Transcript: Howie Rose’s Call Of Bartolo Colon’s Home Run

This is Howie Rose’s call of Bartolo Colon’s home run on Saturday.

The 1-1. Swing and a drive! to deep left field! it’s got a chance, Upton going back,┬áit’s going to go, Home. Run. Bartolo Colon! Repeating: Home. Run. Bartolo Colon! The 7 Line Army in right field might tear this ballpark down. Colon carried his bat with him until he was about 10 feet from first base. He’s taking the slowest home run trot you’ve ever seen. He just got to Tim Teuffel the third base coach. He is approaching home plate. He touches home plate with his first major league home run. Aaand they are going to give him the silent treatment in the dugout. They have vacated. The Mets have left the building. Bartolo Colon is the loneliest man in San Diego as he reaches the Mets dugout after hitting a home run and there’s no one there to great him. And now here they come up the dugout steps. Wow.

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