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Repeal Day 2009

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Repeal Day 2009

For other thoughts on Repeal Day, check out Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s blog entry on Repeal Day.

Or this Wall Street Journal article from last year.

If you’ve got Repeal Day plans, or no a place in New York City that has something planned, please let us know at 6th Floor Blog and we’ll edit this post with it.

Please retweet or post this to Facebook.  Spread the Repeal Day word!

From Pictures

Repeal Day is here.  Saturday.  The next biggest drinking holiday ever.   The day we celebrate our innate right to get completely wasted as protected by the constitution of the United States of America.” Scott preaches.

Where are we going to go? Out? Stay in? Make moonshine in the tub?” Sara asks.

No moonshine in the girls’ tub, thanks.”  Tabitha says.

You could use ours.” Scott says.

I don’t trust ever getting your tub clean.  I’m afraid I’ll catch swine flu just looking at it.” Ann says.

Oh, it’s not that bad.  Besides, the alcohol will kill the germs.”  Frank says.

We’ll just go out.  Beer place? The Ginger Man?” Sara suggests.

What about one of those speakeasy places?  Really get into the theme of the day.  Milk and Honey, or that Crif Dogs place..PDT.”  Billy suggests.

I don’t know if I feel like drinking high quality martinis.  They’re too strong for me.” Ann complains.

And too expensive.  Way too expensive.”  Tabitha adds.

Do we want to just stick to local then, go to Catalina’s?” Frank asks.

Boo! No Catalina’s.  Gotta do something special.” Scott insists.

There’s this other bar that I’ve heard of, that’s supposed to be good with craft beers, and regular alcohol as well.  Rattle N Hum. It’s in midtown.”  Sara suggests.

Arr! Be it a pirate bar?” Billy asks.

Ahoy Matey!  Me will bring me eyepatch!” Scott says.

I don’t think it’s a pirate bar..I don’t know what it’s named for though, so maybe.  I’ve never been there.  But I’m not associating with you if you’re wearing an eye patch and talking like a pirate.”  Sara says.

Party pooper.” Billy says.

Girls don’t really go for the pirate thing anyway.  You’re better off.”  Ann says.

She’s got a point there.”  Scott agrees.

So, we’re agreed?  Rattle N Hum Saturday night for Repeal Day?  Good.  I’ve got to go now, I’m working tonight.”  Ann says, going to her room to get ready.

Now that we’ve settled that, lets watch the Nets try to set records for suckiness.” Frank says, turning on the tv.

December 3rd, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, Drinking
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Columbus Day

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy

Subject: Happy Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day everyone! I didn’t know what a traditional Columbus Day cake was, so I just bought a box of donuts from Krispy Kreme.” Billy says, returning home from work.

From Pictures

Smallpox blankets maybe? I could go off about how we shouldn’t be celebrating a guy like Columbus, but then again, It’s hard to argue with donuts.” Frank says.

Well, It’s not like our other holidays are oh so pristine.” Sara says.

You could probably make a case for why those holidays shouldn’t be celebrated either.” Frank responds.

We could just become Jehovah’s Witnesses and celebrate nothing..” Tabitha says.

Life is full of horribleness. Columbus, Thanksgiving, etc. July 4th is basically the celebration of war and treason is it not? But good things came from all of it, and that’s what I’m celebrating.” Billy says.

Like it or not, our lives are the way they are because of what Columbus did. It’s similar to the idea that you can’t/shouldn’t actually go back in time and kill Hitler.”

That’s just tv stuff. Not real.” Frank says.

Because time travel is real anyway? I’m not arguing that we should ignore the horrible things Columbus did, or the horrible way the natives were treated, or that school programs shouldn’t be altered, but Columbus setting sail in 1492 was the start of a series of events that led to the creation of America, New York, and this apartment that we’re standing in.” Sara says.

Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.” Tabitha quotes.

There is a difference between celebration and remembrance though.” Frank says.

Does anyone really ‘celebrate’ Columbus Day? Most people just enjoy the day off. It could be for any other reason and it wouldn’t change anything for most.” Sara says.

Not celebrating would be worse. It would be forgotten and glossed over.” Billy comments.

Do we have to call it ‘Columbus Day’ like he’s some sacred hero?” Frank asks.

