The Mets Read Your Blog

The Mets are the aware of blogs, and their importance to the baseball community.  This has become increasingly obvious, but it was still a shock to be invited to a conference call with Mets VP Dave Howard who not only was kind enough to do this call with us, but also confessed to reading at least one Mets blog.  He also got in a subtle dig at Yankee fans (seems to be a common topic lately) when he mentioned how passionate Mets fans are and how many more Mets blogs there are than Yankees blogs.  The topic of the day was the new ticket information; something that affects everyone from blogging fans to casual fans.   For specific details about the new pricing schemes, giveaways, and breakdowns (and really for future details, since he’s always on top of it) go read Mets Police’s breakdown. On the Black has a recap of the call as well, as do others that I haven’t yet seen this morning.

We are that next bridge to the masses of Mets fans.  The casual/mainstream fan base is out there, not on Twitter and not blogging, but they’re out there in the world. They’re coworkers, friends, family, the UPS guy, and the girl you buy your coffee from in the morning. They don’t always follow closely.  They may not read the papers to stay up to date on the Mets transactions. They don’t get text messages that read “Mets got Johan!”  Their number one source of Mets news is you and me.

Many of us that are “Big Mets Fan” have become, by way of our enthusiasm, the go to person to ask about the Mets.  That enthusiasm spreads; if we’re excited about the team we start talking about it with the more casual fans.  We ask the UPS guy at work if he saw the game, we linger buying our bagel in the morning because the cashier wants to know who was pitching last night.

We are a conduit of Mets excitement, and the idea that Alderson and the Mets are aware of Twitter and blogs is a pleasing one.  The initial reaction to a 62 year old man is not usually one that’s comfortable with some of these social media advances.  The Mets over the past year or so have been communicating more and more with bloggers and fans directly.  They’ve created a Facebook page and a Twitter account and even let fans get involved in the process sometimes.  So far it looks like Sandy Alderson is aware of the changing world and how it applies to baseball. This means more to me than some success he had in a different world with a different team 20 years ago.

So far the words Alderson speak give me hope that the actions he needs to take over the next five months and beyond will help take us to the playoffs consistently.  He’ll have a lot to do this offseason, and I’m hoping most Mets fans are as optimistic about our new general manager when the season starts as they are now.  If Alderson can keep us happy and excited, that excitement will trickle down the line as we talk up the Mets, as we talk up our new and old players.  I don’t believe more fans will buy season tickets because of a GM, but if he’s paying attention to the most rabid of us, I do believe more fans will believe a Mets game is a valid use of their entertainment dollar as the season gets going.

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  • I thought ESPN was one giant Yankee/Red Sox blog? ;)

    You are right, if you want to increase your fanbase, you gotta get those casual fans to stop being so casual. Over here in A’s land, we’re struggling with that very thing, with a young team, in an old park, with nothing to do around it, and a team across the Bay that has all the headlines. A handful of reporters have actually uttered the words “the Bay Area’s first World Championship,” forgetting that the Bay Area has had four already, all from the A’s.

    We’re waiting for the conclusion of the investigation by the MLB Blue Ribbon Committee on where the A’s new stadium should be built. Once they give the A’s back the territorial rights in Santa Clara County (aka Silicon Valley, where most of the corporate money in the area is located) they can proceed with building a new park in downtown San Jose. That will be a huge help in attracting the casual fan who for the past ten years has seen the park in SF as the place to be to watch baseball. A new park that generates higher revenue and removes the A’s from the charity handouts, giving them the ability to raise the payroll without losing money each year.

    Mets/A’s world series? That would be fun.

  • We do owe the A’s a wee bit of revenge..

    ESPN is still trying to figure out how to get Brett Favre to retire as Yankees SS or something.

    Winning is always the cure though. Sure, fans don’t want to go to Oakland, and San Jose will help, but it’s winning that’s the big help. The Yankees weren’t drawing 20 years ago, people didn’t want to go to the South Bronx to see baseball, and there were even rumors about the team wanting to move out of NY.

  • That’s great to hear Ceetar. Hopefully 2011 they will utilize and reach out to the Mets blogs even more.

  • stick

    nice piece ceets. And good to see the Mets doing more to connect to the fan base.

    some posters think a specific manager (or in this case, GM) will bring out the fans. I don’t actually think that is quite true.

    what will sell more tickets (and get more viewers) is getting the fan base excited. Alderson is a step toward that, as will (hopefully) the new manager. And connecting to the fans will certainly help a lot too, keeping them engaged.

    ultimately though you can generate all the buzz you want with new media, but the team on the field has to seal the deal.

  • Tom

    Ceetar, we are also chiming in, nice work. We are linking (tracking back) from our site as well. Let’s hope David Howard, Sandy Alderson and the new crew have a positive story to tell over the coming years at Citi Field.

    Your friends at Mets on Deck.

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