Classless organizations

Enough with A-Rod. I actually like A-Rod while he’s not currently employed by those people, but I’m tired of the crazy rumors and speculation. Would he just sign somewhere already?

As for the Yankees supposedly willing to talk again? It’s such a joke.

They’ve gone back on their word.
They’re staging a one-man boycott of an agent, which will only hurt them in the end. You can’t arbitrarily not deal with players because of who their agent is.
They expending quite a bit of effort and attention on basically keeping together a team that won one postseason game last year. They’re putting an awful lot of faith in those young pitchers, which is the only real area you could expect improvement.
They just barely stopped short of asking A-Rod to crawl back to them, beg for his money, and apologize for opting out. Real classy.

As for the Mets, It’s still a long offseason, but I’m getting antsy for some sort of real move, involving hopefully a bullpen guy or a starting pitcher.

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