A-Rod and Joe Torre

The New York Yankees, as is typical of their history, again act without class in firing Joe Torre. A move that I am really happy about, because I think it opens the door for the Yankees to not make the playoffs next year. If Mariano, Pettite, Posada or/and A-Rod decide to use the manager change as an excuse to leave for another team, the Yankees will take a blow. Hopefully at least one of them leaves.

As for A-Rod, I expect it won’t be all about the money this time. He was willing to take some sort of pay cut to go to Boston. Only the greed of the players association kept him from going there. Maybe he’ll overlook getting 900million dollars this time and take merely 800million to go somewhere that he’ll be happy and have a chance to win. How much Joe Torre effects that, it’s hard to say. Likely Mariano and Posada could have made a decision by the time A-Rod does.

In my last article at totk.com, I talk about A-Rod’s impending pay day and how he’s probably worth it. Hopefully someone else realizes this and takes him away from the Yankees. The former ‘Bronx Bombers’ used to have both the single season, and all-time home run records, but now they have neither. Babe Ruth was still probably the best slugger ever, but now his curse is focused on them. A-Rod leaving would pretty much prevent the Yankees from making an attempt at either record for a long time. Losing the best player in baseball could only hurt a team.

A team that payed Kei Igawa and Carl Pavano for pretty much nothing worthwhile this season, were supposedly upset about giving Torre an extra couple of million dollars, and now they’re stuck looking for an option that has a prayer at living up to what Torre has done for the team. Likewise by not extending Rivera’s contract before the season started like he wanted, they’re risking letting him get away. There shouldn’t have been any doubt that Rivera would be wanted on the team beyond this year, but someone that makes the decisions decided it wasn’t worth paying the guy who may very well be the most valuable Yankee over the last 12 years.

Things look like they could be bleak in the future for the Yankees, just how I like them.

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