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I Love Beer

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Scott

Subject: Sara and Frank stock the fridge

Tonight the six of us decided to get some beer and watch both Kill Bill movies together. Sara and Frank were in charge of getting beer, and they decided to goto Bierkraft because they have an excellent selection of different beers than you’d normally find at the store. I was thrilled when they came back with 34 beers and three growlers full of draft beers. That’s what is great about Frank and Sara, they’re always out looking for new things to try. There is this awesome looking smoke beer that I’m calling dibs on.

Ann wasn’t thrilled. She’s been on a cooking kick, and also she promised Tabitha she’d keep the refrigerator stocked. The addition of three growlers and 34 bottles of beer takes up a lot of space. I advised her just to drink more tonight, but judging from her glare she didn’t think it was very good advice. We decided to compromise and drink mostly the bottles first since they take up more space per ounce of alcohol(spoa). Spoa is a very important measurement when you live in a Manhattan apartment. I don’t have anything against drinking the bottles, especially that smoke beer, but I also really want to try some of the beer in the growlers. Fresh beer out of a tap is always so much better and these are of a regional variety that we just discovered, a place called Six Point Craft Ales in Brooklyn.

May 5th, 2007 by Scott in Beer
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