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Death of Summer

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: Is Summer Over?

From Pictures

Why is everyone suddenly panicking and talking about summer being over and last chance to do this or that? It’s only August 21st!” Frank exclaims.

Colleges start, Kids go back to school soon. Labor day is always considered the unofficial end to summer.” Ann says.

Summer is just summer. If you’re not a kid I don’t get what the big deal is. Not like you get more time off. I suppose leaving work and it being light out is preferable for most than January when it’s dark early..” Sara muses.

Everything is about families and kids. You know that. People don’t get any more vacation time, but they’ll often save it for a family trip in the summer when their kids are off. That’s why Disney is crazy..crazier..during the summer.” Tabatha explains.

The weather does start to get a little cooler in September too.” Ann says.

There are always weekends for much of this stuff. It’s not like you can’t drive to the shore or the Hamptons after school on Friday and spend all weekend there. The weather is still warm in early September many times. It’s certainly not cold until well into October most years.” Frank rants.

I don’t think anyone has ever been irreparably harmed by missing a week of school to go to Disney or somewhere else in October. Especially grade school. Are people that boring that they all have to take the same vacations during the same time of year and have the same experiences?” Billy asks.

Yeah. Pretty much.” Ann replies.

People might say the same about your desire to drink heavily every weekend.” Tabitha says.

Weekend? When has it being Wednesday stopped us?” Frank asks.

Besides, we don’t drink and avoid doing other things. We’re all open to new ideas. I agree with Frank though, people treat this time of year like it’s the death of fun until next June.” Scott says.

Me and Frank had a blast with our spontaneous trip down to Atlantic City last weekend. It’s not like it’s impossible to have fun.” Sara says.

If you’ve got a kid or two, maybe a dog, these things become harder. Can I get a sitter? Do I take the kids with me? Will little Johnny next door walk Rover for me? Does anyone have a basketball game that we’d miss or piano lessons?” Tabitha says.

So you shouldn’t try to have some fun just because it might be a little harder?” Frank asks.

No, you can have fun whenever you want. It just tends to be more planned when you have more to worry about. It’s a sacrifice, but many parents find plenty of enjoyment with their kids or less spontaneous ways to have fun.” Tabitha explains.

That’s why I’m not sure I even want kids. Loosey Goosey.” Sara says.

I think we should have a summer’s not over party.” Scott muses.

Excellent idea. We’ll pick up a case of Sam Adams Summer Ale, make frozen drinks with little umbrellas…” Frank says.

From Pictures

Any excuse for a party right?” Tabitha asks.

Knowing their luck, it’ll drop to 50 degrees when they decide to have it and everyone will be cold.” Sara says.

That just means more cuddling to keep warm.” Scott says, moving close to Sara.

Sara rolls her eyes and walks away.

August 25th, 2009 by 6th Floor Blog in 6th Floor, Beer, Drinking, weather
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6th Floor Anniversary

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Anniversary

Our second anniversary party went off much better than the first. We came up with a couple of exciting drink recipes that were better than a Desert Island, Sara make a chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, banana cake that was delicious. I forgot to take a picture of it, but we got the recipe from the cupcakeblog, which has pictures. There were residual effects of the party that lasted into Sunday, but that’s a separate post. Oddly enough, Frank’s brother John made his second visit this weekend, again being able to catch our party. My boyfriend Mark was here ,as was Billy’s girlfriend Janine. Amy and Sue attended, our former neighbors who have moved out, as did other building tenants Henry, Mike, and Brett. There were a couple of other people, and friends of friends, all in all making our apartment pretty packed.

Mike: “Hey guys! I brought some Coronas, I remember you had a beer shortage last year.”

Thanks Mike, this year should be better. Scott, put this by the rest of the drinks.”

Scott puts the case of beer under the small table we have pushed into the corner with drinks and mixers and an ice bucket, grabs a beer, and retreats to the corner where Brett, John and Frank were standing, drinks in hand. “What are you guys talking about?”

The new Grand Theft Auto game.”

Brett: “It’s going to be awesome, I’ve been looking at all of the screen shots and videos online.”

John: “They have a shot of the rundown world’s fair. I know they have a sports team called the swingers, and I think the stadium must be located at Shea.”

The logo is a clear parody of the Yankees logo though.”

Having some of the south Bronx in the game seems right on GTA’s style.”

Brett: “That’s true. Only about a month or so to go and we’ll find out for sure. I can’t wait.”

You got an HDTV? That game will look awesome on my screen.” Frank gestures to the LCD tv on the wall.”

