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Fibonacci Betting System

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: Scott Gambled

Note: Scott was in California for an old friend’s wedding last week.

Hey Scott, haven’t talked to you since you got back. How was the wedding?” Sara asks, after ordering a drink from Scott at Starbucks.

It was great. Lovely wedding, great vacation, lots of drinking..” Scott says.

Sara walks back over to her seat, and to Frank.

That’s a colorful drink.” Frank comments.

From Pictures

It’s a passion iced tea lemonade.” Sara responds.

No coffee? Hmm..” Frank ponders.

I had a ton before we left. Figured I’d get something cool and refreshing.” Sara explains.

Scott comes over to the table. “Yeah, the wedding was great. We partied for hours. The hotel we all stayed at was actually a casino, so I lost plenty of money as well. You play roulette ever Frank? Or just stick to poker?” Scott asks.

From Pictures

Mostly poker, but I’ve played my fair share of roulette.” Frank says.

Roulette’s one of my favorites.” Sara says.

Any tips?” Scott asks.

Roulette is strictly luck. Some people will argue differently, but really it’s just luck.” Frank says.

There are betting schemes and philosophies that you can use, even with luck though. I like to play around with the Fibonacci betting system.” Sara says.

That’s because you’re a math nerd.” Frank says.

Fibonacci? That was one of those math guys, like Pi or something? How’s it work?” Scott asks.

Fibonacci sequence is 1 1 2 3 5 8 13… you add the last two numbers to get the next number. In roulette you bet the next number every time you lose, and when you win you take off the last two numbers. So If you’re up to betting 3, and lose, you bet 5. if you win on 5, you bet 2 next time. It’s not perfect, it’s just a way to bet to try to recoup your losses.” Sara explains.

There are ways to exploit luck, but that’s why they have betting maximums. If you keep betting double or nothing on losses, eventually luck will fall in your favor and you’ll break even. The betting cap keeps you from doing that indefinitely though.” Frank says.

I don’t have enough money to get up that high anyway.” Scott says.

It depends why you’re gambling. I like to keep it simple, not bet too much, and spread my chips out on the table. I don’t win as much, but I stay alive longer because there is more of a chance of winning something. This way I can stay at the table and hang out without suddenly being down hundreds of dollars.” Sara says.

That’s a great way to drink for free as well.” Frank says.

Oh yes, I got my fair share of free booze on this trip. Not my money’s worth for sure, but not for lack of trying.” Scott says.

We would expect nothing less of you. Shouldn’t you be working?” Sara asks.

Oh, right, I came out here to change the milks.” Scott trots off.

Now I feel like playing roulette.” Frank muses.

September 22nd, 2009 by Sara in 6th Floor
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Summer’s Scent

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Tabitha, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: Smells like Summer

Tabitha, Ann, Scott and Frank are in Starbucks at lunch time.

At least it’s finally warm.”

Summer has finally arrived, yes.”

Still raining though. Still raining..”

*Jun 20 - 00:05*

I’d rather go back to winter. You can always tell it’s summer by the way the city smells.”

The rain is only making that worse. It smells like a swamp.”

Soon the sunlight will start warming that stagnant water, that’s full of cigerette butts and garbage, stewing it to a beautiful New York City scent.”

They should make candles. Like those vomit flavored Jelly Bellys. NYC Summer candles.”

What I wouldn’t give for a whiff of that syrup smell from Jersey right now.”

I had an apartment once, third floor, directly above the dumpsters. We couldn’t open the window in the summer at all, or the whole apartment would reek of trash. We couldn’t have an air conditioner, just four fans that we kept constantly running.”

That sounds rather miserable. I can’t imagine you spent much time there during the day.”

Weekends mostly. We kept ourselves well stocked in beer. Any day we spent there we pretty much ended up drunk. I remember one day when I got stuck waiting for the cable guy during the week, and he showed up at the end of his 10-2 window. He must’ve thought I was a degenerate alcoholic or something. I must have downed 10 cold ones while waiting for him.”

I’m confused Scott, how is that different from your drinking habits nowadays?”

Frank snickers.

Now I wouldn’t be as obviously drunk with 10 beers.”

