Mets Are Using The Pitching Robot, Trajekt Arc

It was announced today that the Mets purchased a new high-tech pitching machine to use when they return to Citi Field.

Some light Googling reveals that this is the Trajekt Arc, meant to replicate any pitch from any MLB pitcher. According to Trajekt Sports as of May 9th, there were seven MLB teams using this, so I guess this makes the Mets the 8th. Ben Lindbergh of Effectively Wild and of The Ringer, wrote a real good article on pitching machines, old and new, last year.

This is the instagram link for the video showing how the machine works. It’s pretty interesting.

I know the Mets already have some sort of Virtual Reality type machine to face other pitchers, but this real world robot seemingly will give the Mets some other tools to use. It’s cool at least.

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