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Columbus Day

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy

Subject: Happy Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day everyone! I didn’t know what a traditional Columbus Day cake was, so I just bought a box of donuts from Krispy Kreme.” Billy says, returning home from work.

From Pictures

Smallpox blankets maybe? I could go off about how we shouldn’t be celebrating a guy like Columbus, but then again, It’s hard to argue with donuts.” Frank says.

Well, It’s not like our other holidays are oh so pristine.” Sara says.

You could probably make a case for why those holidays shouldn’t be celebrated either.” Frank responds.

We could just become Jehovah’s Witnesses and celebrate nothing..” Tabitha says.

Life is full of horribleness. Columbus, Thanksgiving, etc. July 4th is basically the celebration of war and treason is it not? But good things came from all of it, and that’s what I’m celebrating.” Billy says.

Like it or not, our lives are the way they are because of what Columbus did. It’s similar to the idea that you can’t/shouldn’t actually go back in time and kill Hitler.”

That’s just tv stuff. Not real.” Frank says.

Because time travel is real anyway? I’m not arguing that we should ignore the horrible things Columbus did, or the horrible way the natives were treated, or that school programs shouldn’t be altered, but Columbus setting sail in 1492 was the start of a series of events that led to the creation of America, New York, and this apartment that we’re standing in.” Sara says.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.” Tabitha quotes.

There is a difference between celebration and remembrance though.” Frank says.

Does anyone really ‘celebrate’ Columbus Day? Most people just enjoy the day off. It could be for any other reason and it wouldn’t change anything for most.” Sara says.

Not celebrating would be worse. It would be forgotten and glossed over.” Billy comments.

Do we have to call it ‘Columbus Day’ like he’s some sacred hero?” Frank asks.

From Pictures

Probably not. But people don’t do change well. Things stick. Tradition. It’s the same way with Thanksgiving, which basically has the same cultural negatives to it, but we still get together with family, and celebrate life. As much as you can say ‘we should do that all the time’, it wouldn’t happen that way without the holiday. Or Christmas. I know more people that celebrate Christmas without once thinking of Jesus than celebrate it with religiously.” Sara says.

I guess as long as people continue to be educated about the truth and not think this was all lollipops and roses. I still think Columbus’ name should be left out of it. Macy’s can advertise just as well with a different holiday name.” Frank says.

What bridge do you take to get to the beer garden in Astoria Frank?” Tabitha asks.

The Triboro. Why?” Frank asks, puzzled.

Wrong. It’s the RFK bridge. People don’t adjust to change well. Some people still call the Jackie Robinson Parkway the Interboro, and that’s been like that for a long long time. But just because we’re using an archaic name, doesn’t mean we can’t fully understand or talk about the bad things associated with Columbus.” Tabitha says.

Frank laughs. “Well, you got me there.”

Enough social studies. Let’s have a donut and watch some hockey.” Billy says, flipping on the Islanders game.

October 12th, 2009 by Sara in 6th Floor, life
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6th Floor Blog Rocks!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank

Subject: Opening Night at the Rock

It’s Friday night and Sara Is sitting at the table with a beer and a book of second degree black belt level Sodoku when Ann and Frank come home.

Hey guys, where were you tonight?”

We went to the Rock.”

The Rock?”

Yup. You know, the Prudential Center.”

You went to Newark? Eww..”

Devils opening night! Hockey Hockey Hockey!”

Ahh..I almost turned the Rays/Sox game on, but then I didn’t.”

Islanders put on a poor show sadly. They really could use a shooter.”

Devils Win! They even looked a little rusty too. The whole game was a little bit sloppy.”

I don’t know why DiPietro didn’t start.”

Me neither. That arena is very nice though.”

Oh yeah? I’d heard it was a nice place. Better than the Garden?”

Hell yeah..The Garden’s not exactly top of the line you know.”

And neither are the Rangers!”

Hey now!”

And neither are the Knicks!”

Better. Did you know the Knicks are actually named for beer?”

Really? I might have to like them a little more now.”

Yeah, the Rock was great. It was wide open and pretty spacious. Had some decent food. The only drawback is it’s Newark. And the Devils.”

Beer selections not bad, though they might play off the building being called “The Rock” a bit too much. There was a beer stand that sold only Rolling Rock, and Michelob Amber Bock, and said ‘Rock the Bock’.”

