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6th Floor Blog Goes to Zombieland

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Zombies Want Your Brain

Ann, Sara, Frank, Billy and Scott are walking out of the movie theater and headed home.

From Pictures

That was an awesome movie. Best zombie movie I’ve seen all year.” Frank says.

Makes me want a Twinkie.” Billy says.

From Pictures

How about a Snowball?” Ann asks.

I agree with Woody Harrelson. Don’t like the consistency of coconut.” Scott replies.

The ending in the amusement park wasn’t so good. It was so stupid that they went in there, and then on the ride.” Sara says.

I guess it might’ve been a little contrived, but it worked.” Ann says.

It was neat how they plastered the zombie rules actually into the movie as things happened. Gave it a video game feel.” Frank observes.

The narrator aspect of it left no doubt that it was meant to be comedic.” Billy comments. “That was nice.”

It wasn’t a movie where everyone was frantically trying to find a ‘safe’ area, or find a cure. It was just about life moving on really.” Sara says.

It didn’t try to raise any difficult issues like repopulating the earth, or running out of gas, or wondering what they would eat.” Ann says.

I don’t think he was trying hard enough to find the Twinkie. They’re in like every store!” Scott exclaims.

They were so stupid for letting those girls con them over and over again.” Frank observes.

Emma Stone is hot. I’d let her con me too.” Scott notes.

From Pictures

Good point.”

Hang on guys.” Billy says, entering a deli.

Where’s he going?” Sara asks.

Where do you think?” Frank says.

Twinkies, of course.” Ann says rolling her eyes. “Oh well, hope he gets enough for all of us.”

October 20th, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, food, movie, review
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Tribeca Film Festival


Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Tribeca Film Festival


Tribeca Film Festival tickets go on sale soon. Who wants to see a movie or two?”


Got anything interesting playing this year?”


Come over here and look with me.” Frank and the others gather around the computer.


Oooh, The Bather.”


A four minute short with the description of ‘A woman is observed showering behind a translucent curtain.’ I’m gonna say no to that one.”


You’re no fun!”


I do like the shorts though. You get eight or so different movies, and if one sucks, you only have to suffer through a little while before you get another chance at a good one.”


But what if they all suck?”


Then at least it was an experience..”


Read Wonderful World. World’s most negative man? Sounds almost like Frank!”


Chick flick though. Sounds like he’ll end up positive in the end.”




Might be a growing experience for Frank.”


How about a horror, The House of the Devil?”


Horror movies usually suck..I think Tribeca will be even worse.”


True, remember when we saw…what was it.. that French film with the siblings that didn’t know each other?”


Sheitan. That sucked. This House of the Devil sounds like the grudge a bit.”


It even has a rather generic horror name.”


Okay, no horror. I’ll see whatever. You guys pick, I have to get to work. Tell me how much I owe.” Billy departs.


How about I narrow down the list, and we all vote on one or two tonight? Then I’ll buy them.”


Sounds good.”

April 14th, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor
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6th Floor Blog Goes to the Movies: Taking Woodstock

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog Goes to the Movies: Taking Woodstock


Please update any links and such to www.ceetar.com/6thfloor. Sometime this week I’ll be switching everything to there and updating the blog at that url and via wordpress. This is also the perfect time to contact us about exchanging links or site suggestions or whatever.


Sara and Frank stroll into the 6th floor Wednesday night and Ann looks up from her book.

Where have you guys been?”

I got these two free tickets to see a pre-release screening of a movie. Sounded cool, so I took Frank.”

Aww, a date. How cute.”

He was just the only one around when I got home today to go with me.”

The benefits of not having a ‘real’ job!”

What was the movie?”

Taking Woodstock, directed by Ang Lee.”

It was surprisingly good. Based on the autobiography of Elliot Tiber.”

His parents owned a failing motel upstate, and he helped get the Woodstock people to come play there.”

