Down the Stretch

I wrote an article recently about a team’s transfer from old stadium to new ballpark. In it I mention the Home Run Apple. I’ve heard of a campaign to move the actual apple from Shea to Citi, and I thought about it a bit, and I don’t quite agree.

Recently brought to my attention was a campaign to keep the home run apple when the Mets move to Citi Field. Whenever a Mets player hits a home run at home a red apple rises out of a black top hat, lit up to display the Mets logo on the front. I’ve been talking about this for a while, but I don’t want the old apple at the new Shea. I want a new apple, a fresh apple, and most importantly, a real apple. An apple with the newness of Citi Field. A digital apple would just be a disgrace.

John Maine just looks tired, as I watch this second game of the Pirates series. He’s struggled through five innings, and I imagine he’s done. With the Mets up 5-3, at least he has a shot at a win. This would be game three in a row, on the way to trying to finally top their season-high four game winning streak. Hopefully the Mets can find a way to get a little more of a lead in the division, allow them to rest Maine and Perez, rather than risk burning them out.

They need to address the bullpen a little too, and I’m afraid big contracts in the likes of Mota and Schoeneweis will prevent them from figuring out what would be best. They’ve got a guy or two down in the minors like Willie Collazo who I wouldn’t mind seeing. Joe Smith has only thrown five innings since going down; it might be time to bring him back up too. Jorge Sosa has pitched well out of the bullpen, maybe that’s a gem that we can count on where we weren’t expecting it.

Pedro threw his second rehab outing, did well, felt good, and continued on his path towards returning. It seems likely that he’ll be back in a couple of weeks, and maybe can provide that spark and energy that’s been so lacking so far. It’s going to be a fun night when he returns, and it’ll also be the night he gets 3000 strikeouts.

The Mets have just over six weeks remaining, and hopefully they can put behind this so-so season by coming on strong and playing like the playoff team they almost certainly will be.

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