So all you’ve gained over these years is a bit of alcohol tolerance?”

And a bit of a beer belly.” Tabitha says, poking Scott’s tummy.

Hey now!” Scott says, mock insulted, “I’m not the one panicking about fitting into a dress for my cousin’s wedding!”

That’s only because my cousin thinks you’re a creep, and didn’t invite you to the wedding.”

Aww, I’m sorry Scott. I know how much you like to wear a nice dress.”

Frank starts laughing uncontrollably, drawing weird looks from some of the other customers.

July 1st, 2009 by 6th Floor Blog in 6th Floor, Beer, Drinking, life, rain, weather
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Clover Coffee

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha, and Scott.

Subject: Clover Coffee

Ann walks out of her room, carrying her laptop.

Sara, you ever have any coffee made on a Clover?” Ann asks Sara, who’s sitting on the couch drinking coffee and watching last night’s Daily Show.

From Pictures

No I haven’t. Starbucks bought the company right? I suspect we’ll start seeing them all over.” Sara replies.

There’s a coffee shop downtown that has one. $4.50 for a cup of coffee? Insane.” Tabitha says.

Sue mentioned a place nearby her in New Jersey has one, and that you should try it.”

I do like coffee…$4.50 though..is that worth it?”

Probably not, but then again, how much stuff do you waste $4.50 on anyway? At least it’s something you enjoy.”

Am I going to have to learn a new coffee machine at work? That’s no fun! Coffee is coffee isn’t it?”

It is to me. I don’t even drink it very often.”

Maybe I should visit Sue and try it out.”

Sure, tack on a round trip New Jersey transit onto the price of the coffee.”

I’d go visit Sue. I don’t know if I want coffee, but a coffee house is as good as any place to visit a friend.”

I haven’t seen Sue in a while..” Tabitha muses. “Okay, I’m in.”

For the coffee too?”

I tell you what, you buy, I’ll try.”


New Jersey? I’ll pass. Tell Sue I say hi.”

June 12th, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor, life
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Betty the Decorator

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Frank and Scott.

Subject: Betty the Decorator


Large mocha for me Scott. And don’t skimp on the espresso.”


You gotta pay for this one though.”


That’s fine. Hey, why is that woman sitting in that chair in the middle of the store? And facing away from the table that was next to it?”


That’s our interior decorator.”


Starbucks has an interior decorator now? No wonder you guys are struggling.”


Just us, and we don’t pay her. She comes in at precisely 2:42 every day, which usually ends up being within a moment of us having just brewed a fresh pot of coffee.”


And then she has to sit just so?”


I guess. She spends a couple of minutes adjusting the chair, moving it around. Something about having to have an equal view of both the door, and the cash register.”


That’s a little weird. Hope she’s not scoping out the best way to rob you.”


Sounds a little more OCD to me. We call her Betty.”


Why Betty?”


Because that’s her name. It’s on the credit card she uses. You owe me $4.82.”


Seeya later.” Frank says, paying and exiting.

April 10th, 2009 by Frank in 6th Floor
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Frank’s Hot

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Tabitha, Frank, and Scott.

Subject: Frank’s Hot

Reminder: Shortly I’ll be updating via wordpress at www.ceetar.com/6thfloor. So update your links. Currently it’ll redirect to here, so no worries.

Frank walks into Starbucks to meet Ann, Tabitha and Scott.

When you called me and told me to come hang out at Starbucks, you should’ve told me it was warm out. I’m dying in this winter coat!” Frank exclaims, flinging his coat on a chair and sitting down.

You have heard of checking the weather right? They publish this sort of information.”

Or you could’ve turned around and gone back upstairs once you realized it was warm today.”

I didn’t think to check, I figured it was February. And cold. And once I was outside, no way I was headed all the way back upstairs.”

True, you’re late as it is.”

Hey! Frank made it! Howyadoingbuddy?” Scott says, walking over from behind the counter.

I’m hot.”

That’s what she said!”

Tabitha punches Scott in the arm.

Ow! You been working out or something?”

Just the practice I get from punching you. You seem to be saying an extraordinary amount of punch-worthy things lately.”

Your normal Cappuccino Frank?”

