Junk Drawer Mets Games

Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times recounts some odd and interesting Mets games over the years in what he calls “50 years from the Mets junk drawer


Check them out, some random oddities in there that are entertaining.  Here’s a couple of random games I can think of.   What have you got?


6/14/2008 against the Texas Rangers. I don’t know if this counts since it ended up being a rain-out, not a game.  It did lead to the second-to-last true Mets doubleheader played at Shea Stadium though, on Father’s Day. Nathan’s did a hot dog eating contest before the game, and then the Texas Rangers used the Shea tarp as a slip-n-slide.


Another fun one was a game against the Orioles in which David Wright hit a Grand Slam into the Shea visitor’s bullpen off of Adam Loewen and the Orioles left-fielder mis-played a ball that ended up bouncing up his sleeve and getting caught in his jersey.

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