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Verizon Fios’ Multi-Room DVR Is Not A Perk

Like many people, I switched from Cablevision to Verizon Fios, mainly because it was cheaper.  It _is_ cheaper and I’m getting more movie channels and a faster internet connection.  However, one of the main perks Verizon hypes is their multi-room DVR.  This allows you to record on one central unit, and watch it from any room in the house.  Sounds like a good deal, except..


How often do you really watch something on multiple tvs?  You may want to record something on the main television and watch it later in the evening in the bedroom as you’re falling asleep, but for the most part you watch something where you record it.  This  benefit is not worth the drawbacks.  Especially if you don’t have all HD televisions.  You’ll record that movie in HD, but what if you then want to watch it on the tiny 12 inch CRT television in the kitchen while cooking dinner?  It’s not uncommon for HD programs viewed in SD to have some of the edges of the program cut off. 


You cannot record on the other boxes.  Watching a movie in the basement, but getting sleepy and want to record the rest of it?  You have to walk back to them main box and record it from there.  This isn’t a huge deal, unless someone happens to be using that tv.  Do you want to be interrupted everytime your husband/wife/kids want to record something?  What’s mind-boggling to me is that I can grab my cellphone or go to the computer to record a show (And often the user interface is easier to use), but I cannot record from a box directly connected to the network.


The worst part about not being able to record from any box except the main Multi-Room DVR is that you cannot pause live TV.  Want to go grab a beer, use the bathroom, or answer the phone during the Mets game?  Better hurry, because there is no pausing or rewinding unless you’ve already set it to record.  You cannot rewind to see a replay, or a scene you missed because someone was talking to you from the other room. 


Verizon hypes the Multi-Room DVR, even runs offers that give you a free one for life, but it all feels like a scam to me.  Their website will even suggest it to you as the ‘best option’, duping you into thinking you’re getting a deal.  Truth of the matter is that it’s probably more hassel than help.

July 24th, 2011 by Ceetar in life
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