New York Mets 2019 In Beer

It seems 90% of my posts are about beer. Hey, it goes great with a ballgame!

I can’t give you an official accounting until I get out to the park for Opening Day tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that, and follow me on Twitter where I’ll be tweeting plenty tomorrow. If this interests you, also follow Barley Prose which is a beer blog I run with some fellow Mets fans.

This year we’ve got a real preview though. Sports Illustrated reached out directly to all 30 teams for a breakdown of the beers and they got actual replies, which speaks volumes about beer in 2019.

Standing out, to me, is Five Boroughs Brewery which has been open only a couple of years but I haven’t really heard much about them. Also new to the park seems to be Interboro, which I have heard of and enjoyed. They’ll both have New England Style IPAs available inside. LIC Beer Project also makes excellent IPAs that are available.

Of course there’s also Mikkeller NYC, attached to the park, of which I will stop by on my way in, as early as I can. I’m excited to try their new United We Cheer collaboration with The 7 Line, and the Henry Hops is also a solid choice when you’re inside.

The Mets didn’t provide pricing, which I suspect they might have if the price was the same as the $11.25 last year for craft beers. I’m hoping they only raised it to $11.50 and not a full $12, but stay tuned. It was $7.50 when Citi Field opened in 2009.

Beer at the ballpark only gets better and better, although I notice that there still seems to be no real push for darker beers.

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