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Election Process

Voting is the same in New York and New Jersey for me.  Basically, both states are strongly democrat, and my vote didn’t really matter.  I’m happy with the outcome of the election, but the process still leaves much to be desired.


For one, I don’t understand why Election Day wasn’t Super Tuesday.  Let us all go in, and pick from at least the 6-7 legitimate candidates running around at the time.  This isn’t a tournament bracket where you slowly eliminate people until it’s only two. 


My biggest issue is with the process.  Why are any states still using scantron style sheets?  New York, at least on Long Island, usually votes with levers.  In New Jersey, there were buttons to push that lit up little green x’s, and then we pressed the vote button and the machine reset.  If I can get through the massive lines at Starbucks in Penn Station and place a complicated drink order while securely transferring information (money in this case, but could be a encrypted vote packet) digitally to a bank after authenticating my account through a swipe of a piece of plastic, why can’t I vote that way?

November 7th, 2008 by Ceetar in new jersey, new york
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