Five Hours of Meet the Mets

Sometimes when I’m working I put on those long 10 hour loops of Youtube videos that are “10 hours of people talking quietly” or “10 hours of a fireplace burning” or “10 hours of Kass playing the accordion”


I was thinking of things to search for last week and tried “10 hours of Meet the Mets” but it didn’t exist. So I figured I should make one.


This isn’t quite that, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy anyway. Five hours, to honor David Wright, of Meet the Mets.

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Excellent Citi Field Virtual Tour

The scoreboard display after a 2012 Mets victoryDarren from The7Line posted this excellent time lapse youtube video of him entering Citi Field before the game, circling the concourse, settling into his seat and then flashes through the game and departure. ┬áIt captures visiting the ballpark from a fan’s perspective very well, I only wish he’d picked a winning game or at least spliced in some of the Mets Win! scoreboard graphics.

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