Mets Making Smart Moves

photo by CeetarThe Mets are making smart moves in building their 2016 team. That’s the thing; The Mets are run by smart people. (I’m not talking about the owners here, I don’t really spend much time thinking or worrying about the filthy rich people that profit from my hobbies.)


Sandy Alderson and company have a plan. From here it seems like they value the roster flexibility they had late last year with Kelly Johnson and Uribe and a bunch of outfielders. It is probably one of the reasons they coveted Ben Zobrist, and certainly speaks to getting both Neil Walker and Asdrubal Cabrera. Now Dilson Herrera is the depth waiting in Triple-A getting better rather than the guy we’re just handing the job to and hoping he’s ready for it.


Perhaps you wanted the Mets to sign someone else, and that’s fine. Personally I would’ve taken the money they gave Cabrera and added it to the Zobrist offer, but that doesn’t mean this is the wrong move. The Mets are smart, and they know what they’re doing. Just because they didn’t do what you think is best, or don’t seem to be pursuing the player you’ve pegged as the best fit for them doesn’t mean what they’re doing is wrong, or cheap. Some of the moves won’t not work out, certainly. Budget definitely is a concern, though exactly how much we’ll never really know.


The Mets are making trades, their acquiring players and inquiring about others. They’re active and alert and trying to get this team back to the playoffs again. It might not be exactly as you would do, but you are not the GM. This team just went to the World Series, on merit, so it’s a pretty safe bet that Sandy Alderson and his staff have a good idea of what they’re doing.

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