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Mets Add More Food Options to Citi Field

March 27th, 2012 by Ceetar in 2012, Baseball, bloggers, ceetar, Citi Field, Mets

There are some tasty new options at Citi Field this season.  The winner to me was the Buffalo Dog available at Box Frites.  It’s an all beef grilled hot dog topped with Buffalo blue cheese sauce, pickled carrot, and celery.  The veggies provides some nice crunch and cooled down the spice in the buffalo sauce.

Another tasty treat was the 7-1-Ate Special that’s in the Promenade Club.  Despite the lame name, it was pretty tasty.  The only thing I’d say is there was just too many different things on it.  It has hot or sweet Premio sausage, split and grilled, topped with a hash brown, fried egg, slaw and pepper hash on ciabatta.

For dessert I had a fried apple crumb with caramel sauce, also from Box Frites.  This one is pretty self-explanatory: It takes like a delicious apple crumb pie with caramel sauce.

From Box Frites at Citi Field.  - Ceetar

There were some other delicious things out there too, and I have no idea if anything will be removed from the menus, though I suspect there will be.  Keith’s Mex burger will still be around, as will the Pastrami.  Check out some of the other blogs (On the Black, Daily Stache, Tedquarters, Metspolice, Faith and Fear in Flush, Mets Today, Metsmerized Online..and probably a handful of others I’m forgetting that were there)  for different writes up, or head to Citi Field and explore for yourself.  My full gallery is here.  Opening Day is only 9 days away!

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