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Left Field Landing Observations

August 25th, 2010 by Ceetar in 2010, Baseball, ceetar, Citi Field, Mets, Shea Stadium

Edit, 3/12/11: The Mets have announced the last two sections of the Left Field Landing have been renamed Mr. Mets Landing, and discounted.  Many of the pictures here, and in the full album here, are from this section.

Edit, 4/1/11: And now it’s sponsored and called BJ’s Clubhouse.

Since Citi Field was mostly empty last night due to the team and the rain, I moved all over the Left Field Landing section where my seats were to get a feel for it.  I’ve never sat there before, and I was surprisingly impressed with the vantage point.  At least from the front six or so rows.  Further back and you lose too much of left field for my liking.  I ventured out to the farthest section, 339, and it was almost the same as watching it at home, from the center field camera.  Actually, I could’ve reached out and touched the camera.

Center Field Camera

Center Field Camera

There was this interesting thing out above the Apple, that seems to report wind speed and direction.

Checking wind speed at Citi Field

Checking wind speed at Citi Field

I enjoyed the vantage point from the outfield.  Being in the first, or first handful, of rows keeps any obstructions to a minimum and you get a view point you never really got at Shea.  There was a deep fly ball by a Marlin that the crowd gasped on, but from my seat I could tell it had no shot at reaching the fence.  The Sanchez home run was probably a no doubter from everywhere, but from the outfield it was clear that there was no way it would fall short.

Dickey Delivers

Dickey Delivers

From the right angle, you can actually see into the Mets bullpen bathroom.  Good to know right? If you’re bored during a game, I guess you could see which bullpen player drinks the most coffee.

Yes, Thats the bathroom for the Mets bullpen

Yes, That's the bathroom for the Mets bullpen

They burnt my knish.  Felt like I was at Shea.

I used to get these at Shea

I used to get these at Shea

I went in the Bullpen Gate for the first time.  Just to be different.  I still kind of like that area of the park.  And you walk up the stairs and Boom! Shea Bridge!

The Shea Bridge

The Shea Bridge

It was a fun game.  I enjoyed myself, and the Left Field Landing seats weren’t as bad as I suspected.  I still wouldn’t recommend them if you’re not in the first 6-7 rows (just like I wouldn’t recommend the back of the Loge at Shea if you weren’t in the first 5 or 6 rows.  And even if you were in those seats, remember how annoying it was that people were constantly streaming past you?) but it was a nice change of perspective out there and they’re one of the cheaper sections in the park.

Castillo with the walk-off single!

Castillo with the walk-off single!

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  • Where have I heard that phrase about the stairs and Shea Bridge before?

    Excellent pics thank you for sharing.

  • Yes, all credit to Grave here with that phrase.

  • MetsFan4Decades

    Love the pictures. You always post a different perspective than most other ones I’ve seen. I hope to get to Citi to experience first hand one of these days.

    As I love knishes, I think I’d be pissed off if they burnt my knish……

  • bmckeon05

    That camera is actually a security camera, not a TV camera. The TV cameras are in the stone hut above the apple.

  • fair enough, i did think it looked securityish. Either way, it’s roughly the same angle as TV and actually is an interesting viewpoint.

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