Brett: “Very nice. No, I’m looking to get one for the release of the game though.”

Doesn’t hurt for sports either.”

Across the room…

So it looks like Janine and Mark are getting along. What are they talking about anyway?”

Economic theory or something. I hope Mark’s more interesting otherwise, but that conversation was boring me to death. Janine started in on supply and demand and I just immediately zoned out.”

Economics was not my strong class in college. Should we go interrupt?”

Yes, but let’s bring them something to drink. Most people don’t discuss complex formulae or have intricate discussions when they’re drunk.”

Meanwhile, Sara is having a conversation with a woman named Jessie, and Tabitha, who looks bored.

I always walk down Broadway if I have the opportunity. Since it’s slanted it actually makes the trip a little shorter than walking down a different avenue. Of course, this only works if you’re going downtown and east or uptown and west.”

Jessie: “That’s very intriguing Sara, but don’t you get bored of always walking down the same street? I like the excitement of seeing different storefronts and restaurants.”

Well that’s true. There is some merit to that train of thought, but it depends where I’m headed and if I’m in a hurry. Especially around here where I’ve pretty much walked down the avenues as much as Broadway, so that excitement isn’t quite there.”

Need another beer Sara?”

Sara peers into her beer bottle. “Yeah, just about.”

I got it. I’m out anyway.”

Tabitha walks over to the beer table, and runs into Frank getting a refill.

Sara’s on one of her drunken rants. It was all I could do not to eat my beer bottle to distract myself. Please bring her this beer?”

And get sucked in myself? No thanks. Mike!”

Mike walks over. Mike: “What’s up?”

Could you bring this beer over to Sara?”

Mike: “Umm..sure. I guess that’s not too taxing.”

Crisis averted. Thanks Frank.”

You are welcome. It comes at a cost though. I can’t recall how many beers I was getting.”

It’s beer, I’m sure if you get too many someone will drink it.”

Orr…I could abandon them completely and let them fend for themselves. I think I’ll go tell Janine scary Billy stories.”

Desert Island anyone?” Ann asks, carrying around a plate.

Are those jello shots?”

Yup! They’re good, I’ve already tried them.”

Ann circles the room, handing out jello shots.

Yum! These are much better than the drinks you made us last year! Good job.”

This is definitely the best jello shot I’ve tasted in my entire life.”

Janine: “Definitely. These are excellent!”

Mark? Could you get the other tray of jello shots out of the fridge?”

Ann turns around to see Mark already eating jello shots off the tray in the fridge.

Couldn’t wait huh?”

Mark: “What can I say? You make terrific jello shots, brings me back to my college days.”

You graduated last year.”

Mark: “I know. That’s still back isn’t it?”

I’ll tell you what’s back! Hamburger buns!” Scott slurs, as he jumps over the back of the couch to the kitchen.

Mark: “What?”

I was just thinking about how nice it would be to have a hamburger right about now. Harkens back to the good ‘ole days of last summer when we used to barbecue.”

Mark: “Are you mocking me?”

He’s not mocking you, he’s just Scott. You’re lucky Billy’s distracted or he’d be making comments too. They feed off each other.” Ann says, gesturing to Billy who’s kissing Janine in the corner.

Let’s see, do you think I should go to bed now? I figure that leaves me with five hours of sleep, and 90 minutes to fight the hangover and get out of the apartment to go get Super Smash Brothers.”

Or you could simply enjoy yourself, and get up when you get up.”

No, I have to get the game.”

Suit yourself. But I’m going to laugh at you when you’re miserable tomorrow.”

May she who is sober cast the first stone.”

She’s right Tab, you’re horrible with hangovers.”

However, Sara was right. It was getting late and people had started to leave. Mark had to work on Sunday and was returning home, Billy and Janine had retired for the night. As people started to leave Sara turned in early and Frank fell asleep on the couch. Scott was pacing around so me and Tabitha convinced him to pick up empty bottles and cups while he was walking around. We did a preliminary clean up of the area, looking for things that might stain or should be returned to the fridge. By the time we finished, (and finished another beer), the last stragglers had left and we headed for the sheets ourselves, confident that this party was a hell of a lot better than last year’s.

