Left Field Landing Observations

Edit, 3/12/11: The Mets have announced the last two sections of the Left Field Landing have been renamed Mr. Mets Landing, and discounted.  Many of the pictures here, and in the full album here, are from this section.

Edit, 4/1/11: And now it’s sponsored and called BJ’s Clubhouse.

Since Citi Field was mostly empty last night due to the team and the rain, I moved all over the Left Field Landing section where my seats were to get a feel for it.  I’ve never sat there before, and I was surprisingly impressed with the vantage point.  At least from the front six or so rows.  Further back and you lose too much of left field for my liking.  I ventured out to the farthest section, 339, and it was almost the same as watching it at home, from the center field camera.  Actually, I could’ve reached out and touched the camera.

Center Field Camera
Center Field Camera

There was this interesting thing out above the Apple, that seems to report wind speed and direction.

Checking wind speed at Citi Field
Checking wind speed at Citi Field

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Will I Be Lonely At The Citi Tonight?

I’m going to Citi Field, courtesy of a non baseball-watching friend who got two tickets for donating blood. (I actually haven’t figured out whom to give the spare one to) The Mets are virtually out of it, merely at .500, and 8 full games away from even sniffing a playoff spot.  I’m not going to say “It’s over” because stranger things have happened, but until they rattle off a streak better than 4-3, even I’m not going to be hanging on every game like it’s a pennant race.  So will anyone be out at the game tonight? Someone suggested I should try the dunk tank and pretend it’s Oliver Perez sitting on it.  I’ll explore the free giveaways at the Verizon Studio, and see if the seasonal beers have changed to fall yet.

Will the lines at Shake Shack be short?  Or will they be longer as more people are willing to walk away from watching the game for a great burger?

Will the crowd get into the game if it’s a good game?  Or will they mostly be disinterested and focus on booing guys like Castillo?

Will people leave early, even if it’s a close game?  If the score is 6-2 can I expect the stands to be virtually empty by the 9th?  Will they be mostly empty even if it’s 4-3?

Personally I’ll be looking forward to a good pitching matchup (Johnson vs. Dickey) and looking forward to Dickey reaching the minimum innings required to qualify for the ERA list, on which he’d be in the top 10.

I’m watching the game from section 337, row 4.  That’s Left Field Landing, and somewhere I’ve never sat before.  Always enjoy the new vantage points, and row 4 probably isn’t overly obscured like the back rows of that section are.  I’ll also probably roam at random taking pictures of everything.  If you see a guy with a camera pointing at odd things wearing a Mets Hall of Fame cap and a Wright last season at Shea jersey…probably me.

Mets Bloggers on the Field!

Last night was an amazing experience; The New York Mets invited me, and a score or so other bloggers, to Citi Field, gave us field passes to watch batting practice from the warning track in front of the dugout, excellent tickets to the game, the chance to talk to players, and even a $10 gift card.

From Now On, Im sticking to the story that Fred Wilpon bought me pizza
From Now On, I'm sticking to the story that Fred Wilpon bought me pizza
Reyes Tosses
Reyes Tosses

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Going down to Florida

I’m going to Spring Training for the first time ever. Thanks to the Netherlands, I get to see Jose Reyes down in camp. While listening to talk about spring isn’t that interesting, I’m sure being there will be a thrill. I’m expecting to come back and be anxious for the season to start. (Well, I’m anxious now too..)

I know most people don’t want to read another Spring Training story anyway, so when I get back, I’m going to go picture happy and post some odd or interesting pictures I take. If I don’t have anything good, I’ll just post a picture of my lunch or something.

For those of you that know what I look like (roughly, none of you). I’ll be in section 120 row A, which is roughly the third to last section down the line, right behind the Mets bullpen on Saturday.

Here is my itinerary.

Thursday: MIN @ PIT. Ho hum right?

Friday: NYM @ DET. Yah Mets!

Saturday: Port St. Lucie. WAS @ NYM. Behind the dugout as I said, if I don’t get a ball at this game, I’m pathetic.

Saturday night: Miami. WBC. Puerto Rico vs. Netherlands winner against the loser of the USA vs Venezuela game today.

Sunday: NYM @ FLA. Then I fly home.

No Baseball? Try This.

Looking for something to do while there is no baseball on?

check out simyard.com It’s a baseball management simulation. You get a roster full of randomly generated players, and have the ability to pick up new ones. Then you compete in games in the park against other managers. In the off season you’re players train and get better. If you buy/join a league, you can build a stadium, have a free team, a major league team and a minor league team and sign players to fill them. Then you pick a league and compete in a scheduled 162 games against your opponents. It’s lots of fun, and very addictive. Check it out. My team’s the Ceetarian Killer Dust Bunnies.