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6th Floor Blog Goes to Zombieland

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Zombies Want Your Brain

Ann, Sara, Frank, Billy and Scott are walking out of the movie theater and headed home.

From Pictures

That was an awesome movie. Best zombie movie I’ve seen all year.” Frank says.

Makes me want a Twinkie.” Billy says.

From Pictures

How about a Snowball?” Ann asks.

I agree with Woody Harrelson. Don’t like the consistency of coconut.” Scott replies.

The ending in the amusement park wasn’t so good. It was so stupid that they went in there, and then on the ride.” Sara says.

I guess it might’ve been a little contrived, but it worked.” Ann says.

It was neat how they plastered the zombie rules actually into the movie as things happened. Gave it a video game feel.” Frank observes.

The narrator aspect of it left no doubt that it was meant to be comedic.” Billy comments. “That was nice.”

It wasn’t a movie where everyone was frantically trying to find a ‘safe’ area, or find a cure. It was just about life moving on really.” Sara says.

It didn’t try to raise any difficult issues like repopulating the earth, or running out of gas, or wondering what they would eat.” Ann says.

I don’t think he was trying hard enough to find the Twinkie. They’re in like every store!” Scott exclaims.

They were so stupid for letting those girls con them over and over again.” Frank observes.

Emma Stone is hot. I’d let her con me too.” Scott notes.

From Pictures

Good point.”

Hang on guys.” Billy says, entering a deli.

Where’s he going?” Sara asks.

Where do you think?” Frank says.

Twinkies, of course.” Ann says rolling her eyes. “Oh well, hope he gets enough for all of us.”

October 20th, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, food, movie, review
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24 Reruns, X-files, and Crank

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 24 Recap, Season 1

Jack Bauer: “The following takes place between 8am and 9am on the day of the California presidential primary.”

From Pictures

I can’t believe you guys are watching old episodes of 24. Doesn’t it ruin it knowing what’s going to happen already?” Ann asks of Frank, Billy, and Scott who are sitting on the couch riveted.

Nah, it’s still good stuff.” Scott says.

Really makes Jack look stupid knowing what’s going to happen though. It seems so obvious.” Frank observes.

I doubt you thought it was obvious the first time through.” Tabitha says.

No, but in the more current seasons of 24 it’s a lot easier to suspect.” Frank says.

That’s because we know their style now. I don’t think they’d ever pull a Nina over on us again.” Billy says.

Watching it over, they all but tell us who the bad guys are, and we still didn’t get it. This is why the first seasons were the best. Pure.” Scott says.

I can’t get into shows that are always killing main characters. I think it’s depressing.” Tabitha says.

Oh, It’s the best. You can watch the show for the action and plot without getting attached to the soap opera of the character interactions season after season.” Billy says.

But I like that stuff!” Tabitha says.

They keep Jack around at least.” Frank says.

They ‘kill’ Jack at least a couple of times don’t they?” Ann asks.

Yeah, but that’s one of the ruses you always see through. They can kill whoever they want besides that, but the show would never go on without Jack.” Billy says.

Like when Mulder and Scully were off the X-Files.” Ann says.

We never did see the new X-Files movie. Someone should probably Netflix that.” Frank says.

I’ve heard nothing about it. That must mean it was completely horrible.” Ann says.

Can’t hurt to find out.” Scott says.

From Pictures

Queue’d up. I bumped it to position one in front of Crank: High Voltage.” Tabitha says.

Aww! I want Crank..” Frank says.

You saw it in the theaters. You can wait. Not like Crank 3D is out soon anyway.” Ann says.

Fine, but I’m going to make fun of X-Files constantly if it sucks that badly.” Frank says.

As we all will.” Ann says.

September 24th, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, movie, review, tv
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6th Floor Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Movie Review

Scene: The lobby of the IMAX theater in Manhattan.

I think that was the best one yet.” Ann says, as Tabitha heads to the bathroom.

I really enjoyed the third one, but this was good too.” Frank comments.

That was the time travel one?” Scott asks.

Yeah, I think they did it well.” Frank replies.

The third one was almost devoid of the underlying Voldemort storyline though. It almost could’ve been a standalone movie.” Sara says.

There were plenty of inaccuracies here too. They played up the hiding of the journal, and I certainly don’t remember that in the book. I think it was just a ploy to get Harry and Ginny to kiss. Of course, they really messed with the time line for that romance too.” Billy says.