Nah, I gotta have something cold. How about one of those new Tazo-lattes?”


Of course, a blender drink.” Scott mutters under his breath, walking away.

You guys want to watch the Oscars on Sunday?”

Sure. I’m hoping Milk does well, I liked that movie.”

I haven’t really seen any of those movies. I was talking about this with Sara, I don’t think these are ever really the ‘best’ movies of the year. They only consider a small subset of movies,always the ‘artsy’ ones.”

I almost never have seen many of the nominees, I watch movies for entertainment.”

I think most people do. I’d rather read a book for a great story, there is only so much you can do in a two hour movie.”

I’m going to make myself a list of the real best movies of the year. “

Oooh..I’ll help you with that.” Scott says, dropping off Frank’s drink.

You’re working.”

Tonight then. I’m sure Sara wants to help anyway.”

February 19th, 2009 by Ann in 6th Floor
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Meet Metrocard Millie

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Billy and Scott.

Subject: Metrocard Millie

“Ugh! Gimme a quad espresso Scott.” Sara says at the register as she enters Starbucks.

“Sure Sara. Ann and Billy are over there.” Scott gestures to the corner. “I’ll bring it over for you.”

“Hey Sara! Didn’t think you were coming. What’s up?”

“Oh, you know. The usual; the MTA sucks.”

“Except the drivers.”

“You at least..”

“Bitching about the stupid celebrity announcements again?”

“Al Roker needs to shut the hell up.”

“Nah, just annoyed that my card didn’t seem to read right this morning, and then it only had 15 cents left on it. What am I supposed to do with 15 cents?”

“Give it Millie.” Scott says, as he brings over Sara’s espresso.

“Er..who is Millie?”

“You haven’t named your nipples again have you Scott? Because I’m not sure how I’d give your nipple a metrocard.”

“No. Millie’s a homeless person that comes in here occasionally. She walks around to all the subway stations and takes the discarded Metrocards hoping to find those nickels and dimes left on them. Then she takes a big pile of ‘em somewhere and gets them converted into cash.”

“Wow, they let her do that? I’d think they laugh at her.”

“I think she must be friendly with someone somewhere, or maybe they take pity on her. I don’t know. But she usually comes in here when she has a good day and gets a hot chocolate.”

“Well good for her. Reclaiming the probably millions of dollars the MTA saves by people discarding these.” Sara says, waving her 15cent metrocard at Scott.

“I asked her what the best stations were, but she wouldn’t tell me. Trade secret I guess.”

“Probably the PATH train stations. Especially 33rd street.”

“Yeah. PATH fare is 25cents cheaper. Anytime anyone has to hop over to Jersey once they tend to end up with an extraneous dollar on their card or something.”

“I still have an odd-dollar amount from when we went to the Devils game in Newark. I’m hoping to go to another game and even it out though.”

“Well back to work guys. We should go get a beer or something tonight. I haven’t had one all week.”

“I had one already today.”

“Billy..it’s like 10am!”

“And I had one when I got home from work last night at 1am. So there.”

Billy sticks out his tongue at Ann.

“But I could always use another!”

November 7th, 2008 by Ann in Beer
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Coffee Machine Difficulties

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Tabitha

Subject: The Difficulties of Instant Coffee

Still hate the new job Sara?” Tabitha asks, as Sara returns from work.

Well, hate is a strong word. I don’t like what I’m doing, and the people so far don’t seem that competent. They even complain about the coffee machine being difficult!”

You have one of those k-cup things right? Don’t you just put the thing in and hit a button?”

Oh, one of those things? I hate those machines. They make such crappy coffee, and watery stuff too.”

That’s the one. Actually, we recently upgraded. We had the simple in, press brew, grab cup, one. Then we got a new one for whatever reason. This one allows you select the size of the brew. Four, six, eight, or 10 ounces. Allows for stronger coffee if you want it, no one gets it thought.”

Is it really that tough? Truthfully, is just brewing coffee that tough? Like in a regular coffee pot?”

No one wants to take the time to set that up, and we’d go through it too fast. I guess people just don’t care about quality. They just want their jolt of caffeine.”

