Why No Gameday Audio?

I’m annoyed that the MLB At Bat app for 2011 doesn’t include mlb.tv.  There is no option for it on the Android version of the app, something I presume will be added for Opening Day.   I don’t pay for MLB.TV anyway as the games I want most, the Mets, will be blacked out, but I’d love to watch the Spring Training games.  The iPhone and iPod versions of this app do allow free access to the video feeds in Spring Training, and it’s a great feature.  I do have an iPod touch, but I’m not going to pay another $15 just for that feature and there is no portability between platforms; I’d have to buy it twice.

I’d settle for the audio feed of mlb.tv, but even that’s not an option.  Today’s Mets game is on SNY, but not the radio. So my app doesn’t let me see the video, and also provides no audio feed.  At the very least couldn’t I have the audio feed from SNY without the picture?  It might not be great, but it’s better than nothing. 

Still, so far I’m pretty happy with the app.  It keeps track of the play by play, provides me video highlights when they’re available, and is pretty versatile.  I’m still glad to have purchased it, I just want to see some Mets baseball during my lunch hour!

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