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6th Floor Blog is written in a conversational style. It focuses on the life and adventures of six roommates living in an apartment together in Manhattan. For our first post and a explanation for the colors, go here.

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Date Me, Stalk Me

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: Date Me

Scott and Frank enter the apartment, it’s noon on Monday, and Sara is lounging on the couch with her laptop, which is named Xerses.

Sara! I see you’re very busy playing bejeweled blitz but we’re planning to go to that new bar that opened to watch the game tonight. You will join us.” Scott commands.

You sure they’ll have the Islanders on?” Sara asks.

I told you she didn’t want to watch the World Series.” Frank says to Scott.

Come on! You need to get out of the house anyway.” Scott says.

I am getting out. I actually have a date tonight.” Sara says.

Ooooh, who’s the lucky guy?” Frank asks.

Forget it. I’m not telling you anything.” Sara says, turning back to bejeweled.

Shouldn’t you be studying?” Scott asks.

Studying? For my date?” Sara asks, confused.

I always study for my dates. You gotta look ‘em up, find out what they like. Google them!” Scott says.

From Pictures

You’re crazy. If you find out everything about a girl you’re going to date, what do you talk about at the date?” Sara asks.

Oh, I don’t tell her that I Googled her. She might think I’m creepy.” Scott says.

It’s not a bad plan. It helps you steer the conversation in a proper fashion. Like if you Googled this guy and found out he’s a Yankees fan, you wouldn’t bring up baseball or the World Series because your Mets sucked this year.” Frank explains.

Actually, that does make a lot of sense…and you just wait until next year with the Mets.” Sara says.

Here, let me help you. I’m an expert on finding info on people.” Scott says, taking the laptop from Sara. “What’s this guy’s name?”

November 3rd, 2009 by Frank in 6th Floor, baseball, life, love
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Stalking the Barmaid

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Tabitha, Frank, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Stalking the Barmaid

Doesn’t that Barmaid live somewhere around here?”

I don’t know, she doesn’t exactly publish her location.”

There are clues though.”

Sure, how many bars could there possibly be in New York? I’m sure if you just go to each one you’ll find her in no time.”

Well there are clues to what neighborhood. That narrows it down, and there are a couple of us, we each hit three or four bars a night, and maybe we get lucky.”

I’m not going barhopping by myself to find some random girl from the Internet!”

That’s your loss.”

Okay, lets hit a couple and check it out. Are you going to come with Tab? It’ll be just like going barhopping anyway.”

No thanks. I’ll just stay in tonight.”

No fun! Let’s go, you coming Frank?”

Sure, not like I have anything better to do.”


Umm…No. I’m still hungover from those three margaritas you forced on me at lunch.”

Ann? Oh, Ann’s not here? Where is she? She’s always been fond of stalking. Oh well, lets get going.”

The next morning…

Frank emerges from the bathroom. “Note to self, once you start reaching double-digit beers, it’s time to stop.”

Stop drinking or stop counting?”

Frank burps. “Probably both.”

I think I have heartburn. I vaguely remember ordering food at every place we went.”

Every place? How many places did you go to?”

Well..I uhh..I don’t know.”

Well, that’s a good sign. When you can’t remember where you’ve been, you’ve usually been nowhere good. Did you actually find her or can you not remember that either?”

I think we’d remember if we found her. Wouldn’t we? I’m not sure.”

I remember nachos, a corn dog, and potato skins. That’s at least three bars.”

Mozzarella sticks. I definitely remember those.”

So four. Which blocks did we decide to walk down?”

Well, we definitely went downtown. I distinctly remember turning left at the corner.”

Yes, we definitely turned left, but we went to the other corner and turned left to go uptown!”

No! We saw the moon as we were walking, so that must’ve been south.”

What? How does that make any sense? Do you have any idea if the moon was in that part of the sky last night?”

I’m sure. It was just hanging up there in the sky, I remember thinking it was bright and full.”

Are you sure we didn’t just go to a bar with ‘Moon’ in its name?”

I don’t think there are any bars like that near here.”

Frank said he had a lot of beers, maybe one of them was a Blue Moon?”

Yes! That does sound familiar!”

So does that mean Frank was right and we went uptown?”

Oh, I don’t know. I barely remember anything.”

You guys don’t even know if she was working last night do you?”

Well, if she updates her blog about last night we’ll know.”

You’ll know she was working, but that won’t help you remember if you were there or not.”

I think this was a pretty hopeless quest. You guys don’t want to do this again tonight right? I don’t think I could handle that.”

A little hair of the dog will do you good.”

I’m out too, I can’t do that every night. If we’re meant to find her, we’ll find her by accident. We shouldn’t be stalking her anyway, that’s not nice.”

She’s a Yankee fan anyway, why would you want to find her?”

Frank sticks his tongue out at Sara. “I need more Yankee fans in my life after living with you and your Mets for these 15 months.”

We just need another television in the living room so we can have both games on, rather than doing that picture in picture stuff and fighting over what game gets the focus.”

You know, that’s an excellent idea!”

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