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Ode to the Coffee Left Behind

I left you on the counter, I'm sorryI can’t stop thinking about the coffee in my travel mug. Still warm and drinkable, but cooling quickly as it sits forgotten on my kitchen counter. That delicious caffeinated nectar from the Dominican Republic slowly going to waste in my 76 degree house while the cats wander by ignoring it.


I was looking forward to sipping the tasty java while driving to work this morning, and I was subconsciously reaching towards my cup holder only to find nothing. That repetitive disappointment is a poor way to begin one’s day.


So here’s to you, my delectable coffee left behind. I will shed a tear for you tonight slowly funneling down the drain while I rinse out my travel mug. May we meet again tomorrow.



July 15th, 2014 by Ceetar in life
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