good.”

So you got a new job? Where? Doing what? Are you going to start paying for coffee again?”

It’s in Jersey City, so I’ll have to play on the Path train everyday. It’s ..well I don’t really know what my job would be. Sorta tech support for some of their applications. Not a perfect job, but good enough for now. Well it’ll be at least three weeks before I get my first paycheck, so don’t expect me to pay for coffee before that!”

Sara’s here now. Can we eat the cake?”

Shouldn’t we have dinner first?”

You made me dinner too?”

No..I forgot all about making dinner. Pizza delivery anyone?”


Scott and Billy start chanting “Cake! Cake! Cake!” and pretty soon Frank and Sara join in too.

I guess we’re having the cake for dinner. We could order pizza for dessert?”

Good idea. And some garlic knots. Gotta love the knots.”

So when do you start Sara?”

Two weeks.”

Wanna pre-spend your first paycheck and go to Cooperstown?”

Cooperstown huh? I’ve never been..sure!”

Anyone else want to come?”

I’ll come. Can we go to Howe’s Caverns too?”

Sure, that’s one of the quintessential upstate New York tourist destinations I hear…have you been?”

Years ago with my family.”

This sounds like fun! When do you want to go?”

You’ve got the physical and everything you need for work out of the way right? How about tomorrow?”

Tomorrow? Not like I have anything to do..Can you get off work Ann? Anyone else?”

I can, yes.”


Scott and Tabitha shake their heads.

Just us then. Good, we can all fit in my car.”



April 22nd, 2008 by Ann in baseball
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