You and time lines. I agree, but at least this one was a little less clip show than the last one. They built around the overall story line of the Horcrux, and that worked well.” Tabitha says, returning from the bathroom.

The 3D was disappointing. Just twelve or so minutes at the beginning, and it wasn’t even super action stuff.” Frank pouts.

It was neat, but I’d have rather seen the scene with Dumbledore and Harry on that island getting the Horcrux in 3D.” Sara agrees.

At least something with some action.” says Scott.

The seventh one is going to be epic. I don’t know how they’ll fit it all in though.”

Actually, they’re splitting it into two movies.” Tabitha says.

Ala Kill Bill? Neat. I wonder where they’ll split it.” Billy muses.

Probably from when Harry returns to Hogwarts. But we’ll make a wager closer to November 2010 when it comes out.”

Sounds fair. Let’s do it once the preview’s out though. By the time the movie is out, it’ll probably be common knowledge where it’ split.”

That works, especially if the preview has scenes from the second part to trick us.”

July 23rd, 2009 by Sara in life, movie, review
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Crank it Up

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Crank it up

That movie was insanity!”

Good insanity though. I actually didn’t realize it was a sequel when we first went in.”

From Pictures

Well, it wasn’t that important to have seen the first. I actually liked this one better.”

There’s a blockbuster between here and the apartment, what say we rent it?”

Sure, although I know how it ends.”

Well, you could know the entire sequence of the movie and it’s still entertaining to watch.”

That’s why I said sure! I like the video game feeling to it.”

There are a lot of similarities between the two plots. They take the same sort of story arc.”

Why mess with a good thing?”

I hope they make another sequel.”

It was a fun movie, but I’m not sure it has the drawing power for a third.”

You could probably make the same case for a second movie. I hadn’t even heard of it.”

There weren’t a lot of people there. Then again, it couldn’t have cost that much to make either.”

I dunno, Amy Smart and Jason Statham aren’t nobodies, they probably have to get paid.”

I just googled it on my phone. It looks like they plan a third. And in 3-D!”


I’d be psyched for that.”

May 19th, 2009 by Frank in 6th Floor, life, review
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Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Watch Dollhouse

Dollhouse is Joss Whedon’s new drama/thriller staring Eliza Dushku. It’s an excellent show, as your esteemed critics below will tell you.


I loved Buffy and Angel. I never did get to watch Firefly, but I’m really enjoying Dollhouse. It’s a fresh story every week with an interweaving of ongoing storyline and mystery. Quickly becoming my favorite show.

I love that it allows you to get a completely different show each week. One week you can have an Ocean’s 11 style robbery, the next a manhunt in the forest. It’s probably fun for Eliza and for Dichen Lachman, who is one of the other dolls. They get to play a different role each week.

In Whedon’s Dollhouse, the main characters are Actives, or Dolls, that have their memory erased after each mission. They’re hired out to buyers with a task in mind, and imprinted with the proper personality and skills needed to complete that task. The tasks always end up being more dangerous than the base price, so you often see them asking the client for more money. I like Topher, the genius that operates the technology and imprints, he seems like he easily could’ve been one of the genius villains in season 6 of Buffy. He has sort of a nerdy arrogance that’s entertaining.

I draw a lot of comparisons to La Femme Nikita actually. Of course, Nikita was a character with some attitude and rebellion and Echo, the main character in Dollhouse, only has the attitude she’s imprinted with. Although, there is a flashback scene where it implies she might have had some spunk prior to being ‘erased’, or whatever happened to her. As much as I like the show, It’s Whedon on Fox and I’m nervous. Not to mention they’re doing that remote-free television thing, where they have half the commercials. Can’t be helping advertising money for the show’s slot, and it isn’t the best slot anyway, which I hope Fox doesn’t take out on Dollhouse. Or Fringe, which is also doing the less commercials thing.

Eliza’s hot. That’s always a good start. The show is captivating, I’m enjoying the underlying story of Alpha and who and what he is. They’re definitely setting up an season-wide story arc, while still having individual episodes be entertaining in their own right. If you’re not watching, you’re missing out.

