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Gassing Up in New Jersey

Gas! How could you not love gas prices in New Jersey?  It’s on an average 25-30 cents cheaper here than it is back on Long Island.  Closer to 40 if you go a little further south or buy no-name gas.  This isn’t really a big deal of course, it adds up to a couple of bucks a month, but hardly life-changing.  
A bigger difference is that in New Jersey, they don’t trust you to touch the gas pumps.  The first time I filled up as a resident I went to go get out of the car and was initally confused why the attendent was talking to me.  Then I had a “Oh right, this is Jersey” moment and got back in the car.  It’s nice sometimes, particularly when it’s freezing out, but I really prefer to pump my own gas, not have to wait around on the attendent to come and go, and just be my general anti-social self.  Oh well.
It seems gas is going down in price again.  This is obviously good, I’m surprised it’s ever gotten as low as it has now.  Personally, since gas prices are based on speculation or whatever, I don’t know how they ever let it get this low, but that they did I’m glad.  Will it go down further? Only time will tell…however, if it shoots back up again come summer, it’s just going to hurt that much more.
November 21st, 2008 by Ceetar in new jersey
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