March 12th, 2008 by Ann in Beer
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Party Planning

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara

Subject: Party Planning

Got an email from Sara today, out on a job interview in San Diego. Some preliminary party planning ideas.

fromSara Sara


dateThu, Mar 6, 2008 at 10:47 AM

subjectCouple of thoughts


hide details 10:47 AM (0 minutes ago) Reply

I had a lot of time to myself on the plane to San Diego, so I was thinking about the party. More Coconut rum, but this time better planned drinks. No Desert Islands! We’ll pick up some other ingredients and make Mai Tai’s and Bay Breezes and other tropical themed drinks. I think all the palm trees out here are going to my head. I’ve also had almost nothing but McDonalds and coffee all day. Maybe I can rip up one of these trees and take it on the plane? We could have our very own palm tree on the 6th Floor! I wonder if that would violate our lease…

So far my plane gets in early Friday, so I should be able to help you shop and cook. We should make chili,that’s always fun for parties. I assume Mark’s coming right? And Billy is bringing Janine? We’ll have to try not to chase them off by having a party as dull as last years, although it is fun when it’s just a few of us. I’m bringing back chocolates from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, but not for the party, just for us. I’m going to go get ready for my interview now, probably get some more coffee. I’ll see you tomorrow.


March 6th, 2008 by Ann in 6th Floor
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Going to San Diego

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Scott.

Subject: San Diego

Sara hangs up her cellphone. “Well, I guess I’m going to San Diego on Wednesday.”

They’re flying you out there?”

Yeah. I guess it’ll be fun to look around for a day, new experiences and all.”

Would you take the job?”

You can’t move to San Diego! You belong in New York.”

So I can’t consider sunny southern California? It’s supposed to be nice out there.”

Nope. You’re not allowed. New York is your home.”

So are you renting a car? Or just going to save as much money as possible and just wander around?”

I don’t know. I’m going to look later and see what I can do with name your price through priceline.com. If I can get a crazy low price it probably beats worrying about or paying for transportation to the airport.”

When was the last time you drove? That could be fun.”

Oh shush, I’m a fine driver.”

Better check that the hotel has parking. You are going to be in a city, might cost more to park than to have the car.”

That’s a valid point. I just wish it was April, I could catch a Padres game. Maybe I’ll walk over and stare forlornly at the park.”

I’m sure there is something better to do in the city than stare at an empty baseball stadium.”

Yeah. I hope so. I’m also going to see three new airports on this trip. I have layovers in both St. Paul Minnesota, and Salt Lake City Utah. I’m going to make sure I’m wearing my Mets Santana 57 shirt when I’m in Minnesota.”

That’s a little mean don’t you think? I wonder if anyone in Minnesota is a big enough Twins fan to call you out on it. Especially in the airport.”

I’ll let you know! I’ll only be in the airport for a very little while though, so It might not even get noticed. I doubt anyone in San Diego will care.”

So you’re coming back Friday morning right? Plenty of time to help out with our anniversary party on Saturday?”

Yup. I’ll call you when I get off the plane and you can put on a pot of coffee for me. I’m going to be exhausted because I don’t sleep well on planes.”

Sounds good. Hopefully you don’t have a delay in the airport.”

Make sure we have enough drinks this year. Maybe everyone won’t bail on the party early.”

Don’t worry, I have a whole theme planned.”

Anything you want me to get from San Diego for the party? Or just for fun?”

If you see something that fits the theme, don’t hesitate!”

Bring me back an escaped Mexican illegal.”

Sara quirks an eyebrow at Scott.

You’re close to Tijuana right? I don’t know what else San Diego has.”

I’ll find something, don’t worry. I should probably go pack now.” Sara wanders off towards her room.

March 4th, 2008 by Sara in Uncategorized
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5..4..3…2….1…..Happy New Year!!

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Tabitha, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: 5..4…3…2…1….Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!” Frank shouts, blowing on a noise maker as he enters the 6th Floor wearing giant 2008 flashing light-up glasses with the 0’s as eyeholes.

12 hours Frank. The new year starts at midnight, not noon.”

I can’t believe you bought those glasses.”

I can’t believe you didn’t buy a pair for Tabitha!”

Oh! But I did!” Frank says, pulling out five more pairs of glasses. “And for you too!”


I wonder what they’re going to do in 2010. No more double zeros for eyeholes.”

They could make the 1 a little higher up on the nose, and use both zeros still.”

Maybe, but once they get to 2011 it’s definitely over.”

That’s kind of sad. I’ve grown accustomed to seeing those silly glasses around.”

I thought you hated wearing those silly glasses.” Scott says, entering the room.

I do! I still like seeing everyone else wearing those silly glasses though!”

Scott takes a pair and puts them on. “I have to go to work for a couple of hours. I’m going to wear these silly glasses the whole time!”

Oh, and don’t start rocking in the New Year until I get back!” Scott waves, and exits.

