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6th Floor Blog is written in a conversational style. It focuses on the life and adventures of six roommates living in an apartment together in Manhattan. For our first post and a explanation for the colors, go here.

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Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy.

Subject: Wegmans


As many of you know, or don’t know, Frank went to school in Buffalo. While there he discovered Wegmans. Wegmans rocks, especially when compared to the grocery stores in the NYC area. It’s just the little things, and hard to explain if you haven’t been there. Frank developed an itch to go there, and decided to make the hour plus trip to the closest one in New Jersey.


I can’t stand it anymore, I want a chicken finger sub, from Wegmans.”


Isn’t the closest one in like Ocean, or Bridgewater somewhere? We could probably drive it..”


Drive to Jersey for groceries? Are you nuts?”


Hey, don’t knock it if you’ve never been there.”


Guess it’s not the most crazy trip you’ve made at the last minute, but it is rush hour. Going to be fun getting out of the city.”


I don’t have anything better to do tonight. Do you?”


Tabitha pauses. “Truthfully no. Fine, I’m curious what all the fuss is about, but I’m bringing a book to read in the car..and our grocery list.”


Shot gun!”


Coming Billy?”


I drive back and forth from nowhere to nowhere at work, I don’t need to do it after work too. I’ll stay here. Bring me back some cool cheese or something.”


Will do. Let’s go. You know how to get there right?”


GPS. 21st century. Get with the program!”


Right right, blind trust in technology. You haven’t met many developers have you?”


I’ll get us there. Come on, I can’t remember if I have gas or not and I want to get out of NYC as fast as possible before the traffic piles up.”


When was the last time you drove anyway?”


Probably three weeks ago when we went out to Sue’s in Jersey.”


Right! And you got gas. It was Jersey, Ann told you you were obligated.”


I was obligated, you’re right. I guess we’re good. That means I can use the bathroom before we go.”


And that was where it all went downhill.


We got stuck in traffic.

From Pictures



Then we got lost, because the GPS died.


We did eventually find it, and it was awesome.

From Pictures



Then we got stuck in traffic coming home. I miss the subway.

April 2nd, 2009 by Tabitha in 6th Floor
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6th Floor blog Plans a Trip

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog plans a trip

Scott gets a plate and a fork out of the cabinets and walks over to the chocolate cake sitting on the counter to have a slice when Tabitha walks up behind him and snatches the fork from him.

You can’t eat Sara’s cake before she gets home!”

Did I hear cake?” Billy asks, strolling out of his room with his nose in the air. “Smells good.”

Have you been home this entire time? We just assumed you were working when you didn’t show up when the apartment started smelling like chocolate cake.”

Nope, working tonight. I just assumed I was having a chocolate cake craving, I didn’t really think you were baking on a Monday!”

Is Monday a non-baking day?”

Isn’t that why most bakeries are closed on Mondays? It must be a bad day for baking.”

This cake smells good at least, so maybe Tabitha’s the exception to the rule.”

Why is it Sara’s cake, and why can’t I have any?”

We’re celebrating that she found a new job. She’s off getting her physical and drug screen right now.”

She’ll be back in time for dinner though right? We were going to watch the Mets game tonight since the Yankees are off.”

Probably, it’s just a physical. She had to go to Jersey City for it though.”

Sara walks in just then.

She’s early! Surprise Sara! Cake!”

I thought something smelled good.”

So you got a new job? Where? Doing what? Are you going to start paying for coffee again?”

It’s in Jersey City, so I’ll have to play on the Path train everyday. It’s ..well I don’t really know what my job would be. Sorta tech support for some of their applications. Not a perfect job, but good enough for now. Well it’ll be at least three weeks before I get my first paycheck, so don’t expect me to pay for coffee before that!”

Sara’s here now. Can we eat the cake?”

Shouldn’t we have dinner first?”

You made me dinner too?”

No..I forgot all about making dinner. Pizza delivery anyone?”


Scott and Billy start chanting “Cake! Cake! Cake!” and pretty soon Frank and Sara join in too.

I guess we’re having the cake for dinner. We could order pizza for dessert?”

Good idea. And some garlic knots. Gotta love the knots.”

So when do you start Sara?”

Two weeks.”

Wanna pre-spend your first paycheck and go to Cooperstown?”

Cooperstown huh? I’ve never been..sure!”

Anyone else want to come?”

I’ll come. Can we go to Howe’s Caverns too?”

Sure, that’s one of the quintessential upstate New York tourist destinations I hear…have you been?”

Years ago with my family.”

This sounds like fun! When do you want to go?”

You’ve got the physical and everything you need for work out of the way right? How about tomorrow?”

Tomorrow? Not like I have anything to do..Can you get off work Ann? Anyone else?”

I can, yes.”


Scott and Tabitha shake their heads.

Just us then. Good, we can all fit in my car.”