There was plenty of raving nudity and drug use too. The whole movie was like a ‘free love’ rave.”

Seems to be how I’d think of Woodstock.”

I was surprised how much I liked it actually. Woodstock wasn’t really my scene. And he never even made it to the stage!”

That amused me too. And how the Turnpike was backed up for miles that they had to close it. You know they’re having a Woodstock 2009 right?”

It can’t be the same. You can’t recapture that peaceful mania.”

There would be too much security, too much worry, too many restrictions.”

The police would be there in force, arresting thousands of people. No way people would be skinny dipping, doing drugs, and having sex all over the place these days.”

No way. Like I said, no way you can recapture that. It’s pure nostalgia.”

February 16th, 2009 by Ann in Uncategorized
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Capsule Toys

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Panda Gelato

“So you know how when you find out about something or learn something new, you tend to see it everywhere?”

“Like when you happen to notice how yummy a chocolate advertisement looks, and then you seem to see that advertisement wherever you look?”

“Or when you see a hot girl on the way to work, and then you see her at the supermarket, at the movies, etc..”

“Sure. So I was reading Panda Blog and saw a picture of a capsule toy vending machine. Which looked way better than the crappy supermarket vending machines around here. I’d never heard of them, and they looked interesting.”

Sara trails off, distracted by a commercial on the television for Hancock.

“I want to see that.”

“Hancock? Yeah, looks good. You know you were in the middle of a story or something right?”

“Oh! Right. So I took the PATH train to Pavonia-Newport to look for food during lunch. I found this Japanese tea shop slash Gelateria.”

“Oh! Gelato!”

“Well yeah…The Gelato was good. They also had all sorts of teas and pancakes and stuff. Looked good, I’m sure I’ll head back. That’s not the point though.”

“I found one of those capsule machines Panda was talking about!”

“Did you get a capsule toy?”

“No..I didn’t have four quarters. I figure I’ll be back. They had Winnie the Pooh characters dressed up as animals.”

Billy walks over and silently hands Sara a handful of quarters.

“Get me one too.”

“Sure thing.

June 19th, 2008 by Sara in 6th Floor
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6th Floor Blog goes the the Movies

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog goes to the Movies: Iron Man

Frank and Scott are standing in the lobby of the movie theater waiting for the others who are in the bathroom.

I understand why Billy has to use the bathroom, he drank that entire extra large sized soda, but the girls didn’t drink a drop! They can’t wait until we get home?”

Girls to bathrooms like flies to honey.”

That movie was excellent. Best comic book movie in a while.”

The Mad Money slash Jim Kramer part was pretty funny. That guy is great.”

Sell Sell Sell!”

The house of pain!”

Great movie huh? Slice of pizza on the way home?”

How about a hot dog?”

Whatever powers the Arc Reactor!”

I don’t think it’s hot dogs.”

I’d go for a hot dog.” Sara says, as the girls return from the bathroom.

It’s too early to head home. We should at least get some food, or some drinkee drinkees.”

I’m in the mood for a good Cosmopolitan. That movie was okay, but I still like Spiderman best of all these comic book movies you drag me to.”

You just like Tobey Maguire.”

Tabitha blushes, “Is that not a valid reason to like a movie?”

I liked all his cars. Very cool.”

Yeah, I liked this movie. I think it was because Marvel actually made it, rather than selling the rights to someone else to make it.”

Makes sense. Now, let’s get out of here and get some drinking in!”

Amen to that!” Sara says, heading for the door.

May 7th, 2008 by Frank in 6th Floor
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Upcoming Box Office Bomb

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Upcoming Bomb

You guys have to see this horrible movie that’s coming out Friday.” Billy says, emerging from his room.

Why would I want to see it if it’s so bad?”

It’s like a car crash where you just can’t look away. It has Paris Hilton in it. The movie title itself proclaims her to be a ‘hottie’.”

Pretty bad marketing move on their part. Let’s check this out, boot it up over there on good ‘ole Sammy.”

