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6th Floor Blog Makes Pasta

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Frank

Subject: Spaghetti Pot

Ann arrives home to Frank making himself lunch.

Spaghetti for lunch eh?” Ann notes.

I love me my pasta.” Frank replies, stirring the pot.

Are you making for everyone?”

No one else is home.”

Then why are you using the giant pasta pot for one serving?”

Because the spaghetti fits better.”

From Pictures

Can’t you just break it in half?”

Frank gasps. “Break it in half? If it was meant to be broken in half, it’d be sold broken in half!”

All right, geeze. You going to baked zitify it? We’ve got mozzarella and ricotta in the fridge right?”

Didn’t think we had ricotta, but I didn’t check either.”

Lazy as usual.” Ann opens the fridge, digs around a little, finds the ricotta cheese and hands it to Frank.

Uhh..Ann?” Frank asks, peering at the package. “It says it expired in January.”

Probably not good then huh?” Ann asks, lifting the lid a bit.

Oh, ewww! Throw that out!”

You throw it out! I’m cooking!”

I didn’t buy it! It’s your cheese! You throw it out!”

How do you remember it’s mine? Who cares! Get rid of it!”

Ann carefully lifts the lid of the garbage can, and knocks the cheese into it. “Gross!”

Hey, I didn’t tell you to dig around in the fridge for old cheese. I can just imagine what’s in there.”

Someone really should clean it.”

Not it!” Frank exclaims.

We’ll make Tab do it…she’ll clean.”

Just show her the cheese. It’ll gross her out enough to clean the fridge.”


July 22nd, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, food, life
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