Just the concept of weak or strong is too complicated for them huh?”

Seems that way. I hear nothing but complaints about it, given that I’m still sitting in the kitchen.”

I find a good cup of coffee is a big stimulus for writing. I’d probably vomit on the page drinking that instant crap.”

Guess you haven’t had a good cup of joe in a while then.”

Hey! I’ve been writing..sort of. Thinking about writing..that counts right?”

What’s that they say? The road to clearance rack books is paved with good thoughts?”

Are you really a writer if you only think about it? Doesn’t that make you a ‘thinker’?”

A philosopher!”

I’ll pick it up..It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me. I did think up a possible book idea though.”

Haven’t you had a dozen book ideas over the years? Maybe you need to really sit down and write this one.”

Maybe. At least I know how to make coffee.”

I was never arguing that you didn’t have a leg up over most of the ‘computer geeks’ I work with.”

Want to head down to Starbucks and needle Scott and get some coffee?”

Sure, lets do it.”

June 8th, 2008 by Ann in 6th Floor
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Ann’s Movie Note

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank

Subject: Ann plans for the weekend

Hey Sara. We should go see Iron Man this tonight.”

I saw Ann’s note. I’m good with it.”

Ann’s note?”

Sara points to a piece of looseleaf under the “Eat Me” magnet on the fridge.

–Hey guys! It’s Saturday morning, and no one else is around/awake. I think Billy or Scott was up earlier, and may be at work. I don’t know. I’m headed out to meet an old friend for breakfast, and I’ll probably get some coffee on the way back, and then I’ll see if Scott is working, or just sleeping late. All of this is irrelevant to why I’m writing this note, as is the fact that I’ll probably get a caramel macchiato when I go. We should all see Iron Man tonight. I know we’ve discussed wanting to see it, so I’m saying, we’re doing it tonight. It’s, predictably, playing all the time on multiple screens, so we shouldn’t have too much of a problem. I’ll mention this note to Scott if he’s working, but if he’s not, I probably won’t. Mainly because he won’t be there to mention it to. I’m in the mood for a big ole tub of popcorn with lots of greasy butter tonight. Who’s with me? What do those things cost nowadays? They as much as the movie? I guess I’ll find out tonight won’t I? I bet Billy knows the answer to this though, it’s rare he goes a movie without a snack. Anyway, I better get going, I’m going to be late.

P.S. My cellphones dead, so I’ll be out of contact. Hmm, I hope my friend shows up on time since she can’t call me. Oh..I should probably go be there on time myself then.

P.P.S. I’m going to ask you guys about May tonight..be warned.

Oh, I guess it’s decided then. That’s easy enough. I want a hot dog.”

May 5th, 2008 by Sara in 6th Floor
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Coffee Intervention

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Sara, Tabitha, Frank

Subject: Sara and her Joe

Sara’s sitting at the table with her laptop and a cup of coffee, tapping away at the keys. Frank’s watching television, and Tabitha is making herself a sandwich in the kitchen.

So Sara, how’s Joe?”

Joe? Who’s Joe? Are you dating someone new and didn’t tell me?”

I have no idea what he’s talking about. I’m not dating anyone that I know of.”

I meant your coffee. It seems like I never see you without that coffee mug or Starbucks cup anymore.”

That’s not true! Yesterday I had a Juan Valdez cup!”

Have you tried..and I know this will sound odd, a good night’s sleep? It’s not like you have work to get up for.”

Good night’s sleep? That’s so 1920s.”

1920s? Did they historically sleep more in the 1920s?”

I don’t know. Maybe?”

I guess it was during prohibition. If they couldn’t stay out until four drinking, I guess they could get to bed early.”

Either way. It’s a problem when you go to bed after Frank does.”

Is there something inherently wrong with going to bed at 5am? You know, I wouldn’t get this kind of criticism of my schedule in Las Vegas.”

Well can’t you even go to the dentist at 3am in Vegas? But this isn’t Vegas, this is New York.”

It’s the city that never sleeps!”

If it laid off the coffee, it’d be able to sleep!”

Did you know that the first Starbucks opened in New York in 1994, the same year Friends started?”

I think I did hear that actually.”

Very telling.”

