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6th Floor Turkey Discussion

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Thanksgiving is Coming

All six of the 6th Floor Gang are out to dinner, It’s Sunday night, and they’re discussing the short week and Thanksgiving.

From Pictures

Are we all staying here again this year? Or are some of you escaping to your families?” Ann asks.

I haven’t actually decided yet. My parents invited me home, but I’m feeling lazy about making the trip.” Tabitha says.

My parents stopped doing holidays years ago.” Billy says.

Likewise. Now they just use the four day weekend for vacations. I think they’re leaving for San Diego Tuesday night.” Scott says.

My brother John was going to come to New York with my sister, who’s never been to New York, but he couldn’t really take off of work to get here, and it’s a bit expensive. So I’ll be around.” Frank says.

My family is actually celebrating on Saturday. So I’ll be free Thursday.” Sara says.

Celebrating Saturday? That’s..just..wrong.” Frank admonishes.

Yeah, everyone knows you can only be thankful on Thanksgiving. After that you’re required to go back to being a selfish, cruel American.” Billy says.

Especially in New York.” Frank adds.

Are we getting our party on Wednesday night?” Scott asks, hopefully.

Actually..while I’ll be here for Thanksgiving, and even would be willing to cook a bird, I’m going home to Long Island Wednesday night.” Ann says.

Long Island? Why would you do something like that?” Scott asks, confused.

Couple of high school friends are getting together to go out. And you always run into other old high school friends at bars in our home town.” Ann explains.

Boo! Tell them to come to Manhattan. You don’t really want to go to a trashy Long Island townie bar to run into classmates you hated when you were in school and probably still hate now do you?” Scott asks.

We flipped a coin, and it was decided I would come there instead of the three of them coming here. I’ll just crash at my parents place, but I’ll be back in the morning.” Ann says.

If you can stay vertical enough to board a train anyway.” Billy says.

I doubt I’ll drink that much that I’m hungover until dinner…” Ann says.

Then you’re doing it wrong.” Sara says.

How about you come with me and show me how it’s done then? My parents have an extra bed you could crash on..” Ann invites.

You’re on!” Sara says.

Hey now, you’re inviting her but not us?” Scott complains.

Girls only. Sorry.” Ann says, sticking out her tongue.

Tab? Want to come as well?” Ann asks.

No thanks. I’ll just stay here, maybe I’ll bake a pie or something.” Tabitha says.

Guess it’s just us guys here in Manhattan.” Scott notes.

We don’t need no stinkin’ girls anyway.” Billy says.

November 23rd, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, Drinking, food
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Here I Am!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann

Subject: Ann’s e-note

I’m not at home, but I read my roommates’ post searching for me, and decided to leave an e-note instead of responding directly. At least this way they won’t make fun of me using whole pads of post-its for my note. I feel like Nemo after reading the post; Tabitha as the father clown fish, and Scott as Dory.

First I want to say thank you to the Barmaid and hope she’s okay after her last post. We got more traffic from her link to our blog Sunday than we’d had all of the previous three months, and I think we may have even snagged a regular reader or two.

I’ve had a busy week, and certainly a better one than the Mets. (Sorry Sara) I’ve got two big surprises, which I don’t want to reveal in this note, but if you’re all in for late night snacks and drinks at Catalina’s Friday night, I’ll meet and explain it all to you there. Frank and Sara, you guys aren’t headed to one of the subway series games this weekend right? Both surprises will be explained when I show up, although they’re not related in any way.

I visited my parents out on the island. I was briefly hanging out with an old boyfriend, who it turns out only actually missed one part of me. I had some of my mother’s delicious ravioli, and caught up with my family and read some books I’d been meaning to read for a while. I really enjoyed Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, I’d been meaning to read that since Sara lent it to me after we saw the Da Vinci Code.

I left my job at the library, which is what allowed me the time to visit my parents. The job wasn’t bad, and I wasn’t worried about being stuck under a pile of Harry Potter books, (excellent visual there Scott, thanks.) but it was time for me to move along.

My writing ambitions have picked up again, and I think a lot of it has to do with making myself write this blog. Having my roommates help out with it has been a great relief too. I was discussing the blog with an old friend, and she mentioned that our lives resemble the tv show Friends in many ways. She suggested I should write a script based on the blog, like a Friends episode. I’ve never written anything in that format, but I might try it just for the sake of trying something new.

I have been coming and going at odd hours, especially since I haven’t wanted to pay the peak LIRR train fare to go out on the island. However, I have indeed seen my roommates this week, even if they haven’t seen me. I’ll leave the details for discussion over drinks Friday night.

June 14th, 2007 by Ann in Uncategorized
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