From Pictures

Probably not. But people don’t do change well. Things stick. Tradition. It’s the same way with Thanksgiving, which basically has the same cultural negatives to it, but we still get together with family, and celebrate life. As much as you can say ‘we should do that all the time’, it wouldn’t happen that way without the holiday. Or Christmas. I know more people that celebrate Christmas without once thinking of Jesus than celebrate it with religiously.” Sara says.

I guess as long as people continue to be educated about the truth and not think this was all lollipops and roses. I still think Columbus’ name should be left out of it. Macy’s can advertise just as well with a different holiday name.” Frank says.

What bridge do you take to get to the beer garden in Astoria Frank?” Tabitha asks.

The Triboro. Why?” Frank asks, puzzled.

Wrong. It’s the RFK bridge. People don’t adjust to change well. Some people still call the Jackie Robinson Parkway the Interboro, and that’s been like that for a long long time. But just because we’re using an archaic name, doesn’t mean we can’t fully understand or talk about the bad things associated with Columbus.” Tabitha says.

Frank laughs. “Well, you got me there.”

Enough social studies. Let’s have a donut and watch some hockey.” Billy says, flipping on the Islanders game.

October 12th, 2009 by Sara in 6th Floor, life
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Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: March

It’s that time of month again!”

Oh no! She’s going to ask us about March! Run!”

Scott and Frank leap up and start dashing towards the bedrooms, but Ann blocks their way.

Tough. It won’t hurt that much, I promise.”

That’s what the doctor always says too, before he comes at me with a giant needle!”

At least he puts a Mickey Mouse band-aid on your boo-boo.”

Yeah, that’s true.” Frank sits back down and resumes his game with Sara.

Hey, I’m losing 34-22? You didn’t pause it?!”

Oh, you wanted it to pause it? My mistake.” Sara grins.

You’ll regret that! Prepare for an amazing comeback.”

My birthday’s in March, so that’s cool. This year’s the big Two Seven.”

The big Two Seven? What’s so great about 27?”

Well, It’s prime for one thing.” Sara calls over from the couch.”

No it’s not…nine and three..?”

Oops. Nevermind. So what is so great about 27 then Scott?”

I just wanted to say the big Two Seven. Nothing special.”

I know it’s a little cliché going with a food answers, but I like cornbeef and cabbage as well as Irish soda bread.”

Speaking of that, did you see that Guinness is looking to make St. Patrick’s Day an official holiday?”

Not a bad idea. I love Guinness.”

They got a petition I guess? I’d sign that.”

915,913 signatures to go apparently. That’s a lot in only two weeks. I don’t even like Guinness but I think it’s a good idea.”

They even have a commercial, where they’re interviewing what I guess is a pilgrim, asking him if he’s jealous about the idea.”

On that avenue of thought, I’m going to say green beer is my favorite thing about March.”

Green beer? You know it’s just food coloring right? I could make you some green beer right now.”

Wouldn’t taste the same if it’s not the 17th. Your turn Ann, I know how you like to weasel out of your own questions.”

That’s easy, my favorite thing about this March is that Wednesday marks one whole year of writing the blog. I’m proud of myself.”

A bit modest are we? I’m going to say Easter. It’s neat that it’s early this year. I Looove dying Easter Eggs.”

Yeah, that should be fun. Maybe we should all stick around here this year instead of going home to our families. Last but not least, Sara. No baseball reasons, you always find a way to make it about baseball.”

But.. But..”

No! And I might not let you use it in April either!”

Speaking of days that should be holidays, Opening Day should really be a national holiday so we can all watch our national pasttime.”

I’m with you there. Look on the bright side, I’m my own boss and you are unemployed. We can both watch it at leisure!”

I knew there was a benefit to being home all day! If I can’t have baseball, I’ll go with the ‘In like a lion, out like a lamb’ cliché. I look forward to the warm weather again.”

See, and no one died. If you guys start thinking about your April answers, maybe you won’t find it so grueling.”

And Frank, you suck. Did you just lose to Sara by 27 points?”

Best two out of three?”