Glad you guys had fun. Maybe I’ll come with you if you go again. I haven’t been to a hockey game in a while.”

Sure, we were thinking about going the next time the Islanders go there.”

And hopefully the Islanders win that time…” Ann mutters.

October 11th, 2008 by Sara in 6th Floor, Beer
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It’s Time To Go To The Movies!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Frank

Subject: It’s Movie Time!

“I miss baseball.”

“Yeah, me too. I’m all for full disclosure, but I’d like to have an actual game to watch and discuss, not just allegations of cheating and who’s talking to who about acquiring who.”

“I’m surprised they don’t have a live blog and webcam on Johan Santana’s agent and the Twins GM. Those two must be wearing out the phone lines. If you’re having trouble placing a call in Minnesota, it’s probably because those two are on the phone.”

“No kidding. Islanders are on tonight, sans Simon. I may watch.”

“I’d lounge and watch sports. I think Ann’s going to be baking cookies, so we can ‘test’ them as she works.”

“Cookies! We should all go see a movie tomorrow night. Might be our last chance to watch a movie together this year.”

“That sounds good. Yeah, I think Tabitha’s actually going to be with her family for most of the time from Christmas to New Years. What should we see? I Am Legend?”

“How about Alvin and the Chipmunks?”

“Eh. There’s National Treasure: Book of Secrets.”

“I’d see that, but I don’t think Scott will. He was ranting about them making a sequel to that movie when we went to see the Golden Compass. I’m not sure what he has against it.”

“What’s left? Sweeney Todd? I don’t really know what it’s about, but it’s supposed to be good or something. Johnny Depp. Directed by Tim Burton.”

“I don’t always trust it when people say it’s supposed to be good. I’d see it though, but I don’t think it comes out until Friday. “

“There are a couple of midnight showings tomorrow. We could see it then.”

“Midnight? Bleh..I have to..oh wait! I’m off Friday! I’d do that then. We’d have to check with everyone else then though.”

“Sounds like a plan. Hey, it’s almost seven. Let’s get that ice-game going.”

December 19th, 2007 by Frank in baseball
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Further Thanksgiving Plans

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Tabitha

Subject: More Thanksgiving Plans

Ann is making a pot of tomato sauce for dinner, and Tabitha is nearby, studying for a test.

Going home again this year Tabitha? Got a big meal planned?”

Actually, I’m staying here. I know it’s not that much money on Metro North, but I was just home last weekend and my mother rarely remembers that I’m a vegetarian and makes almost all the food with chicken broth or meat of some kind.”

Bummer. I’m looking forward to going home. We’re having deep fried turkey, and my father makes a delicious stuffing.”

Deep fried turkey just sounds so disgusting. I’m just going to miss my uncle’s apple pie. I’ll have to have him make one for my birthday.”

I think most of us are staying home. So you should have some company at least. Just don’t let Scott try to cook anything.”

I know better than that. I think I’ll make a pumpkin pie.”

Sounds terrific. I’m sure there won’t be any left when I get back though.”

Probably not with those two vultures staying.”

Wow, you’re right. I’m the only one leaving aren’t I? Don’t have too much fun without me.”

I’ll try to restrain myself. I’ll probably end up doing some schoolwork anyway.”

Oh poo. You can’t do schoolwork on a holiday, that’s just wrong.”

If you stopped drilling me about thanksgiving plans and pies, maybe I could study now.”

Oh? It’s my fault is it?”

Probably mine for trying to study out here. I figured it’d be semi-quiet since the guys and Sara went to the bar to watch the Islanders-Rangers game.”

Well, it is quiet. I don’t need to talk if you don’t want me to.”

Can I turn the tv off? It’s just Ace of Cakes anyway, and Frank has this episode on DVD.”

Frank has the Ace of Cakes DVD? That’s kind of weird.”

It was probably just an impulse buy. Him and Sara are not very good at saving money.”

You know what? Forget it. I’m too hungry and the sauce smells too good to study. Let’s watch Ace of Cakes!”

November 20th, 2007 by Tabitha in Uncategorized
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Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: October is here

So guys, what do you like about October?”

Didn’t you ask us this about September? Are you going to blog this? Isn’t that a cop-out?”

Yes, Yes, and No. I think it’s an interesting post. Besides, it doesn’t preclude us from posting other things throughout the month. We did have a poor September though.”