(Sammy is the fairly outdated clunker of a computer Frank donated to the living room. It’s short for Samantha.)

The Hottie and the Nottie? Could you have a lamer movie title?”

Christine Lakin is the ‘Nottie’? She’s so much hotter than Paris Hilton.”

What’s she been in?”

I saw her in the Game Plan a couple of weeks ago. I checked her IMDB page, she’s been in a couple of things here and there. Reefer Madness the Musical for instance.”

So nothing good then? This movie looks horrible!”

Even outside of the ‘Paris Hilton is a skanky slutbag’ angle, it still doesn’t look good.”

I’m not surprised I’ve seen no commercials for it.”

What were they thinking casting her? I imagine she probably doesn’t die horribly like in House of Wax either.”

I’m certainly not going to watch it to find out.”

Over/Under on how many millions this makes in the box office?”

I’m thinking four. Max.”

I’ll take the under on that.”

How much did Gigli make? Like six or seven? This looks even worse.”

Billy looks up the box office numbers. “It made just over six million in the US. Cost 54 million to make. Ouch…It got a 6% on Rotten Tomatoes.”

Nine positive, 147 negative. I’m surprised nine people liked it.”

It must be nice to have money. You can star in or make crappy movies whenever you want.”

One day we’re going to look back on this decade and cringe that Paris Hilton was even worthy of discussion.”

One day? I think we’re at that point already.”

I agree. This movie is just a waste of energy to show on a screen. I feel bad for the people running the projectors that have to watch it. This is the kind of movie that movie critics refer to when they talk about ‘paying their dues’.”

You never know, maybe she does end up dying horribly in the end.”

That should be in the trailer. It’d easily double their box office figures.”

February 8th, 2008 by Billy in Uncategorized
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6th Floor Trailers

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Trailers

The gang is all out at Catalina’s after seeing Cloverfield, and we got to talking about the trailers we saw.

I do want to see Jumper though, that preview enticed me.”


I was on the fence just based on the preview-poster we saw, but the preview enticed me too. When does that one open, Valentine’s Day?”

Yup, and actually the role seems very similar to Anakin Skywalker. I wonder if that’s why they chose Hayden Christensen.”

Cindy: “Oooh, I love Hayden.”

Hayden huh? You’re on a first name basis with him Cindy?”

Cindy: “Yeah, his first name’s Hayden. Everyone knows that. Duh.”

Frank stares at Cindy as she returns to the kitchen, then turns back to the table. “How about 10,000 BC? That looks pretty good.”

I don’t know. It looks kind of bland to me.”

Bland? I thought it looked rather exciting.”

The first hero? Kind of pretentious don’t you think?”

Well, it was a long time ago. I wonder if it’s the earliest a movie has taken place? Then first hero would be true.”

Star Wars took place a ‘long long time ago’. Could’ve been before that.”

So Luke Skywalker was the first hero then? Fine.”

The girl in 10,000 BC is hot though. I’d see it.”

I think we’re all in agreement on Iron Man.”


Can’t wait.”

I never miss a comic book movie.”

I’ll pass.”

Yeah, me too.”

What? It’s Iron Man!”

So? I’d rather see 10,000 BC over that.”

That blackjack movie didn’t look that good. Sort of like that gambling movie with Al Pacino, only probably worse.”

I agree. Definitely don’t want to see that one. What about you Frank? That’s more in your neck of the woods.”

Just because I spend a lot of time in casinos doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy bad movies that take place in one.”

Okay, so scratch that one..I think it was just called 21. I can’t wait for the new Star Trek movie, but December?!”

Ahh!! Trekkie!” Frank makes the sign of the cross at Sara.

Hey, just because I like Star Trek doesn’t mean I’m evil. Put that away.”

I’ll go see it with you Sara.”

Frank points his hands at Ann.

Does the sign of the cross ward off atheists? I don’t think so…I certainly don’t feel repelled.”