Well then. I know Ann invited Amy and Sue, but do you know who else she invited?”

A bunch of people. Most of them aren’t showing up though, so no worries. I think maybe Mike from downstairs, and that might be it.”

You mean Mike from upstairs right? I don’t think we know any Mikes downstairs.”

Sure, maybe. I don’t know where he lives. I only ever see him downstairs, and I don’t often take that sketchy elevator up so I don’t see where he gets off.”

I probably should take the stairs more often, it’s good exercise. I don’t see what you have against the elevator though.”

I think it might be the feeling that I’m in a coffin that does it. And it certainly has a distinct odor.”

I know they clean it, I’ve seen them cleaning it. I don’t know why it still smells like that.”

The stairs are safer..although I should be careful tonight and tomorrow. It always seems like stairwells are where drunk people go to puke.”

I’ve noticed that too!”

So..Anyone want to see if Scott is really wearing those glasses at work?”

I was thinking the same thing.”

The three of them rise, grab their jackets and head out to see Scott at work.

Before you ask, he did have them on when we arrived. When we arrived, an old lady was praising him for being in the spirit of the holiday while she ordered her frappachino.

January 2nd, 2008 by Sara in 6th Floor
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Tequila Hangover

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann

Subject: Tequila Hangover

My bladder wakens me from a drunken snooze around 7:30am. I’m oddly not hungover or even tired at this obscenely early hour on a Sunday. I use the bathroom and step out into the living area, and the overpowering smell of lemons greets me. There is a squished lemon wedge ground into the carpet by a chair leg, and a multitude of discarded rinds in a pile on a plate on the table as well as inside shot glasses and strewn about the counter. There are a bunch of shot glasses on the table and counters too; some are sitting in puddles, and some are upside down. There is a soft drip coming from the kitchen area, as a puddle forming on the counter from a bag of ice that was never returned to the freezer slowly melts and overflows onto the floor. I put the bag in the sink to finish melting and grab the dustpan and broom to sweep up the remains of a broken shot glass. As I walk towards the garbage I find that the floor is sticky, probably from spilled tequila. It being much too early to mop the floor and really clean up, I ignore it and open up the fire escape and step out.

The cool metal against my feet, I cast my gaze down and take in the city at this early hour. I feel the first rays of sun warming my skin, and listen to the sounds of New York waking up. I can see people down the street getting their coffee and breakfast and picking up the morning paper. Some of them walk over to the bus stop, and start reading the paper as they wait for the bus to start the day and continue to their destination on this Sunday morning. Some may be going to work, others may be headed to church. Others are just early risers, out for morning errands, or even just jogging. I relax, leaning against the building and take in the sights for a while longer, losing myself in the bustle below.

I reenter the apartment and am again greeted by the powerful lemon scent. From this angle I can really appraise the wreck of a room; six friends and roommates and two bottles of tequila can do plenty of damage. Besides the squished lemon in the carpet, the broken shot glass and the puddles, there is salt everywhere. I can see it in the couch cushions, all over the table, on the floor and in Scott’s hair, who I now realize has been passed out on the couch the whole time. There are glasses of all types discarded around the apartment as they’d been emptied the night before, puddles of sour mix, tequila and melted ice, and lemon rinds thrown all over the place. I vaguely remember Scott and Frank having a lemon-rind fight as the night degenerated, and I expect we’ll be finding them around the room for weeks to come; especially at the rate we usually clean. As some of the memories of the night before flood back, so does the grogginess and hungover feeling. I pick up a martini glass off the floor before it can be broken, and head back to bed hoping someone else will clean up before I wake again.

May 27th, 2007 by Ann in Uncategorized
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Celebrating One Year Together

Welcome to the 6th floor. Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 1 year Anniversary

We had a semi-impromptu celebration of our one year anniversary of moving in here on Saturday. The anniversary was actually earlier last week, but Frank’s brother John being in town gave us a good excuse to celebrate. Everyone invited a bunch of people over, including our neighbors within the building. It was actually getting rather cramped in the apartment. We haven’t thrown many house parties before, so we were vastly unprepared for this one. Coupled with it being mostly spontaneous, it was borderline disastrous. We ran out of diet soda, then regular soda, and then everything but tap water, beer and a bottle of pineapple rum.

Soon after that, the beer dried up. Before long, it was just the six of us and John. We had some generic horror movie on television that no one was really watching, and I was trying to find something to mix with the pineapple rum . By this point, John had actually passed out on the couch.

Okay everyone, here’s my new concoction. I call it Desert Island”

Desert Island? What’s in it? Did you find something other than pineapple rum?”

