Read This Book: Hang A Crooked Number

Fellow Amazin’ Avenue writer Matthew Callan wrote a book about baseball and spies. It takes place in the near future with the main character being both a struggling minor league catcher and a struggling spy.


The world is a darker place and The Backstop, the nickname he’s known by, is just trying to find his way. He gets caught up in something bigger than himself and spends the novel trying to keep his head above water as everything seems to be crumbling around him.


It’s dark and filled with a bitter humor that really brings the story to life. The protagonist is flawed, but you can’t help but emphasize with him as he struggles along. There are perhaps elements of Kafka in the main characters struggle in an oppressive world.


All in all a very enjoyable read, and a quick one too. It’s only $2.99 on Amazon, so give it a read and support a fellow Mets fan.

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