Not as bad as the damn Mets..”

Very true. I’ll give you time to grieve before I collect on our bet.”

Right. So..October. What do you guys feel about October?”

What do YOU feel?”

Fine. I’ll go first. I really like all the leaves changing and the storms and the wind. It’s very poetic. Perfect for a writer.”

I love decorating. October starts Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. Lots of decorating opportunities.”

You putting up that creepy witch again this year?”

Yes. I don’t understand what you find creepy about it. She’s just a witch.”

I think It’s her nose. Creepy. My favorite thing about October is the people. While some people get nastier from the holiday stress, most are a lot more friendly. At work, many regular customers, as well as employees, bring in cookies and candy and all sorts of goodies.”

Baseball. It’s October, it’s the holy month. Playoffs, World Series. Lets go Yankees!”

Sara fixes Frank with a very evil stare. “That’s usually my favorite thing about the month. This year I’m thinking about taking a renewed interest in hockey. The season starts this week.”

Oh. My turn? October huh. The leaves? No you said that. Oh! Of course, Pumpkin Pie, Apple cider, especially spiced, and Apple pie!”

Food. Gee, we never would’ve guessed that one.”

October 1st, 2007 by Ann in baseball
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Kitchen Chat

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Round Table

Cheese? Where is the cheese!”

American? Or mozzarella?”


I don’t know.”

Okay, where is the mozzarella then?”

Not a clue.”

Argh!” Tabitha screams, grabs a butter knife and moves towards Scott.

Frank restrains Tabitha. “Relax Tab, It’s just cheese.”

Just cheese? Just cheese?”

Calm down! It’s behind the sour cream!” Sara shouts, her head stuck in the fridge.

Fine. Fine!” Tabitha says, grabbing the cheese from Sara.

Just then, Ann walks in and joins us around the table. “Ann! Welcome home! I feel like I haven’t seen you in days. Let Scott pour you a drink.”

What’ll you have? Beer? Pickle Juice? Iced Tea? Beer?”

Do we have any more of that ..”

Beer it is! Nice cold beer!” Scott pops the top off the bottle and places the bottle in front of Ann.

You’re going to let her drink alone? That’s not right. Open that fridge back up Scotty.”

He does have a point. Pass ’em over bud.”

Scott grabs a couple more beers and passes them out. “Tabitha? Sara? Want one?”

Not from you.” Tabitha says, taking a beer out of the fridge for herself.

I guess I can’t be the only one not drinking.”


Hey, so the playoffs start soon. You guys going to any games?”

Sara downs her beer. “I need another.”

Frank hands her one. “A friend of mine got two tickets, I may go with him to game 2. Not sure yet though.”

How’s Catalina’s?” Tabitha asks Ann.

Oh you know, the usual. I got to bartend a little bit the other day. That was a nice change.”

Neat. Hey, I need to get some new clothes. You want to come shopping Saturday?”

Yeah. Sure. I need a couple of things too.”


I don’t know. Maybe. We’ll see. Saturday? I don’t know.” Sara mutters quickly.

Err, what was that?”

She’s got a Mets game Saturday, but she’s thinking that if they lose horribly these next two games, she might not want to go anyway. Of course, if she doesn’t go to the game I imagine you’ll be able to find her with a couple of those bottles somewhere.” Frank translates, indicting the two empty beer bottles next to Sara.

Well, hockey season starts soon.”

I’ve never been to a hockey game. Maybe we should go this year.” Frank says to Billy, who’s ignoring Sara’s death stare.

Definitely. As long as it’s the Rangers.”

Humbug! But I guess that’s a lot easier than trying to get to Newark or Uniondale for the Devils or Islanders.”

We could always drive.”

Lots of traffic though. We’d basically be in rush hour to make a 7pm game. Unless we went on the weekend. I hear the area around Nassau Coliseum is nice.”

Ann bursts out laughing. “You heard that where?”

You disagree? Hofstra is right there ain’t it?”

Yeah, that just makes it worse.”

Hofstra huh? Freshman chicks!”

I think you’re getting a little old for Freshman.”

She’s right.” Frank says, pausing. “Sophomore chicks!”

All right!” Scott and Frank high five, Tabitha just rolls her eyes.

September 27th, 2007 by Billy in baseball, Beer
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