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6th Floor Blog is written in a conversational style. It focuses on the life and adventures of six roommates living in an apartment together in Manhattan. For our first post and a explanation for the colors, go here.

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Walking Resolution

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Tabitha, Frank.

Subject: Walking

Ugh!” Tabitha says. “I’ve been so lax with weight loss and exercise.”

From Pictures

Wasn’t it your New Years Resolution to lose weight?” Ann asks.

Now it’s my October resolution.” Tabitha says.

Maybe I should resolve that..I’ve been meaning to introduce a little more activity into my lifestyle.” Frank says from the couch.

You mean taking a break from poker on the couch to get a beer from the fridge isn’t active?” Ann jibes.

Hey now! Weren’t you just saying yesterday you wanted to be a little healthier? Especially before the holidays?” Frank replies.

I always look back at holiday pictures of me and cringe. Not this year.” Tabitha says, adamantly.

Let’s at least go for a walk.” Ann says.

I could get behind a walk.” Tabitha says.

Uptown or downtown?” Frank asks.

It’s not like we live in San Francisco where one way is uphill..what does it matter?” Ann says.

We still have to choose whether we turn left or right at the corner.” Frank says.

We’ll exit the building, turn right, then turn left and go downtown. Acceptable?” Tabitha says, grabbing her coat.

They exit the building and start walking west.

How many blocks are we doing?” Frank asks, as they reach the corner. “I’m already kinda tired.”

Well, what’s the formula..10 blocks is a mile?” Ann asks.

No. That can’t be right, seems too short..20?” Tabitha asks, as they head south.

20 is the number I’ve heard. So..we’ll do 15 and turn around?” Frank asks.

A mile and a half? I guess that’s okay.” Ann says.

We don’t need to turn around. We’ll turn left and head back up the next avenue. Change of scenery.” Tabitha says.

It’s cold out today.” Ann says, nothing the wind blowing some papers across the street.

Yeah. Glad I brought my jacket.” Tabitha replies.

Oooh, street cart. Let’s get a pretzel.” Frank says, reaching for his wallet.

No!” Tabitha says, grabbing Frank’s hand and pulling him along. “That defeats the purpose of exercise.”

Oh fine.’ Frank says.

September 30th, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, exercise, life, weather
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Tasty Temptation

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha

Subject: Cupcake Temptation


Sara walks in after work, and immediately pauses.


What’s that smell? I smell…sugar!”


Ann made cupcakes.” Tabitha explains, with a mixture of desire and disgust on her face.


How am I supposed to lose weight with cupcakes in the apartment? Ann!”


Just don’t eat them?”


Yeah. That’ll work.” Sara says sarcastically.


Maybe you could burn them a little?”


If you can hold off until Scott and Billy get home, I’m sure you won’t have to resist for long.”


You can do what I’m doing. I’m drinking as much water as possible so that I don’t feel like eating.”


She’s also spent 10 minutes of every hour in the bathroom.”


Small price to pay. There are probably three hundred calories in one of those things!”


They do look good though.” Sara stands in the kitchen, mentally debating whether she should have a cupcake or not.


These have strawberry icing, it’s slightly pink.” Ann says, indicating a group of cupcakes on the counter.


Chocolate cupcake, strawberry frosting…I think I’m sold. I’ve been good today..I’ll go for a walk later. Yeah..” Sara grabs a cupcake.




Delicious! You’ve got to try one Tab.”


Fine. I give in. Who needs to be thin anyway right?” Tabitha consents.


Here, vanilla cupcake, chocolate icing.”


Mmmmm!” Tabitha moans while chewing.


Great cupcakes Ann. And the apartment smells great too.”


I’m surprised it hasn’t woken Frank up yet. Or is he not here?”


You can never tell with that one.”


April 28th, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, food
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Ann’s a Jinx

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Frank and Scott.

Subject: Exercise? Never heard of it.

Frank walks in and peels off his heavy jacket. Im soaked. Its warm out there!

“Is it? I haven’t been outside all day.”

Yeah. Its probably 70 degrees out. I guess its nice if you arent in a heavy jacket.

Ann walks in from the bedroom. Its warm out? Maybe I should go out for a walk.

Its a nice day for it. Itll probably be cold again before you know it. Youre a jinx, only a couple of days after you blog about it being frigid out and now we have a heat wave.

Maybe I should blog about not getting something Ive written published then.

“Or blog about not winning the lottery.”

Or blog about never finding a boyfriend.

Ouch! Low blow Frank!

Frank just grins. I feel like sitting outside with a beer and watching baseball in weather like this. Its a shame its still many months away.

“Still over a month before pitchers and catchers even report to spring training.”

I know. Only seven football games left too. Guess there is going to be a lot of hockey watching in the near future.

Or you could actually go out and play sports, exercise, that kind of thing.

Exercise? Naaaaah. Frank flops on the couch and flips on Comedy Central. I want to watch the Daily Show from last night, I forgot. First one back since the strike started.

Oh, right! Screw the walk.

“Now who’s skipping exercise?” Scott teases, bringing over three beers.

January 8th, 2008 by Ann in 6th Floor, baseball, Beer
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