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Beer Aisle Review: Fairway Woodland Park

Fairway is a grocery store orginating in New York City but recently has expanded to the suburbs.  From Wikipedia: “Fairway Market’s stores balance their presentation of everyday must-have staples, signature Fairway brand items, specialty foods and popular consumer brands”.   The newest one just opened in Woodland Park, NJ, which is really close to where I work.  I noticed they were including a beer, wine and spirits section so naturally I was intrigued.  I’ve always been a fan of Fairway, finding they often have fun and interesting things as well as the staples I need.  So let’s see how their beer selection holds up.


This is the main aisle.  The entire aisle is beer except for the 2-3 sections you can see in the forefront.  I’d describe the section is good but not great.  You won’t walk away empty handed, but nothing will wow you.   You’ve got some of the locals, but not that many, and not the smaller ones.  They had a pretty good selection of the belgians, particularly the single bottles.  The Chimay’s and the Lindemans were there, as well as most of the other common ones.  Nothing rare or unique, but maybe that’s fine for a grocery store.

It’s certainly not a small display.   Beer has a pretty good representation and there should be a variety for every beer drinker.   That’s probably perfect for a beer selection in a grocery store, a nice selection that everyone will be able to grab a 6-pack of something they want to drink.  They have a decent amount of the beer in the fridge for the crowd that is bringing it directly to the party.  It’d be nice to see some more local flavor, but for now I’d give this store a solid B rating.

June 11th, 2012 by Ceetar in Beer, Uncategorized
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Wedtoberfest 2.0 and Strawberry NieuwenWeiss

I ordered supplies for my next batches of beer.  It’s a little later than I planned to start my Oktoberfest, but it’ll still be ready when I return from the real Oktoberfest.  I tweaked the recipe slightly, hoping to improve it a little and make it a little more universally liked.


The second beer I’m going to make is a strawberry weissbier that I want to name for New York Mets outfield Kirk Nieuwenhuis.   I’m totally winging it on this recipe, but I think it’ll turn out pretty good.

June 6th, 2012 by Ceetar in baseball, Beer, life, Uncategorized
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