Thrilling! Spectactular! It’s as if I’ve been imprinted with the personality to like all of Joss Whedon’s work. The characters all have depth and history, which makes them feel real and the show well done. Whedon shows loyalty to actors he’s worked with before, such as Amy Acker who played Fred on Angel and obviously Eliza Dushku. It suggests that not only is Joss Whedon a genius, but he’s a good guy to work for too. Now if only Fox stays on board. I’m curious to see when these webisodes I’ve heard rumors of will start.


March 9th, 2009 by Ann in tv
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6th Floor Blog’s Academy Awards

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog Oscars

Again, please update your links to www.ceetar.com/6thfloor The blog will be updated there shortly. Likely this is the last post via blogger.

Presenting 6th Floor Blog’s Oscar nominees for must-see movies!

The Dark Knight

It seems like this movie only got recognition because Heath Ledger died after doing an excellent job portraying the Joker, but it was really an excellent movie. I’d even venture to say the best Batman movie ever.

I agree. It was a great movie; suspense, action, excitement. It borrowed from the comics obviously, but it was an original story, and a compelling one.

Quantum of Solace

Spectacular or not, you have to go see a Bond movie.

Action, explosion, gadgets, cars. It’s hard to make a bad Bond movie, and that means it’s always worth seeing.

The only thing to debate is if you liked the Bond Girl, or if the movie didn’t have enough over the top explosions.


This is certainly not a serious movie, and as such would never ever be considered a ‘great’ movie, but I sure enjoyed watching it.

Sometimes complete ridiculousness, like curving bullets, is fun. All the silly stuff they do such as Angelina Jolie (and that’s almost enough of a reason to see a movie in it of herself) scooping up the cowering ‘hero’ with her car., is just zany. Sometimes it’s more fun to just say ‘screw physics’.

That was my entire college philosophy!


We may be biased about this one, being in New York, but I felt this was a rather compelling movie, despite all the crazy cult hype.

The problem was people looking for a monster movie or comparing it to Godzilla. It wasn’t about the monster, it was about the journey of the characters through the city while the monster attacked.

The reason they didn’t just run for the border was a little bit of a stretch, but after you accept that, it was interesting. I enjoyed the different way it was filmed, as if from the camera the guy carried around the whole movie.

Now that was a little contrived. Who would keep carrying the damn thing around at that point? It must’ve been an awesome camera, but still, good movie.

Iron Man

I liked Iron Man. I know some didn’t, but it was a good comic book movie, and he had some excellent cars.

It was half Iron Man, half Tony Stark. I think it was rather well done for an origin story movie. I’d like to see more.

He’ll be in the Avengers movie right? When’s that come out?



February 20th, 2009 by Frank in 6th Floor
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6th Floor Blog Goes to the Movies: Taking Woodstock

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog Goes to the Movies: Taking Woodstock


Please update any links and such to www.ceetar.com/6thfloor. Sometime this week I’ll be switching everything to there and updating the blog at that url and via wordpress. This is also the perfect time to contact us about exchanging links or site suggestions or whatever.


Sara and Frank stroll into the 6th floor Wednesday night and Ann looks up from her book.

Where have you guys been?”

I got these two free tickets to see a pre-release screening of a movie. Sounded cool, so I took Frank.”

Aww, a date. How cute.”

He was just the only one around when I got home today to go with me.”

The benefits of not having a ‘real’ job!”

What was the movie?”

Taking Woodstock, directed by Ang Lee.”

It was surprisingly good. Based on the autobiography of Elliot Tiber.”

His parents owned a failing motel upstate, and he helped get the Woodstock people to come play there.”

There was plenty of raving nudity and drug use too. The whole movie was like a ‘free love’ rave.”

Seems to be how I’d think of Woodstock.”

I was surprised how much I liked it actually. Woodstock wasn’t really my scene. And he never even made it to the stage!”

That amused me too. And how the Turnpike was backed up for miles that they had to close it. You know they’re having a Woodstock 2009 right?”

It can’t be the same. You can’t recapture that peaceful mania.”

There would be too much security, too much worry, too many restrictions.”

The police would be there in force, arresting thousands of people. No way people would be skinny dipping, doing drugs, and having sex all over the place these days.”

No way. Like I said, no way you can recapture that. It’s pure nostalgia.”

February 16th, 2009 by Ann in Uncategorized
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Franks Tests M & Ms

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Melts in your mouth, and in your hand

Frank tests the M & Ms premiums “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand” quality.