Don’t the Star Trek movies usually suck anyway?”

Only every other one I think.”

So is this one due to be good or bad?”

I don’t remember. I’m hoping good.”

I think we can all agree that we want to see Get Smart at least.”

Of course. I love Steve Carell.”

Definitely. When’s that come out?”

Not until June unfortunately. I always loved the show growing up.”

Cindy: “What show?”

Get Smart.”

Cindy: “Smart? I don’t think we have that beer Scott.”

Cindy rolls her eyes at Ann. “You could’ve told him that.”

January 31st, 2008 by Ann in Beer
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6th Floor Blog goes the the Movies…..twice!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog has been to the movies

As always, movie posts may or may not contain some sort of spoiler moment. Cloverfield was very predictable and they actually tell you the ending at the beginning, but Sweeney Todd was a little more surprising.

I can’t believe we saw two movies this weekend.”

It really cut into our drinking time.”

I only had one beer this entire weekend!”

Wow. You must be going through withdrawal or something.”

The one beer was a 24oz actually, so was really two.”

Let’s get out of here, get a drink?”

Have to wait for Sara and Ann to finish up in the bathroom.”

I’m surprised Ann made it through the whole movie with that gigantic-size soda.”

She’s lucky the movie was short. 84 minutes or something.”

That is pretty short. I think it was a good length though.”

Yeah. Longer would’ve been too long.”

I don’t know how that camera lasted even 84 minutes with them using it as a flashlight, and all the night vision while in the subway. Must be a killer battery.”

Maybe they had replacement batteries and just didn’t show it to us. Could show up in the deleted scenes on the DVD.”

Ann and Sara return from the bathroom, and the six of them start filing outside.

Much better. So did you guys decide if we should do something else now?”

We decided we’re going to get a drink, since it’s been a dry weekend and Billy’s going through withdrawal.”

Big surprise.”

Guinness withdrawal can be pretty rough.”

We going back to Catalina’s, or you want to just head over to that bar there.” Ann points at a bar across the street.”

Let’s check that one out. We can always bail and go to Catalina’s since it’s on the way home.”

I was pleasantly surprised with Cloverfield. It was depressing seeing my old work building in the background when they took off in the helicopters, but other than that it was cool.”

I was kind of annoyed that they pretty much told you how the movie was going to end at the beginning.”

They go into the bar, which is fairly empty, and order drinks and actually find an empty table to sit at.

There were other ways it could end, but yeah, that was pretty much how they set it up at the beginning with those notes.”

I like how they kept them in Manhattan and not escaping. It was a lot better than a lot of horror movies that are so unbelievable that they keep missing the escape opportunities.”

The camera bouncing all the time was starting to become rather annoying though. I was thinking ‘just focus the picture and stop shaking the camera!’ about 15 minutes in.”

That’s true. They had some cool camera angles though, when he puts the camera down.”

Yeah, really makes you focus on what they’re saying to figure out what’s going on.”

They were pretty good about not making it too gory too. Not like Sweeney Todd.”

Sweeney Todd was a little more artistic than gross though with the gore.”

That last scene probably would make a cool wax statue.”

Gross Billy.”

It was too much singing for me. One or two of the songs were funny though.”

The cannibal one.”

I knew you were going to say that. I thought to myself, this is gross and about eating. Billy’s probably loving it.”

I was surprised I liked Sweeney Todd though. Johnny Depp is pretty good at switching roles.”

Too gory for me, even if it was artsy. I actually preferred Cloverfield and I certainly didn’t think I would enjoy that more. I do like Johnny Depp though.”

I didn’t like Sweeney Todd that much either. I probably shouldn’t have seen two movies, and had popcorn at both of them after losing my job though.”

Eh, I’ll buy you the first beer to make up for it.”

Sweet, free beer!”

January 23rd, 2008 by Ann in 6th Floor, Beer
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