The Sporting News Sportrax

Check out this advertisement in the back of the 1993 yearbook for The Sporting News Baseball.  It’s basically a watered down version of your favorite sports app on your smartphone these days.   Still pretty cool for 1993 though; sports scores and updates beamed directly to your device?    Anyone out there that actually had one of these?


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  • Joe Cutroni

    I didn’t have one but I remember it well and wanted one…I recall it being a bit pricey, but it was a touch ahead of its time. With alphanumeric pagers becoming more and more mainstream in the mid 90s, information paging become the thing and had a great run before giving way to cell phones with displays on them. I worked for Motorola in the mid-to-late 90s and we offered sports paging via pagers, and the service was very affordable…the gamblers out there had the option of getting the service with Vegas odds. It was awesome stuff, and we went onto partnering with ESPN and re-branded the pager/service as ESPNET-TO-GO (back then, ESPN’s website was, hence the name).