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Celebrate Freedom!

Tomorrow is Repeal Day.  It’s arguably the best American Drinking Holiday.  It’s only recently started to gain fame as a holiday, and I think it should only grow.  It celebrates our rights as Americans, and the repeal of the amendment that tried to take them from us.  75 years ago tomorrow, the 21st Amendment to the constitution was ratified, lifting the ban on alcohol and allowing everyone to drink legally again..provided you weren’t or aren’t in a county where they decided to continue to ban it.  
I like it better than St. Patricks Day, which is very gimmicky and Irish.  The night before Thanksgiving is typically a drinking day, but who wants to drink the night before they have to cook or travel or get up and host guests?  New Years is a good one, but that’s more a family friendly celebrating of the passing of the year than it is about drinking.  Repeal Day is about America, about our freedoms and rights, and specifically about Alcohol.  
Beer and alcohol have long held valued places in society, way back to the origins of civilization.  It shouldn’t be treated with the kind of taboo that America treats it with, and this holiday celebrates that right. I encourage everyone to have a drink, toast freedom, and of course, be safe.  
December 4th, 2008 by Ceetar in 18th amendment, 21st amendment
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