March 3rd, 2008 by Ann in baseball, Beer
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Repeal Day Note

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann

Subject: Repeal Day Note

Hey everyone. I’m working tonight and won’t be home, but I wanted to remind you that Wednesday is Repeal Day. I figured the simplest place to drink would be Catalina’s, and I’m not working that night so it does work out. I’ll actually be able to celebrate with all of you, and I don’t think enough people have caught onto the holiday yet that I’d be missing any big tips or anything. It really is the ultimate drinking holiday though, no strings attached, just the celebration of alcohol. Not that the six of us really need any excuses to party or celebrate alcohol. If you’re looking for a prohibition era cocktail to order Wednesday, you can check out Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s Mixologist Blog, but I think most of them are a little more complicated than Zachary (Catalina’s bartender) is used to handling. He’s not a bad bartender, but he’s certainly not in Jeffrey’s league. It’s a shame he lives in Oregon, although he says he’s going to be in New York for the holiday. Oh dear, I’m rambling again. I just wanted to remind you all that we should celebrate, and we should do it at Catalina’s on Wednesday. Talk to you later.

P.S. I’m sticking this on the television because I know you guys are going to watch the Monday Night Football game and this way you won’t miss it.

December 3rd, 2007 by Ann in Uncategorized
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The American Dream

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: The American Dream

We’re out at Catalina’s, as usual, discussing life in general, and drinking whatever we can get our hands on.

So what are we doing for the Fourth? Or even the night before?”

The night before? The Fourth of July isn’t really a night before type of holiday. The night before is the third of July.”

Yes, but since it’s the middle of the week, a lot of people only have off Wednesday, which makes Tuesday night a holiday.”

You’re talking booze. Well, do any of us have to work on the fourth? I don’t, but it’s only because of luck. The subway is still open.”

I’m off.”

As am I.”

I guess I could take a sick day.”

I’m sure your boss will be all torn up.”

Well he approves of drinking, so it’s all good.”

Sounds like we’re all good. What did you have in mind Scott?”

I guess we could just come here.”

There’s a new idea. Are there any outdoor parties that we know of? Barbecues?”

I know of nothing.”

All the more reason to come here and celebrate.”

Do we do anything but drink?”

Yeah, just the other day. Didn’t we play Pictionary?”

Yeah, but we played with drinking rules. We did a shot of Jack every time we won an all play.”

Oh right. I’d forgotten. I don’t even remember who won.”

We won!”

Oh yeah! How could I forget?!” Frank and Scott high-five.

I don’t know if I’d call it winning. You slept on the floor next to the table for the next 14 hours in a puddle of water.”

Everyone loves a waterbed though.”

Back to the third, I don’t think I want to drink here. I am getting real tired of this place.”

Clarence, with a wink in passing: “You sure spend a lot of your free time here for being so sick of it.”

We could always go watch the fireworks.”

Nah. But we’re talking about the night before Tab, aren’t you listening?”

No. Not really. I’ve started tuning you out when you talk about beer. We always either end up here, or drinking at home. Same story.”

Fine, you find us someone grilling some burgers and dogs Wednesday, and I’ll find us somewhere new and different to drink Tuesday night.”

Fine, now can we at least talk about something a little more interesting?”

Scott, to Billy. “Hey Billy, find us somewhere new to drink Tuesday, k?”

Ha, I should’ve seen that coming. I’ve got your back Scott, don’t worry.”

Didn’t you have a date last night Tabitha? Wasn’t it your third date? How is that going? Sleep with him yet? When do we get to meet this guy?”

Date? What date? I don’t date!”

Sure, that’s why you were running around frantically trying to find those silver hoop earrings?”

You know I always like to know where my stuff is!”

Sure, I know. Except that after you tried them on, you tried on six other pairs of earrings before putting them back on and leaving the apartment.”

Oh fine. Yes, I had a date. It was nice, we went to this wonderful bistro downtown. I’m seeing him again soon, and no I’m not planning on bringing him around yet. Oh, and it’s none of your business if I’ve slept with him!”

That’s a yes.”

I didn’t say that!”

Definitely a yes.”

None of your business!” Tabitha says, blushing.

Don’t worry, if you have a fourth date I’m sure you were good.”

Clarence: “Tabitha had a hot date? Cute guy? You’ll have to fill me in later. Another round folks?”


July 4th, 2007 by Sara in Uncategorized
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