About Optimistic Mets Fan

Optimistic Mets Fan is a heavily biased blog written by a passionate Mets fan.  I try to make fair arguments and research the facts and stats, but my perspective is always going to be one of a Mets fan, which means I’ll be dismissive of the Yankees and Phillies and any other rivals the Mets may create. 

You won’t find conspiracy theories about clubhouse divides, Dodger tributes, or anything else that people speculate that goes on behind closed doors.  I won’t tell you the season is over on May 15th.  I don’t pencil in the Phillies or the Yankees for division titles before the games have been played and I don’t assume Oliver Perez is going to go 2.2IP with seven walks every outing.

You will find articles and posts about all manner of things, from things I think would be fun to do to or at Citi Field, to a breakdown of a series against the Nationals.  I may dig into some stats to see if I can find a positive story about what the Mets are doing as a team, and I may look for interesting tidbits about how Joe Torre set the record for most times grounded into a double play in one game while with the Mets.  I won’t hestitate to criticize things I think need it, whether it’s the manager, the general manager, a player or even the fans.