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6th Floor Blog is written in a conversational style. It focuses on the life and adventures of six roommates living in an apartment together in Manhattan. For our first post and a explanation for the colors, go here.

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Betty the Decorator

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Frank and Scott.

Subject: Betty the Decorator


Large mocha for me Scott. And don’t skimp on the espresso.”


You gotta pay for this one though.”


That’s fine. Hey, why is that woman sitting in that chair in the middle of the store? And facing away from the table that was next to it?”


That’s our interior decorator.”


Starbucks has an interior decorator now? No wonder you guys are struggling.”


Just us, and we don’t pay her. She comes in at precisely 2:42 every day, which usually ends up being within a moment of us having just brewed a fresh pot of coffee.”


And then she has to sit just so?”


I guess. She spends a couple of minutes adjusting the chair, moving it around. Something about having to have an equal view of both the door, and the cash register.”


That’s a little weird. Hope she’s not scoping out the best way to rob you.”


Sounds a little more OCD to me. We call her Betty.”


Why Betty?”


Because that’s her name. It’s on the credit card she uses. You owe me $4.82.”


Seeya later.” Frank says, paying and exiting.

April 10th, 2009 by Frank in 6th Floor
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