Just try it; I’ll tell you after.”

That’s never good to hear.”

That’s disgusting! Is that Hershey’s syrup?”

Eww. Yeah, definitely disgusting.

Vile Filth!”

I don’t know; I kind of like it.”

And what do you think, Billy?”

This may be the crappiest cocktail I’ve had since that bartender made me that watermelon vodka mixed with Kahlua.”

Billy rarely gets very emotional or has any exaggerated reactions. In fact, he stated the above like he was saying “It rained today”. Many people mistake it for sarcasm, but it’s just the way he is.

Shouldn’t you have tried it too Ann? What did you think of it?”

Yeah, Ann! You’ve got to taste it, too. Here, try mine!”

Ann chokes down a sip, “Yikes! I’m sorry guys. That’s positively nasty!”

Well that leaves only one option!” Frank slurred, “Shots!”

Here! Here!”

Expectedly, the night degenerated pretty fast from there. It’s always interesting to see the different ways people act when they are drunk, and we were all pretty wasted that night.

Scott’s a caffeine-overdose hyper drunk.

Over/Under time! How long for me to get to 42nd street and back? Anyone?”

20 minutes!”

You’re on! Someone time me.”

Scott makes for the door, trips over the corner of the couch and sprawls face down into a pile of empty beer cans. Then he leaps up, raises his hands in the air and takes a bow, receiving applause from the rest of us. Peeling off a can tab that stuck to his forehead, he says,

Did I make it?”

Frank gets forgetful and incoherent. This could be partly because he has to get up to use the bathroom nearly every five minutes.

Make what? What were you doing..? Mine!!”

Frank leaps from his spot on the couch and crawls into the bathroom ahead of Scott, who was headed there after his Olympic caliber dive.

Tabitha gets a bit of an oral fixation when she’s been drinking. She’s always either chewing on or playing with something.

Time for another shot for me!” Tabitha says, as she gets up to pour herself another shot.

Hold up! You know you’re not allowed to pour yourself drinks anymore,” says Scott, who’s standing in the kitchen waiting for the bathroom.

Why not? I’ll be good. I won’t hurt myself really!”

That’s what you said last time, and then you somehow managed to cut your left shoulder with the corkscrew. While pouring a beer!”

Plus, right at this moment, you are chewing on a broken shard of glass from the pint glass I broke.”

Tabitha blushes and puts down the shard. “You’re such a klutz. Maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to make drinks either, Ann.”

I am not! I’ll make another drink right now and show you!” I start towards the kitchen and see Scott hopping around staring at the bathroom.

Scott why don’t you just use our bathroom?”

No, I can wait. Your bathroom has cooties.”

Cooties? It does not! What do you mean?” Asks Sara, but Frank comes out of the bathroom, and Scott bolts for it.

Sara may be the weirdest when she’s drunk. She suddenly wants to get into intellectual debates. Depending on the day and the subject, we will engage her, but sometimes it’s some obscure computer stuff that none of us understand. The lack of a debating partner rarely stops her tirade though.

Did you guys hear about all the space junk that’s orbiting the earth? It’s like a junkyard up there! We really need to do something about it. It reminds me of that Futurama episode where they encounter the giant ball of garbage from the 20th century, and Fry has to teach them all how to litter.”

I saw that episode! It was the one with the dog, right?”

No Frank. I wonder what the solution is. Maybe we can knock it into the atmosphere and burn most of it up?”

Billy can get very emotional when he’s been drinking. It’s funny because it’s so out of character for him.”

That’s so sad; we even litter in space. Today I was so angry at these two twerps on the 6, leaving Starburst wrappers everywhere!”

And then, there is me. I go into heavy-duty writing mode when I’m drunk. I start seeing stories in everything. I often wonder if I should attempt all the writing projects I have with a pitcher of beer. I’d be so worried about spilling stout on my laptop, though.”

You don’t drink stout. Stout is yummy, I love stout, I’d marry it if I could!”

You’re narrating all your thoughts again Ann.”

Oops! At least I didn’t insult Billy this time, right?”

Nope, not yet. We’re still good.”

Billy flashes me a huge smile, obviously happy I haven’t insulted him yet.

I don’t remember much after that. I must’ve attempted to write because I woke up at my desk, with 40 pages of the letter ‘a’ in Microsoft Word, where I’d fallen asleep on my laptop. John helped us clean up, and then Frank drove him to the airport so he could catch his flight.

March 15th, 2007 by Ann in 6th Floor
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