July 23rd, 2008 by Ann in 6th Floor
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M & Ms and Chocolate Ice Cream

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha

Subject: The Girls Eat More Chocolate

Hey Ladies, Look what I found!” Sara says, to Tabitha and Ann who are hanging out in the living room.

M & M premiums? Mint Chocolate sounds interesting. Are they like the Indiana Jones ones?”

I don’t know. I haven’t tried them yet.”

Well, what are we waiting for!”

I’ve got some new ice cream in the freezer too as long as we’re taste testing things.”

Can’t hurt.” Sara says, opening up the M & Ms.

They all grab a couple and look at them.

They look like rocks.”

They do a little bit. And they don’t have their signature crispy shell.”

Does that mean they disprove the whole ‘melts in your mouth, not in your hand.’ theory?”

Probably. They’re kind of chewy. But good.”

What’s the description say?”

Ann picks up the box. It’s white chocolate mint wrapped in dark chocolate.”

I don’t think I care for them. The chewiness is throwing me off. I think they’re a little too sweet.”

They are a little sweet, but I really like them. They don’t feel like I’m eating M & Ms though. It lacks that satisfying crunch when you bite into them.”

I could live without the candy shell I guess. I do like these though.” Sara says, reaching for another handful.

Someone should pick up some of the other types and try ’em out.”

I’d like to try the mocha.”

Coffee flavored? Of course you would.”

Okay, break out the ice cream. What flavor?”

.“Costa Rica Rainforest Vanilla and Chocolate. It’s made by Choctal. Actually, I looked up their website, and it turns out they’re environmentally friendly and eating ice cream supports the rain forest and all that.”

All well and good…but does it taste yummy?”

Let’s find out shall we?” Ann grabs three spoons and the pint of ice cream out of the freezer.

Oooh. It’s all swirly.” Sara takes the first spoonful. “Mmm…It is very good.”

The others dig in.

Excellent ice cream. Rich and creamy. They make other flavors?”

Yeah, I love the flavor, and I like the vanilla and chocolate mixed too. Much better than your average vanilla/chocolate supermarket brand.”

They have just chocolates and vanillas. They have single origin chocolate or vanilla though.”

Single-origin? I guess this one is Costa Rica. They’ve been doing that single origin thing with chocolate more lately.”

It does make sense. Cacao beans, vanilla beans, coffee beans…What’s the difference?”

Very true. Wow..I guess we’re just going to finish the pint?” Sara asks, looking at the rapidly disappearing ice cream.

Might as well. You know Billy or Scott would finish it off on us anyway if we left it.”

In that case, dig in!”

July 22nd, 2008 by Ann in 6th Floor
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6th Floor Blog Reviews Lost

Welcome to the 6th floor

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, Billy and Scott.

Subject: 6th Floor Blog reviews: Lost Season 4

Warning: May contain, and most definitely will contain, Lost Season finale 4 spoilers and insanity.

So, I finally finished watching the newest season of Lost. Insanity!”

Only a month later. That’s not too bad.”

I don’t know how you guys can watch that show. It’s insane and you never know what’s going on.”

I know what’s going on..I’m just not sure why.”

Polar bears?”

They never adequately explained that.”

Well they had Sawyer and Kate locked in the bear cages at one point..so theoretically it’s an escapee..but how and why and what were they doing with it?”

And what’s with these Dharma Experiment dudes? What the hell were/are they investigating? Did they figure it out? Time travel?”

I hate how they just kill characters so easily on that show. I really liked Boone!”

Yeah. At least it seems pretty safe to like the ‘Oceanic Six’. Seems like they’re going to be around a while.”

When they first started talking about that, I was trying to figure out how they were going to have a show about the Island with six characters actually off the island.”

Yeah, well it looks like they’ll be going back or something. Although the Claire bit makes me think there will be some sort of warring factions again.”

Definitely. This show taking place in like four different times gets confusing, and it looks like they’re going to continue it.”

Two more season right? I think they’re going to almost leave this cliff hanger until the final season, and use next season to segue to that, as ridiculously evil a cliffhanger as that is.”

That show has no qualms about being horribly evil.”

And that’s why I no longer watch it. I decided the show title was how they decided to make their viewers feel.”

July 2nd, 2008 by Ann in 6th Floor, tv
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