So I’m keeping my coffee then. Besides, It’s almost a sin for a programmer to give up things like coffee.”

Well, the first web cam was created to see if the coffee pot was full so they didn’t have to get up.”

I’ve always wondered about that. I mean, if everyone could check the coffee pot, and no one got up if it was empty, how’d they ever get coffee?”

I’m sure the secretary probably started filling it up.”


We’re moving towards that culture right? Soon we’ll be able to query are fridge contents from a web browser, probably even turn on the oven too. We’ll be able to cook dinner from our computer.”

That would be excellent!”

Lazy bums! There is some benefit to not sitting on the couch all day you know.”

There is?”


Tabitha just rolls her eyes, and takes her sandwich into her room.

April 9th, 2008 by Tabitha in 6th Floor
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Free Wireless

Welcome to the 6th floor.

Today’s contributors are: Ann, Sara, Frank, Billy.

Subject: Free Wireless Zone

Hey, did you know CBS has created a huge free wireless area from Times Square to Central Park South between 6th and 8th avenue? I love it!”

No I didn’t. That’s pretty cool. It works everywhere?”

Yup, laptops, phones, handhelds.. Can sit down anywhere and browse the World Wide Web.”

Dude, no one calls it the World Wide Web anymore.”

Oh whatever. I connected from a Starbucks just north of Times Square today. Screw you T-Mobile!”

The rates for the T-Mobile hot zones aren’t even good if it’s your only Internet provider. It’s crazy. Occasionally I’ll utilize a free connection in the park, but not in the winter. I’ll have to check out this CBS zone.”

I was only on it for a little while, but there are some ads and all, which is no big deal. Oh, and in some cases there are zillions of wireless signals floating around midtown that you sometimes have to restart or refresh the search a lot to find the good ones.”

Maybe I’ll take my laptop out and do my job searches outside of the house. Make myself feel like I was productive if I’m not home.”

I know the feeling, I don’t think I could ever work from home.”

I dunno, sleeping until noon. Making my own hours. Taking breaks whenever the hell I want. I dig it.”

Your job is a lot cooler than ours though.”

Well, that’s true. Working distracted never cost either of you thousands of dollars either though.”

Nope, not yet.”

I wish I had thousands of dollars to risk!”

Speaking of free wireless, do you know what I found out recently? Panera Bread’s free wireless now has peak time limits! I was at one in the afternoon, and it kicked me off and said I’d used my 30 minute quota for the peak lunch crowd!”

Oh, that sucks. No workaround? Restarting or anything? I wonder if you could use a proxy to trick it into thinking it’s a different computer. Probably not.. Maybe it simply checks your computer name? Too simple..It probably checks your mac address. Oh well. Guess Panera Bread is off the midday wireless list.”

I’m rarely up at that time anyway, but what if they do it during the dinner rush too? That’s lame! It said something about wanting you to get up to make table space for other customers.”

I guess that makes sense. It’d be nice if you could do something like entering a receipt number to get an extra hour or something.”

Yeah. I’d gladly buy another mocha or a cinnamon bun to sit there longer. Now I’m just going to go there less in general.”

That’s what makes this CBS zone thing so great. Legitimately free wireless. I can deal with ads, there are ads everywhere. It’s gotten to the point where things look weird without ads.”

Yeah. I agree. I have to test it out more to see if it’s really reliable. It’s only been up like a month or two, so they probably still have some bugs in coverage or something.”

Probably need some time to get the kinks out.”

Maybe now I’ll have less boring people hanging around in Starbucks nursing a latte for six hours on their laptops while I’m trying to get a table to hang with Scott on his breaks. They can all run away to Times Square. I’m sure they’ll find plenty of inspiration there.”

Six hours? That’s kind of crazy. I usually at least order a second drink to nurse when I’m hanging out all day!”

Scott tells me there are some that order plenty throughout the day when they hang out. I worry for their health though. Some of them easily ingest in excess of a gram of caffeine.”

Damn. I don’t know whether to be impressed or worried.”

I don’t know either, but now I want a mocha.”

Let’s go visit Scott and get some coffee.”

February 20th, 2008 by Frank in 6th Floor
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