April 22nd, 2008 by Ann in baseball
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Seven Things are swimming

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Seven Weird or Random Things About Us

Occasionally we do these memes or tags or whatever you call them if we’re tagged. I always adapt it to the unique style of this six-person blog. This one from Brave Astronaut’s Order from Chaos requests seven random things about you. I was thinking about how to get seven things out of six people, and it just so happened we were all drinking at Catalina’s Saturday night so I decided to ask Clarence, our favorite non-Ann server, to answer the question also, although I didn’t tell him why or what it was for. First the rules, as requested by the rules.

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

So Brave Astronaut has requested we all reveal one random or weird fact about ourselves. I know how you all tend to dislike my little round-robin sessions, but I hope the alcohol will loosen you all up.”

So you liquored us all up and now you’re going to pry information out of us? That’s sneaky!”

You’ll probably get weirder things out of us this way too.”

That’s kind of the plan. It can be anything, random, silly, weird..whatever. It’s just a silly internet meme.”

Oh, I’ve got one! I once fell asleep during work.”

Fell asleep!? While driving a subway car? Billy!”

It’d been a rough night the night before. Relax, we were stopped in a tunnel and I kind of drifted off. I woke up to ‘Yo, Billy. The light’s green, get us moving!’ I think they just thought I was zoning out.”

I guess that’s better than sleeping through a stop or something. I once dated someone that had Triskaidekaphobia.”

No way, there are actually people out there like that?”

Definitely. He avoided anything with military time, because he never wanted it to be 13:00. If I asked him to pick up a dozen bagels, if the bagel shop measured it in baker’s dozens, he’d always insist they leave out the 13th bagel.”

Wow. Crazy. I’m not surprised you’re no longer with him.”

His thirteenth birthday must’ve been a nightmare.”

I’m not positive on this, but I think he referred to it as his second 12th birthday.”

“Kind of like how my aunt keeps celebrating the anniversary of her 49th birthday so she’ll never turn 50.”

Ha! That’s kind of cool.

How old are you this year?’

It’s the 11th anniversary of my 49th birthday.’

That’s..60? Happy Birthday!’

No! the 11th anniversary of 49. I’m not 60!’”

“Kind of like that, yes. My uncle’s been teasing her and saying he’s celebrating the 40th anniversary of his 18th birthday and silly stuff like that.”

Clarence: “Hey guys! You all good on appetizers? Need drink refills?”

We order drink refills and more breadsticks.

Clarence, tell us something random or weird about yourself.”

Clarence: “Something weird huh..Why?”

Just curious. Come on!”

Clarence: “Okay, I’ll think about it and come back with a super answer with your drinks okay?”


Something weird for me…how about..I didn’t get a computer until 1998. I was the last person I knew to get one and be on the Internet.”

Wow, that is late. You almost missed Y2K altogether.”

Y2K..EVERYONE missed Y2K. Nothing happened!”

That’s not true. I actually contracted a virus at Y2K.”


I probably got it before Y2K actually. But New Years was the first time anything happened. My computer would crash every night at midnight on the dot for a long time after that.”

You never got it fixed or anything?”

I tried once or twice and couldn’t figure it out. I wasn’t quite as technically savvy at the time. And it was no big deal really, I just restarted at midnight if I was using the computer. Eventually I reformatted, but that was at least a year later.”

Wow, I’m impressed. That’s the first time I’ve heard of something actually being affected by Y2K. And I can’t believe we’re talking about Y2K at all in 2008.”

I once fell asleep on the LIRR visiting a friend out on the island. This was a while ago and I guess for what ever reason they didn’t feel like checking tickets. I ended up out by the Hamptons somewhere late at night.”

Like that Friends episode where Ross is dating that girl upset and falls asleep on the train and ends up in Montreal?”

Yeah. Kind of..except it was late at night and the next train back wasn’t for two hours. I’m just glad it was summer and not freezing cold.”

Could’ve walked to the beach.”

I was afraid of getting lost. I didn’t have a cellphone yet.”

Ahh. I see.”

Clarence: “Here are your drinks!”

You think of something interesting to tell us?”

Clarence: “I thought of something. It’s not that unheard of here, but I don’t know how to drive.”

That’s not that weird in Manhattan. It’s probably better than all the other people who have licenses but haven’t driven in years. Then they get behind the wheel on vacation or something and are totally out of their element.”

I’d miss driving. I always feel like it’s getting back on a bicycle; I pick it right back up even if I haven’t driven in a month.”

Not everyone has the same muscle memory. I barely have driven more than Driver’s Ed and the road test. You had years of practice before you moved here.”

I guess I have. It’s your turn Scott, don’t think you’re weaseling out of it now that we’ve all answered.”

I’ve never been on a plane. The farthest from here I’ve ever been was Washington DC on a school trip once.”

One day we should have a 6th Floor Road Trip!!”

Clarence: “Do you invite 6th Floor Servers on your trip?”

Of course. That would be a terrific idea Sara.”

Frank leans over and whispers towards Clarence. “No Cindy though.”

Okay, so that’s done. Seven things. I’m not going to tag anyone else, because I don’t like doing that, however if you want to, feel free, let me know and I’ll link to it even. Does anyone have any suggestions on where would be fun for Scott’s inaugural plane trip for a 6th floor vacation?

February 26th, 2008 by Ann in Beer
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