Beltran’s First Inning Runs

Feb 21, 2007 02:13 PM

Beltran seems confident this year, and thirsty to improve. It’s good to see a player that had a good year last year still striving for more. He wants to win an MVP, and steal more bases. This will lead to more walks for Delgado, and will put David Wright in the situation to really hurt teams early. The Mets excelled at first inning runs last year, and with Reyes poised to steal at least as many, and probably more, and Beltran looking to eclipse his totals from the last two years in this year alone, the Mets look like they’ll be able to continue the trend of scoring first.

When Reyes and Beltran are on, opposing pitchers are looking at the possibility of having to retire both Delgado and Wright or risk at least two runs. Another bonus, especially on the road, is the effect on the Mets pitchers. Having a lead early is obviously a good thing, and with a lot of the Mets starters being young and inexperienced, this could help them settle in and help win games.

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