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New TV Shows: Revenge

Revenge is a new series on ABC about a young woman who inherited a fortune from her father who was convicted of a crime in which he didn’t commit.   She’s using the money to get revenge on all the rich folk who helped set her father up.


The show takes place in the Hamptons where all these people spend their summers.  The first scene takes place at the end of the summer, and it seems this season will be what happened to lead up to that scene.   This format is interesting; not a ton is revealed in that first scene, but enough to create a sense of impending doom.  You know the season is caroming towards this crazy ending, but you don’t know why or how.


Emily VanCamp stars as Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke and systematically take revenge on some of the bit players behind her father’s set-up from a psychiatrist to a  big-name investment broker.   She utilizes her money, her friends, and the skills gained since childhood to attempt to completely ruin these people’s lives, and often very publicly.


I’m quite enjoying the power-play between the “Queen of the Hamptons” and Emily Thorne, who’s new to the Hamptons and is making quite a name for herself while secretly taking down the architects of her father’s demise.

October 26th, 2011 by Ceetar in long island, Television and Movies
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